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Quinten Pilgrim leads off a collection of Coupeville Middle School boys basketball pics. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

Levi Pulliam

Timothy Nitta

Josh Upchurch

Coupeville 8th graders (and coaches) contemplate the action.

Zane Oldenstadt

Jesse Wooten

Alex Wasik

Justin Wilkinson

A new season means new portraits.

Wanderin’ camera clicker John Fisken was out and about, and snapping away, this week as Coupeville Middle School boys basketball kicked things off.

The mug shots seen above are but a small portion of what he shot, but to see everything, you’ll have to return to these pages as the season unfolds.

Can’t give away the whole store right at the start.

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Casey Rogers leads off a collection of Wolf soccer photos I didn’t get to use during the season. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

Avalon Renninger

Mollie Bailey

Megan Behan shoots up the field during the season-opening jamboree in Oak Harbor.

Maddy Hilkey

Mallory Kortuem

Knight Arndt

After four years as a stellar starter, Lindsey Roberts has left the pitch.

The games are done, but the sorting of the photos continues.

Over the course of a season, John Fisken (and a lot of parents) gift me with numerous pics, and not all get used before the final whistle sounds.

Today, we’re catching up on Coupeville High School girls soccer glossies, dropping in seven portraits and an action shot which haven’t previously seen the light of day.

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Chris Villareal leads off a final photo dump from the Coupeville Middle School football season. (Photos by JohnsPhotos)

Jesse Wooten

Kevin Partida

Sam Hester

Adapt on the fly.

When school administrators shut down the Coupeville Middle School football season two games early, citing injuries and a lack of team depth, it left me holding several John Fisken photos I was saving for later use.

So, I ran my last two action pics with the story about the season being suspended, and today you get the final four head-shot portraits which hadn’t previously run on Coupeville Sports.

If you want to see all the CMS gridiron action snapped by Fisken, and maybe buy grandma a glossy for Christmas, pop over to:


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William “The Cornish Game Hen” Davidson kicks off a look at CMS football portraits. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

Josh Upchurch

Nathan Ginnings

Scott Hilborn

Coaches (l to r) Michael Davidson, Brett Casey and Junior Scroggins lead a 14-man squad.

Nicholas Guay

Timothy Ursu

Owen Shelly

Mike Robinett

They wear two faces.

On the field, lined up against their rivals, they are merciless and determined.

But, off the field, with a little coaxing from the cameraman, most of the Coupeville Middle School football players bust out a smile.

Grandmas everywhere will be happy.

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Wolf cheerleader Julie Bucio leads off a collection of fall sports portraits. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

Jacob Burke

Megan Behan

Kyle Burnett

Abby Meyers

Isaiah Bittner

Kim Castro

So many portraits, so little time.

Back when fall sports was just kicking off, photo whiz kid John Fisken snapped head shots of almost everyone on a Wolf team.

As the season plays out, I’m sprinkling those portraits on top of stories, but, every once in awhile, it doesn’t hurt to toss out a chunk of them all at once.

By the time we wrap up fall and head inside for basketball, the goal is to have used every one of those shots.

With today’s batch, we’re seven closer.

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