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Elizabeth Lo, net ace. (Jackie Saia photos)

Jackie Saia is on top of her game.

The Coupeville High School teacher and yearbook advisor was out and about recently, snapping pics as the Wolf netters closed out the regular season with a royal rumble against visiting Friday Harbor.

The glossy images seen above and below come to us courtesy of her and are just some of the many she and her students have been nice enough to share with Coupeville Sports readers this school year.

Brynn Parker (left) and Kaitlyn Leavell are the bright future of Wolf tennis.

Lucy Tenore (left) and Skylar Parker meet their rivals for the day.

Artwork mingles with the lobs and backhand volleys.

Vivian Farris watches another winner evade her foe’s racket.

Coupeville seniors bring out the shades for a rare sunny spring day on the prairie.

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Carly Burt (back) and Aby Wood share a moment. (Jackie Saia photos)

Never too late for photos.

Volleyball season ended back in November, but some new glossy pics just popped up, so we’re returning to the land of spikes and sets for a moment.

In the words of Lost, one of my three favorite TV shows all-time — Twin Peaks and The X-Files complete the trinity — “We have to go back, Kate!”

What do you mean your name isn’t Kate?

It is in this scenario…

Grey Peabody comes crashing through.

Jill Prince gets some love.

Wolf spiker guru Cory Whitmore imparts wisdom.

Issabel Johnson drops a haymaker.

Madison McMillan (left) and Mia Farris pass in the night.

Lyla Stuurmans stands tall against state champ La Conner.

Taylor Brotemarkle (in black) catches some air during a celebration.

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Intensity, thy name is Wolf cheer. (Bailey Thule photos)

They’re always ready to mix business with pleasure.

When gametime hits, the Coupeville High School cheerleaders are on point, out in front and diligent in leading Wolf Nation in rockin’ the house.

But, before they put their game faces on, the young women in red and black also like to goof around with each other and pose for pics, like these from fellow CHS student Bailey Thule.

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Taygin Jump (right) and Mia Farris share a moment. (Jackie Saia photos)

Spikes zinged and cameras clicked.

Thursday night’s Coupeville vs. South Whidbey rivalry rumble on the volleyball court attracted its fair share of photographers, and the photos above and below come to us courtesy Jackie Saia.

Madison McMillan sacrifices her body for the good of the team.

CHS coach Cory Whitmore has a heart-to-heart talk with his spikers.

Jada Heaton delivers the lightning and the thunder.

Maddie Georges gets artful with her tip game.

Lyla Stuurmans (4) and McMillan swap spots in the lineup.

Ryanne Knoblich abuses the volleyball.

It’s a party on the hardwood.

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Lily Leedy has spirit. Do you? (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

The games wouldn’t be the same without the fans.

Sure, they’d still be played, but as proven by a contest or two last season when Covid restrictions barred rooters, it would be awfully quiet.

The pics above and below, courtesy John Fisken, are the exact opposite of that.

Look closely and you can practically hear the roar of the crowd through their images.

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