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Jacobi Pilgrim pounds the ball. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

Scout Smith looks for an opening in the defense while keeping her dribble low.

The weekly skills check returns.

With guidance from former Wolf hoops stars Scout Smith, Jacobi Pilgrim, and Lindsey Roberts, week two of the Coupeville Youth Basketball dribbling challenge offers young players a chance to work on high and low dribbling skills.

Follow along with the action, work on your skills while indoor courts are shut down, and post your own response videos on social media.

Most of all, keep putting in the time to hone your handles.

Up next week: in and out dribbling and crossovers.


Skills 1 & 2:


Skills 3 & 4:

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State tourney veteran Mollie Bailey was set to play a major role for the CHS softball squad as a junior. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

Coral Caveness, who played strongly as the Wolves made their postseason run last spring, was also back for more, only to be denied by the pandemic.

They were ready to kick-start a dynasty.

Coming off a very-successful trip to the state tourney last spring, which included its first win at the big dance since 2002, the Coupeville High School softball team returned most of its roster of high-powered diamond aces.

Unfortunately, thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, spring sports fell by the wayside, and the Wolf sluggers never got a chance to make it back to Richland this spring.

But while they never saw the field (in a live game vs. an opponent, at least), we can still take a moment to hail them for the work they put in while practice was still in session.

The 2020 CHS softball squad would have been…



Mollie Bailey
Coral Caveness
Mackenzie Davis
Maddie Georges
Gwen Gustafson
Emma Mathusek
Sofia Peters
Chelsea Prescott
Jill Prince
Marenna Rebischke-Smith
Audrianna Shaw
Scout Smith
Kylie Van Velkinburgh
Izzy Wells
Isabelle Whalen
Chloe Wheeler

Kevin McGranahan (Head Coach)
Justine McGranahan (Assistant Coach)
Ron Wright (Assistant Coach)



Savana Allen
Adrian Burrows
Karyme Castro
Vivian Farris
Elizabeth Hummel
Ivy Leedy
Lily Leedy
Allie Lucero
Maya Lucero
Lacy McCraw-Shirron
Heidi Meyers
Melanie Navarro
Mckenna Somes
Morgan Stevens
Samantha Streitler
Lily-Ann Tornensis

Will Thayer (Head Coach)
Lark Gustafson (Assistant Coach)
Aaron Lucero (Assistant Coach)

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Scout Smith, beatin’ the crud out of your best pitches. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

A coach’s daughter, who took the lessons delivered by parents Charlotte and Chris to heart.

My respect for her grows each time I see her play.

Scout Smith is not the tallest, the strongest, the fastest, or the most physically-gifted athlete I have ever written about, and I mean her no disrespect when I say that.

But she doesn’t need to be.

I have watched Scout play volleyball, basketball, and softball for six years now, through middle school days and almost all of her high school experience, and I know this for a stone-cold fact — no one can match her heart.

She is the daughter of coaches, and she paid attention when parents Chris and Charlotte imparted lessons on the field and the court, in the dugouts and on drives home.

Scout is one of the smartest athletes I have witnessed in person, and like older brothers CJ and Hunter, she combines her big brain with a resilient spirit.

She does not quit. Ever.

She will find a way to beat you, and, if that way doesn’t work, she will lose with grace.

It will hurt, it will drive her on to greater heights, but she will honor her opponents and the game itself. Always.

Epic black eye developing after slamming face-first into the volleyball court in pursuit of a ball, she will quietly tell her dad to sit his fanny back down on the bench, because she’s not coming out of the game with her season, and prep career, on the line.

And she will dance around the bases, feet barely touching the bags as she floats through the air, after knifing Cedar Park Christian with a walk-off grand-slam home run which jumped over the fence like a laser.

She deeply loves her brothers, of that I have no doubt, and she has spent her days chasing them athletically.

In that moment, though, she does something neither one of them accomplished during their own halcyon high school careers.

And she will never, ever, EVERRRRRR let them forget that.

Under the deceptively calm exterior Scout projects to the world, burns a heart which is like 10 million active volcanoes exploding all at once.

It’s why she’s helped take Wolf volleyball and softball teams to state, and it’s why she will live large in the memories of Coupeville fans for a very long time after she leaves the prairie.

The youngest Smith, who still has one final softball season left to play before graduation, may go on to play college sports like her brothers, who are in their second year as baseball stars at Green River College.

