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Unleash your best spike!

Coupeville Elementary School students in grades 3-5 are invited to participate in Wolf Pup volleyball.

A series of fun practices for spikers of all skill levels, the event is run by high school coaches and athletes, with money benefitting the CHS volleyball program.

Athletes can attend any number of the 14 practices offered, as Wolf coaches are very accommodating with working with players who may be juggling multiple activities.

All the pertinent info can be found in the pic above, while the photo below is one of them fancy-dancy QR codes, if you want to register through your ever-present phone.

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Fill your afternoon with spikes and sets.

Coupeville High School volleyball players and coaches are holding a free skills clinic for students in grades 3-8 this Wednesday, Oct. 5.

The clinic matches up perfectly with an early release day, and CHS players will be available to escort elementary school students down the street to the gym.

All the info you need? It’s in the photo above.

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CHS volleyball coach Cory Whitmore directs practice. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

One second, you’re the new guy. The next, you’re the grizzled vet.

Well, calling Coupeville High School volleyball coach Cory Whitmore a “grizzled vet” might be a bit extreme — the man is still pretty young.

But while the Wolf guru is only in his (very early) 30’s, he’s kicking off his seventh year at the helm of the CHS spiker program.

And he’s having quite a run.

The former three-sport high school athlete has posted six consecutive winning seasons, the longest active streak for a Coupeville coach.

Whitmore is one up on Wolf softball coach Kevin McGranahan, who has an ongoing five-year run of success.

Entering the 2022 season, CHS volleyball has recorded double-digit wins in five of the past six seasons, with only the pandemic throwing a wrench into things when the 2020 campaign was cut to just nine matches.

Whitmore’s run of success, which includes taking the 2017 squad to the state tourney:

2016: 11-6
2017: 13-5
2018: 11-5
2019: 14-5
2020: 6-3
2021: 11-6

That puts him at 66-30, which means he’s got some milestones coming up fast.

Barring any unforeseen suspensions for bouncing a clipboard off of an official’s noggin, Whitmore will hit 100 matches Sept. 13, when the Wolves travel to Bothell to face Cedar Park Christian.

Not counting appearances at tournaments — which are their own thing — Coupeville has 15 matches on the regular-season schedule.

Based on prior success, that should mean win #75 has a high probability of arriving this season as well.

Tell Whitmore any of this, however, and he’ll just quietly smile and deftly change the focus of the conversation back onto his players.

He’s built a strong program by focusing on team goals and is not one to toot his own horn.

Which is why I’m here to be Whitmore’s shameless hype man — I’ll go buy one of those horns that sounds like a semi-truck goin’ off, if necessary.

Consider yourself warned.

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Wolf spikers like Jill Prince (left) and Maddie Georges have a chance to participate in a skills camp. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

Never stop working.

Success in volleyball, like any sport, comes with work put in on the court — in season and out.

With that in mind, Coupeville High School spiker coaches are gearing up for their annual in-house skills camps.

The sessions are split between incoming students in K-6 and grades 7-12.

The younger players go June 4-5, with the older stars on the floor June 13-16.

Elementary school students will be in action from 9 AM to noon, with middle and high school players going from 4-6 PM.

Cost is $20 and $30, respectively, and each player who registers by May 20 will receive a camp t-shirt.

For more info and QR codes to help with registration, check out the photos below.


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Who wants to be #28?

The Wolf Pup Volleyball program for Coupeville Elementary School students in grades 3-5 kicks back into action in mid-April, with 27 kids already signed up.

The program, run by high school coaches and players, is held every Tuesday and Thursday between April 12 and May 26.

Held at the CHS gym from 4-6 PM, the program offers a fun introduction to volleyball, with an emphasis on building skills.

“I could not be more excited to build connections with the future of the volleyball program and teach our community youth a love of the sport!” said CHS coach Cory Whitmore.

“The more the merrier, so we are happy to have more sign up if interested.”

Cost is $60, covering 14 sessions, and is due on the first day of practice.

The program is very flexible, however, so if students want to attend some sessions, but not all, no worries.

“If there is conflict in scheduling, families are welcome to adapt as needed,” Whitmore said. “This is a low-stress introduction to volleyball, and we know that spring is a very busy time.”


To sign up, pop over to:


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