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Josh Upchurch helps Ember Light touch the heavens. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

The crowd was loud.

Spurred on by the work of their cheerleaders, Coupeville High School basketball fans made plenty of noise Tuesday as the Wolves clashed with visiting Mount Vernon Christian.

Capturing the moment was wanderin’ photo bug John Fisken, who delivers the pics seen above and below.

Hayley Fiedler rules all that she sees.

It’s a group effort.

Launching a pyramid of power.

The CHS student section gets loud.

Kai Wong, unsung hero.

Coupeville’s varsity boys’ hoops stars make some noise for their JV counterparts.

“I can see Deception Pass from here!”

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CHS cheerleaders support Wolf basketball at a recent road game. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

Get some Christmas shopping done and support Coupeville High School cheer — all from the comfort of your home.

With basketball (and flu) season underway, the Wolves are running a team fundraiser, selling Coupeville gear through Fan Cloth.

The campaign runs through next weekend.

With all the various seasonal maladies running wild, Wolf cheerleaders haven’t been able to be out and about in the community as much as they might like.

Coupeville cheer coaches Tara Crouch (left) and Jennifer Morrell lead the way.

“Our whole cheer team has pretty much been down with this crud that is going around and hasn’t been able to get out there and sell,” said CHS assistant cheer coach Tara Crouch.

“But there are some new items added, so if you’re looking for Wolf gear or just want to support our cheerleaders, we’d appreciate your order!”


To see more, and possibly place an order, pop over to:


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Alysia Burdge gets loud ‘n proud as a member of the CHS cheer squad. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

The Coupeville High School cheer squad is back in business, and business is good.

Led by captains Lucy Crouch and Karyme Castro, the Wolves have rocked the home stadium in back-to-back weeks in support of their football-playing classmates.

There are still six regular-season games left on the schedule, plus a potential for playoff action, which will keep Coupeville’s spirit leaders busy.

As they put in the work, and revive the pride, a quick look at a portion of the team.

Isabella Schooley

Ember Light

Sofia Bharati

Ready to rock the joint.

Abbigail Bond

Miley Gerber

Valentina Nadela

Melanie Foley

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