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Ava Mitten leads off a collection of Coupeville fall sports portraits. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

Is there no end to the deluge of portraits?

There might be, but we’re not there yet.

Fall sports brought out a lot of Wolves to play, and wanderin’ photographer John Fisken snapped pics of most of them.

Today, we add another eight to the collection.

Want to see more of Fisken’s work? Pop over to:



Kevin Partida

Heidi Lysene

Hurlee Bronec

Skylar Parker

Matthew Ward

Bryley Gilbert

Cole Hutchinson

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Kassidy Upchurch leads off a collection of Wolf JV basketball pics. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

We’re giving them a little extra love and hype.

The Coupeville High School JV girls basketball squad is working just as hard as the other three Wolf hoops teams.

But they’re still going to play a lot less games, as only two of the other six schools in the Northwest 2B/1B League are fielding girls JV programs this school year.

While Coupeville’s varsity teams are scheduled to play 12 games apiece, and the Wolf JV boys have a 10-game set (no Concrete), the JV girls get four tilts.

They played two of those in the first week of the season, losing to Orcas Island, then clobbering Friday Harbor.

Now, they don’t get a game again until June 5 and 8, sitting out while their varsity counterparts play five times.

While they, and us, wait for those contests, here’s a look at some of the young Wolves.

Skylar Parker

Pam Morrell

Katie Marti

Jessenia Camarena

Bryley Gilbert

Morgan Stevens

Desi Ramirez

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Carolyn Lhamon comes in hot. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

The sound of squeaking shoes mingled with the click of cameras.

The Coupeville High School girls basketball squads hosted Orcas Island Thursday, and the sound of hoops lured in wanderin’ paparazzi John Fisken.

The photos above and below are courtesy him, but are far from all he shot.

To see everything Fisken snapped, and possibly purchase some glossies for the grandparents, pop over to:

GBB 2021-05-20 vs Orcas – John’s Photos (johnsphotos.net)


Give Skylar Parker the ball, or she will steal your soul.

Maddie Georges, with Savina Wells running behind her, flips the Coupeville offense into overdrive.

Morgan Stevens is here for the soul-stealing, too.

Wolf manager Mckenna Somes, doing 10,001 things at the same time.

Audrianna Shaw gets out of town, fast.

Kylie Van Velkinburgh lines up a shot.

Izzy Wells gets scrappy.

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Brynn Parker displays a painting she created. (Corinn Parker photos)

Skylar Parker contributes a beautifully-crafted drawing.

Avery Parker is working at the top of her artistic game, as always.

School’s out, but creativity blooms everywhere.

While the current shutdowns are keeping Coupeville students away from the classroom, that hasn’t stopped them from writing, drawing, painting, and finding multiple ways to express themselves.

The photos above capture the Parker sisters — Skylar, Brynn, and Avery — showcasing their artistic muses.

Want to join them?

High school, middle school, elementary school, parent, coach, grad, it’s open to all of you.

Send me your artwork, your writing, all of your creative achievements, and I’ll use Coupeville Sports to let the world see your work.

Find me on Facebook or email me at davidsvien@hotmail.com.

PS — A couple of people have raised the idea they might be willing to contribute if they can remain anonymous.

To that, I say, sure. As long as I know who you are, the rest of the world can guess.

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