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Dan the Man – the five-star janitor who makes the CHS gym sparkle. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)


With both varsity Coupeville High School basketball teams posting winning records this season — including the Wolf boys being a flawless 11-0 — the stands have been packed.

Even living in the Age of Coronavirus, with mask requirements in place, locals and off-Islanders alike have shown up for games.

When he’s not clicking action pics, wanderin’ photographer John Fisken often swings his camera towards the stands, as you can see in the photos above and below.

Mike Etzell (left) debates strategy with Rusty and Donna Bailey.

Their sign game is on point.

Wolf cheerleaders get ready to get loud.

Coupeville Athletic Director Willie Smith, perhaps pondering anniversary gifts for wife Cherie, checks in with daughter Megan.

Welcome to Murdy Country, where hoops hotshots Xavier and Alex bring out the fans.

The benevolent rulers of Murdy Country – Sandi and Jim.

Erin Straub (left) and Courtney Simpson-Pilgrim bask in the glow of an undefeated season.

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Coupeville High School/Middle School Athletic Director Willie Smith is in a hirin’ mood. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

The hardwood calls.

Coupeville Middle School is in desperate need of applicants for two open girls basketball coaching gigs.

Practice begins Jan. 24, with the Wolves set to play a 10-game season.

But to do so, there has to be coaches in place.

To get in the mix, and possibly score a face-to-face interview with the silver-tongued bard of Wolf Nation — Athletic Director Willie Smith — pop over to:


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Coupeville Athletic Director Willie Smith shut down his middle school boys soccer program, at least for a season. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

A little less soccer this season.

Pitch fans will still be able to watch both Coupeville High School programs play, but the farm team is taking the fall off.

Athletic Director Willie Smith confirmed Monday that the Coupeville Middle School boys soccer season has been cancelled.

The decision was based on the program — which is currently without a coach — being unable to attract enough interested players.

CMS, which is returning to action after playing just intramurals last season due to Covid, will still field volleyball and cross country programs this fall.

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Spikers (l to r) Kylie Chernikoff, Maddie Vondrak, and Maddie Georges celebrate a big point. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

It was the most peculiar of school athletic years.

Schedules shifted every few seconds, athletes (and fans) wore masks, and some ultra-stupid temporary rule changes made you question reality.

Why were basketball teams forced to forego the opening tip — the visiting team started with the ball out of bounds this season — when seconds later, players slammed into each other in pursuit of rebounds.

But then again, why ask why during the Age of Coronavirus?

As long as teams were playing, in compressed seasons, we were ahead of where we were back in spring 2020.

With action back on courts and fields, photographers had a chance to click their cameras again as well.

What is above and below are 20 of the best pics from Coupeville’s return to live sports action.

Not every sport is represented, and the pics are not in any sort of ranked order.

But they are the ones which caught my eye (again), as I went back through things.

So there you go.


Jill Prince makes a sensational barehanded catch on a twisting pop-up. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

Isaiah Bittner will eat your soul.

Carolyn Lhamon comes in hot.

Three generations of Wolf softball.

Daniel Olson tip-toes along the baseline.

Mollie Bailey and Brad Sherman start a secret handshake known only to prairie royalty. (Eileen Stone photo)

Mia Farris dances the dance of her people. (Jackie Saia photo)

Daylon Houston tackles Ben Smith after the latter scored a game-winning touchdown. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

Emily Fiedler, ever-nimble.

Scene of the crime.

Hawthorne Wolfe bolts for home. (Morgan White photo)

Cole White twirls through the paint. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

Mary Milnes keeps her rival at bay.

Maddie Vondrak drops the hammer of the gods.

Alex Murdy is mobbed after hitting game-winning free throws. (Jackie Saia photo)

Mollie Bailey crushes a pitch. (Jackie Saia photo)

“We’re outta here!” (Eileen Stone photo)

Ben Smith rumbles in the open field. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

“Willie needs a vacation!”

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Willie Smith is watching to make sure you follow all guidelines. Don’t make him come down there. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

No concessions. Limited seating. Masks for all spectators.

As Coupeville High School moves from spring sports to fall sports during the Age of Coronavirus, there will be some fairly strict guidelines for fans attending volleyball, football, or soccer contests.

The ability to follow these rules will dictate whether events remain open to fans.


Volleyball at CHS and CMS gyms:

Varsity matches will be played in the CHS gym, JV matches in the CMS gym.

JV spectators must exit through the side doors of the gym, and not back through the main lobby, and must leave the facilities after the match.

Due to limited seating, JV spectators are NOT allowed to also attend the varsity match.

An exception will be made only for parents whose daughters play for both JV and varsity.

“With the regulations in place for six feet of distance between fans/groups, it severely limits the number of spectators allowed in our gyms,” said CHS Athletic Director Willie Smith.

“This is why we have to limit spectator numbers and not allow those fans that watch the JV match to be able to watch the varsity matches.

“It is simply a matter of numbers and seats, and we just don’t have the size to accommodate everyone we’d like to.”

Spectators for varsity matches should enter through the main lobby 20-30 minutes prior to start time, and go directly to the CHS gym.

Senior parents and families will be given first choice of bleacher seats behind the benches in the CHS gym.

Family groups (one household) are allowed to sit together, but must maintain six-foot distance from other spectators/groups.

Blue tape on the bleachers in both gyms will be used to maintain six-foot distances between spectators.

Cones on the bleachers indicate areas where spectators are not allowed to sit.

The “crow’s nest” in the CHS gym is limited to two individuals and is reserved for home and visiting camera operators only.

Bathrooms will be open, but no food is allowed in the facility, and concessions will remain closed.

Masks have to be worn at all times.


Football and soccer @ CHS Stadium:

Same as the gym – bathrooms open, no food allowed in, no concessions, and masks are mandatory.

Red tape will be used to divide the bleachers into six-foot sections, with red X’s marking rows where people can not sit.

Spectators are allowed to sit in groups of 10-15 (no more than two households together) but must still maintain six foot distance from other spectators.

Fans can spread out along the outside of the track, but are NOT allowed on the track.

Teams will remain on the field at halftime, with no gym or shed access.

The press box is limited to a maximum of three people — the announcer, the clock operator, and one media person.

Which means, you try and take my seat in there, you probably get tasered.

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