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Lucy Sandahl leads off a final batch of CHS volleyball portraits. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

Jessica Ross-McMahon

Willow Vick

Krimson Rector

Zoe Trujillo

Wolf juniors (l to r) Kylie Chernikoff, Maddie Vondrak, and Chelsea Prescott.

Emma Mathusek

We’ve got time for a little more face time.

While the Coupeville High School volleyball season has come to a close, I still have a handful of portraits which I haven’t run yet on the blog.

So, some light reading for your Friday morning.

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Mitchell Hall flies into action. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

Cristina McGrath

Aiden Anderson

Claire Mayne

Eli Kastner

Alana Mihill

It’s a photo dump before the big meet.

This Saturday, Coupeville High School junior Catherine Lhamon runs at the 1A state cross country meet in Pasco, putting a final stamp on the harrier season.

Before we get there, it’s time for me to let free the photos I hadn’t yet used, so that they might frolic down the trail.

It’s one action pic and five portraits, with all of them now going live on the internet for your viewing pleasure.

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Dominic Coffman leads off a collection of CHS football portraits. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

Jonathan Partida

Cole Hutchinson

Nick Armstrong

Joven Light

Isaiah Bittner

Kevin Partida

Daylon Houston

The games are done, the uniforms have been turned in, and, now, the final photos hit the internet.

The Coupeville High School football team finished 5-4 in 2019, the first winning record for a Wolf gridiron squad since 2005.

Along the way, we used a lot of pics, but I still find myself sitting with a collection of portraits shot in the preseason by John Fisken.

Today, those photos run free.

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Anna Myles leads off a group of CHS soccer portraits. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

Megan Behan

Camryn Clark

Katelin McCormick

Noelle Daigneault

Lily Zustiak

No photo goes unused.

As each season plays out, local photographer John Fisken generally sends me head shot portraits of most, if not all, of Coupeville High School’s athletes.

How they’re used depends on the flow of the season, who has a strong game, who fits a certain story, etc.

Having reached the end of the CHS girls soccer season, I find myself with six portraits I haven’t used, so today you get a final smorgasbord of pitch-y pics.

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Nick Wasik leads off a collection of CMS soccer portraits. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

Tavan Hughes

Alexander Smith

Mason Butler

William Davidson

Nick Guay

Dane Hadsall

Nathan Ginnings

It’s that moment where every mom says the exact same thing.

“You couldn’t like comb your hair before they took the photo, you savage???”

I kid. I kid.

In the Coupeville Middle School boys soccer portraits seen above, most of the hair follicles were in place pre-snap.

The pics capture eight of the 15 Wolves who are part of the first-ever CMS soccer squad.

The other seven?

Five have already run here on Coupeville Sports, while there are two being saved to go with stories on the final two games of the season.

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