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A long-gone piece of Whidbey Island history. (Bob Barker photo)

Bob Barker is still in the game.

The former sage of the roundball remains arguably the most-successful coach in Coupeville High School history.

While he’s no longer stalking the sidelines during Wolf basketball games, Barker remains a go-to source for Whidbey history and interesting photographs from the past.

Today’s shot, of a historic (and long gone) Oak Harbor landmark, arrived with the following note:

Back in the days when I was involved in photography, I especially liked to take pictures of old buildings, old barns, old churches, covered bridges and scenes (both seascapes and landscapes without people in them).

This is an old barn that has since been torn down to make way for the expansion of the city of Oak Harbor on Whidbey Island.

This barn was situated behind what is now the Elks Club.

Oak Harbor was originally a Dutch community and you can see the Dutch influence in the architecture of the barn. 

This barn in its day would have to be considered the “Cadillac” of all barns.

Note the curvature of the roof. The lower portion or base of the barn was concrete and not wood. 

I wish that they had had the foresight to restore this barn as it was “one of a kind.”

I cherish this picture as it a reminder of a life that has vanished and is no more…


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“I can touch the moon, mom!” (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

“I … am … outta here!!”

“That’s gonna leave a mark.”

“And then South Whidbey said they could beat us…”

“She’s like a freakin’ Terminator out there…”

“They gave us sass, so we made ’em eat grass!!”

“We’re going to state!” (Konni Smith photo)

“Eat hot death from above!!” (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

“I love you, sis.” (Beth Stout photo)

   “Hey coach, I found your old MySpace account … wait, is that a mullet!?!?!” (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

I’ve written a lot of words here on Coupeville Sports, but I realize where my page hits really come from.

Photos. Photos. And, yes, more photos.

Whether snapped by Shelli Trumbull or John Fisken or David Stern or any of a thousand Wolf moms (and dads), glossy pics are the real power behind the throne.

So, as we head into a new sports season, I decided to take a quick look back at the one which just finished, and do something I haven’t done before — pick my favorite pics.

These 10 aren’t necessarily the ones which got the most clicks (team photos are always a magnet), and they don’t cover every fall sport.

But, at this moment, they are some of my personal favorites — ones which I think capture the essence of high school sports in a special way.

So, which one do you like the most? Let me know.

Our poll for the “Photo of the Fall” kicks off at 7 PM Sunday and goes 48 hours, ending at 7 PM Tuesday.

Vote as often as you like. Wild West rules, no restrictions whatsoever.

What does the winner get? A nice warm glow in their chest(s), so, they got that going for them, which is nice.

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Madeline Strasburg and Co. celebrate a home-run in this vintage shot. (John Fisken photos)

   Madeline Strasburg and Co. celebrate a home-run in this vintage shot. (John Fisken photos)

Behind the scenes with Wolf hoops stars Luke Merriman (left) and Risen Johnson.

   Bringing out the playful side of Wolf hoops stars Luke Merriman (left) and Risen Johnson.

Joey Lippo holds on to the ball, and Fisken nails the shot.

Joey Lippo holds on to the ball, and Fisken nails the shot.


   Documenting the electricity (and the rain) in the air before a soccer playoff game, with (l to r) Sage Renninger, Lindsey Roberts and Sophie Sandahl.

The paparazzi is branching out.

Camera clicker John Fisken, who has made a name for himself snapping pics at sporting events on and off Whidbey Island, has expanded his services.

Fisken, who by sheer coincidence celebrates a birthday today, has launched a web site — John’s Photos — where you can experience all of his snappy plans for the future.

While he’ll still be offering all the usual sports fare, a mix of action shots and behind the scenes portraits, Fisken will now be available to shoot just about anything, with two minor exceptions.

No weddings and he’s not going into the delivery room with you to document lil’ Billy or Sally’s probably-messy entrance into the world.

But, want a beautiful family portrait?

Want someone to document your prom, your military ball, your family reunion or a billion other things?

Need crystal clear pics documenting your real estate listings?

He’s the guy, boasting a strong work ethic and reasonable prices.

You could reach out to him cause it’s his birthday.

Or, you could do it because he’s very, very good at what he does, both in terms of picture quality, diversity of what he shoots and his ability to work with anyone.

I mean, he puts up with me for nine months a year, as I harass him day and night with increasingly bizarre and frantic sports shooting requests.

If he can survive that, he’ll do just fine getting great aunt Ethelyne to let him capture a photo worthy of putting on the mantle.

But don’t just take my word for it.

To see what I’m rambling about, pop over to his site and see what Fisken offers, while basking in some of the work he’s already produced.

The travelin’ photo man can be found at:




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Taylor Chiles (John Fisken photos)

   Taylor Chiles (and his bright blue shoes) impede the progress of a runaway soccer ball. (John Fisken photos)

pizza party

   The weather was so nice, Wolf athletes (l to r) Emma Smith, Kiara Burdge, Ally Roberts and Maddy Hilkey decided to throw an impromptu pizza party.

Aiden Crimmins

Aiden Crimmins hauls in a pop-up.

Sarah Wright

   Sarah Wright, a huge factor in Coupeville softball starting 6-1 this season, strides across home with one of her team’s 67 runs.

Sebastian Wurzrainer

   When he’s not busy being accepted to Dartmouth, Sebastian Wurzrainer donates a bit of his time to being the best soccer manager in recorded history.

McKenzie Bailey

   It takes every bit of concentration for noted photo-bug McKenzie Bailey to not turn when she hears the click of the camera, but she has a point to win right now.

Kyle Burnett

  Kyle Burnett sticks the landing (while repping one of the great movies of all time).

Mckenzie Meyer (left) and Kaela Hollrigel

   Wolf cheerleaders Mckenzie Meyer (left) and Kaela Hollrigel show up to root on their classmates (and catch some rays).

It’s almost over.

Thursday is the third consecutive day with no live sports in Wolf Nation, as Spring Break continues to unfold in all its laid-back charm.

Once we hit Friday, however, we’re back at it, at least for a moment.

Coupeville High School baseball hits the road to La Conner, while Wolf boys’ soccer travels to Puyallup to face Cascade Christian.

Until then, we offer up a smorgasbord of spring sports pics, drawing on all five CHS teams and fans alike, to remind you what they would all look like if they were in action.

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So much going on in one photo.

   So much going on in the life of Emma Smith (seated). Ashlie Shank shows her a photo, Ally Roberts does her hair and Lauren Rose uses her forehead as a target. (John Fisken photos)


Kailey Kellner (left) and Tiffany Briscoe ain’t afraid of no cameras.


   She’s a soccer player. She’s a cheerleader. She’s a classroom juggernaut and a superhero. She’s Videoville alumni McKenzie Meyer.


Allison Wenzel holds a clinic on proper hitting technique.

Jimmy Myers

   Fall and a young man’s thoughts turn to mixing ballet with tennis. It’s Jimmy Myers, Renaissance man.


   How do we know this is staged? High school kids don’t read newspapers anymore. Ooh, zing, “Evil” Canadian corporate newspaper overlords.


   CHS cheerleader Sylvia Hurlburt (left) and super fan Kristi Etzell are animated (if cold) during a Wolf soccer game.


Not all fans embrace the photo op in the same way…


Aimee Bishop, eternally thrilled to see the paparazzi.

We’re going to find every last one of them. Maybe.

As we twiddle our thumbs a bit in the period between fall and winter sports, it’s been a good time to go through all the pics from the previous season and look for some interesting ones which fell through the cracks.

John Fisken clicks hard for the money (or Diet Coke, as it were), so let’s not let too many of them get away.

To the photo vault, boys!

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