I hope she does.

I hope Scout finds the right fit, at the right school, at whatever level, and in whichever of her sports brings her the greatest joy.

If she does, she will make a school, and a coach, or coaches (who says she can’t play more than one sport?) very happy.

But I also hope she makes the jump to collegiate sports only if it’s something SHE truly wants.

Whatever she does, wherever she goes, whatever path she follows, whether it’s sports-related or not, Scout will knock it out of the park.

She’s too smart, and has too much heart, and is too committed, to not be excellent.

There was a moment when I, like all the other Wolf fans, had no clue she even existed.

Then, one day, she and her family made the move to Coupeville, and now Scout is so interwoven into our world, it seems inconceivable there was ever a moment when she wasn’t here.

I hope she knows how deeply respected she is, by coaches, fellow athletes — both teammates and rivals — and those who have watched her rise and take her rightful place among the best to ever pull on a CHS uniform.

Scout is the one you hope all young athletes model themselves on as they follow their own path to success.

Be graceful, be kind, play with a burning intensity, let your actions speak louder than your words, work your tail off, be there, front and center, every game, every practice, when we see you, and when we don’t.

Let your heart be a volcano.

Do that, and like Scout, it will carry you far.

For Miss Smith, today it carries her into the Coupeville Sports Hall o’ Fame, where she joins her brothers, three truly superb human beings, on and off the various courts and fields they have owned.

After this, you’ll find the trio up at the top of the blog, under the Legends tab.

How did Scout get there? She earned it, every step of the way.

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Sophomore Izzy Wells was one of 13 girls to letter for CHS basketball. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

Avalon Renninger was honored as Most Inspirational.

Seniors (l to r) Renninger, Hannah Davidson, Tia Wurzrainer, and Scout Smith exit as a group. (Charlotte Young photos)

The Fab Four pose with their papas and coach Scott Fox.


North Sound Conference coaches showed some to Coupeville High School girls basketball players, honoring four of them in year-end awards.

Scout Smith was selected as a First-Team All-Conference pick, while fellow senior Hannah Davidson landed on the Second Team, and junior Chelsea Prescott copped Honorable Mention.

Rounding out the Wolf award winners was senior Tia Wurzrainer, who received Best Sportsmanship from league coaches.

That four-pack of awards was among the many honors handed out Wednesday, as CHS coaches Scott Fox, Megan Smith, and Alex Evans brought their season to a close.

With both the Wolf varsity (12-7) and JV (12-4) enjoying stellar seasons in their final run through the NSC, there was much to celebrate.

“Really happy with three All-League players,” Fox said.

“I could not have asked for a better group of girls to have for my first year as a high school coach,” Megan Smith said of her JV players. “I’m immensely proud of them! They made me look really good.”

The awards break-down:





Scout Smith


Most Inspirational:

Avalon Renninger


Offensive Player of the Year:

Chelsea Prescott


Defensive Player of the Year:

Hannah Davidson


Varsity letter winners:

Mollie Bailey
Hannah Davidson
Maddie Georges
Nezi Keiper
Anya Leavell
Carolyn Lhamon
Chelsea Prescott
Avalon Renninger
Audrianna Shaw
Scout Smith
Kylie Van Velkinburgh
Izzy Wells
Tia Wurzrainer



Ja’Kenya Hoskins
McKenna Somes





Alita Blouin


Most Improved:

Ella Colwell


Most Inspirational:

Ryanne Knoblich


JV participation certificate:

Savana Allen
Alita Blouin
Jessenia Camarena
Natalie Castano
Ella Colwell
Gwen Gustafson
Ryanne Knoblich
Claire Mayne
Heidi Meyers
Abby Mulholland
Maylin Steele
Morgan Stevens
Samantha Streitler

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Scout Smith soars in to collect another bucket. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

Anya Leavell has her eyes on the prize.

Hannah Davidson looks for an opening in the defense.

Chelsea Prescott floats like a butterfly, stings like a bee.

Izzy Wells cleans the glass.

Photos are the cherry on top of the playoff cake.

The games might be played, but things aren’t complete until you have pics to prove it all went down.

So here you go, thanks to the camera of wanderin’ paparazzi John Fisken.

To see everything he shot Tuesday night, and possibly purchase some glossy memories, pop over to:


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