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Olivia Hall (left) and Lydia Price show off their ribbons. (Elizabeth Bitting photo)

The appetizer was a pretty big deal on its own.

The epic two-day Nike Hole in the Wall Cross Country Invitational kicked off Friday at Lakewood High School with the middle school harriers vying for titles and top times.

There were 203 runners on the course during day one, with an astonishing 30 of them coming from lil’ Coupeville.

Olivia Hall and Lydia Price earned ribbons for the Wolves, while Axel Marshall was the fastest CMS boy on the 1.7-mile course.

Coupeville’s girls finished 5th in the team standings, while the boys claimed 7th.

King’s girls and Cascade (Sedro-Woolley)’s boys earned top honors

The Wolves get right back at it next week, but on a much-smaller scale, when they host a league meet at Fort Casey Wednesday, Oct. 12.


Friday’s results:



Olivia Hall (13th) 12:08.6
Lydia Price (14th) 12:09.5
Mikayla Wagner (24th) 12:55.6
Marin Winger (37th) 13:54.4
Laken Simpson (39th) 14:02.7
Ivy Rudat (41st) 14:08.5
Allie Powers (42nd) 14:24.6
Sage Stavros (46th) 14:36.7
Devon Wyman (63rd) 16:52.8
Hailey Goldman (72nd) 17:20.7
Arianna Cunningham (73rd) 17:23.8
Mary Western (74th) 17:41.1
Amelia Crowder (75th) 17:43.1
Camilla Wolfe (77th) 18:15.2
Alexandra Lo (83rd) 20:33.1
Savannah Niewald (87th) 24:01.5



Axel Marshall (34th) 11:31.0
Roger Merino-Martinez (36th) 11:37.5
Beckett Green (39th) 11:46.8
Kenneth Jacobsen (44th) 11:54.0
Nathan Niewald (61st) 12:34.3
Cyrus Sparacio (67th) 12:53.5
Ossian Merkel (71st) 13:09.7
Max Ohme (84th) 14:05.6
Avery Eelkema (88th) 14:15.7
Isaiah Allen (97th) 14:39.1
Dylan Robinett (100th) 15:15.6
Johnathan Jacobsen (104th) 16:31.5
Zach Blitch (111th) 17:48.9
Andre Volanos-Gerber (116th) 20:54.0

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Arianna Cunningham (front) and Alexandra Lo pound the course at a recent meet. (Jackie Saia photo)

They stood tall at the Falls.

The Coupeville Middle School cross country program sent 25 runners to the line Thursday at a six-school meet in Granite Falls, with Olivia Hall and Beckett Green capturing team honors.

Both Wolves nabbed 8th place in the individual standings, while tangling with runners from powerhouses like King’s and Langley.

The 1.7-mile course tested the young Coupeville harriers, while still having a lot less hills than their most-recent meet.

The Wolves get back at it Friday, Oct. 7, when they compete at the Hole in the Wall Invitational at Lakewood High School.

Devon Wyman slices through the underbrush. (Jackie Saia photo)


Thursday’s results:



Olivia Hall (8th) 12:38.46
Mikayla Wagner (12th) 12:54.18
Laken Simpson (13th) 13:07.31
Marin Winger (16th) 13:52.40
Allie Powers (19th) 14:34.94
Sage Stavros (29th) 15:41.91
Devon Wyman (37th) 16:24.56
Mary Western (38th) 16:26.66
Arianna Cunningham (41st) 17:05.64
Hailey Goldman (45th) 17:33.88
Amelia Crowder (50th) 18:34.21
Emma McFadden (51st) 18:51.60
Maci Wofford (53rd) 19:50.94
Camilla Wolfe (54th) 19:54.35
Alexandra Lo (56th) 20:05.70
Elizabeth Marshall (61st) 22:28.90
Savannah Niewald (62nd) 22:32.59



Beckett Green (8th) 11:08.23
Nathan Niewald (15th) 11:52.51
Roger Merino-Martinez (20th) 12:22.73
Cyrus Sparacio (24th) 13:09.94
Isaiah Allen (26th) 13:15.02
Ossian Merkel (28th) 13:24.94
Max Ohme (37th) 13:52.97
Avery Eelkema (46th) 15:02.59

“The day is done!” (Elizabeth Bitting photo)

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