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Volleyball ace Issabel Johnson leads off a collection of behind-the-scenes pics from Friday’s Homecoming football game. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

On field or off field, the action never stops.

Friday’s Coupeville High School Homecoming football game drew a sizable pack of fans and behind-the-scenes types out to Mickey Clark Field.

The pics seen above and below, sent our way by John Fisken, capture some of what was going on away from the whistle of the refs and the thunk of shoulder pads connecting with helmets.

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Nothing ruffles Madison McMillan. Not even being attacked by a slightly less calm Katie Marti. (Delanie Lewis photo)

The next generation of photo stars is here.

Coupeville High School sophomores Bailey Thule and Delanie Lewis are part of the crack crew working on the CHS yearbook this time around, and the volleyball photos above and below come to us courtesy of them.

Grey Peabody unleashes a knee buckler. (Bailey Thule photo)

The Wolves celebrate in style. (Delanie Lewis photo)

Issabel Johnson eyeballs the competition. (Delanie Lewis photo)

Softball sluggers Sofia Peters (left) and Chloe Marzocca spend some quality time together. (Bailey Thule photo)

Jada Heaton enjoys her day. (Delanie Lewis photo)

“We are Wolves. Hear us roar!” (Bailey Thule photo)

Make the joint jump. (Bailey Thule photo)

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Cristina McGrath cruises down the backstretch. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

Rain drops fell and cameras clicked.

Ignoring the weather as best as possible, the Coupeville High School track and field team made a strong showing Wednesday at a three-team meet in Oak Harbor.

As the Wolves threw, ran, and jumped, photo whiz kid John Fisken snapped away, and the pics above and below are courtesy him.

To see everything he shot and ponder buying some glossy memories for the cousins in Corpus Christi, pop over to:



Taygin Jump

Nick Guay

Alex Merino-Martinez

Carolyn Lhamon

Hank Milnes

Issabel Johnson

Dominic Coffman

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