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Mia Farris launches the Wolf offense on the attack. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

Lyla Stuurmans gets low to keep a ball in play.

It was a battle royal for the heart of the Island.

Or at least a rare weekend volleyball showdown for middle school neighbors.

Thanks to a reshuffled schedule brought about by reffing issues, Coupeville and Langley clashed Saturday on the southern tip of Whidbey, with the Cougars taking two of three matches from the Wolves.

How it all played out:


Level 1:

Coupeville’s top spikers fought hard all day, coming back to win the third set but drop the match 25-19, 25-15, 7-15.

The loss leaves the Wolves at 0-6 on the season, heading into a home match Monday with Granite Falls.

Savina Wells had the spiciest mix of serves, helping CMS win 11 points while she was anchored at the stripe, while Olivia Schaffeld (9) and Mia Farris (7) chipped in with solid work.

Also winning points on serve were Katie Marti (6), Chloe Marzocca (5), Grey Peabody (5), Taylor Brotemarkle (3), and Lyla Stuurmans (3).


Level 2:

Coupeville’s most-successful squad kept the good times rolling, thumping their hosts 25-13, 25-11, 16-14.

With the win, the Wolves middle franchise bounces to a spiffy 4-2.

Dropping the hammer of the gods on the Cougars was the one-two combo of Madison McMillan and Brionna Blouin, who each tallied up 18 points on serve.

Aby Wood led the support crew with 12 more, while Issabel Johnson had nine.

Rounding out the well-balanced attack were Allison Nastali (3), Skylar Parker (2), Ava Mitten (2), and Kaitlyn Leavell (2).


Level 3:

Langley got a bit of revenge in this one, sweeping Coupeville 25-9, 25-14, 15-4, dropping the Wolves to 1-5 on the season.

Bryley Gilbert was the top scorer for CMS, tallying up five points off of her serve, with Hayley Thomas tossing in another four.

Also scoring were Bailey Thule (3), Kaylee Clark (3), Oktober Frost (3), Kassidy Upchurch (3), Gabriella Becktell (3), Jackie Contreras (2), and Maryah Love (1).

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Brionna Blouin fires up a serve. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

Wolves (l to r) Katie Marti, Mia Farris, Lyla Stuurmans, Laila Wenzel, and Taylor Brotemarkle enjoy their day in the gym. (Sherine Wenzel photo)

The gym was jumpin’.

Playing a tough, large-school foe in visiting Lakewood, the Coupeville Middle School volleyball squads put up strong effort Wednesday, but couldn’t come away with any wins.

The home CMS triple-header, held at the same time and a hallway away from a high school triple-header, marks the midway point in the 10-match middle school season.

How Wednesday played out:


Team 1:

Coupeville’s top squad fell 25-12, 25-17, 15-5, and sits at 0-5 heading into a match Saturday at South Whidbey.

Katie Marti and Savina Wells kick-started the Wolf attack, with their team winning seven points each on their serve, while Mia Farris (6) and Olivia Schaffeld (5) were also strong.

Rounding out the service winners were Lyla Stuurmans (3), Chloe Marzocca (3), Taylor Brotemarkle (2), and Grey Peabody (1).


Team 2:

The Coupeville team with the best won/loss record made it close, before falling 25-15, 25-13, 17-15.

With the defeat, the middle squad falls to 3-2 on the season.

The Wolves won eight points off of Madison McMillan’s serves, while picking up six apiece when Issabel Johnson, Laila Wenzel, and Kaitlyn Leavell put the ball in play.

Also scoring were Brionna Blouin (4), Jada Heaton (4), Aby Wood (4), Allison Nastali (3), Skylar Parker (1), and Ava Mitten (1).


Team 3:

Again, the third set was the hardest-fought, with CMS coming up on the wrong side of a 25-16, 25-10, 15-11 afternoon.

With the loss, Coupeville’s third squad sits at 1-4.

Bailey Thule had the biggest day for any Wolf server on any team, picking up 10 points for her team, while Hayley Thomas (8), Gabriella Becktell (5), and Jackie Contreras (4) were hot on her heels.

Rounding out the scoring were Jones Walther (3), Oktober Frost (2), Kassidy Upchurch (2), Bryley Gilbert (1), and Maryah Love (1).

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CMS spiker Katie Marti, seen in an earlier match, had a strong service game going Monday in Sultan. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

Wolves (l to r) Mia Farris, Grey Peabody, and Savina Wells team up on a play.

There was a little something for everyone.

The Coupeville Middle School volleyball team piled into the bus Monday and headed off to the far reaches of Sultan, where it picked up a big win, a close loss, and a less close loss.

How things played out:


Level 1:

The closest match of the day, as Sultan came back to win a thriller 23-25, 25-13, 15-9.

The loss drops Coupeville’s top team to 0-4 on the season.

Savina Wells paced the Wolves, winning nine points on her serve, while Olivia Schaffeld, Katie Marti, and Mia Farris brought home success for their team on eight of their offerings.

Marti was especially big in the final set, picking up five of Coupeville’s nine points while working behind the service stripe.

Also putting up strong serves for CMS were Taylor Brotemarkle (six points), Chloe Marzocca (4), Lyla Stuurmans (3), and Grey Peabody (2).


Level 2:

Coupeville’s biggest romp, as the Wolves rolled to a 25-3, 25-13, 15-8 win.

Now 3-1 on the season, the middle CMS squad was led by the play of Brionna Blouin, Madison McMillan, and Issabel Johnson.

Mixing sizzlin’ serves with strong “three hits and over” play, the Wolves dominated from start to finish.


Level 3:

The toughest match of the afternoon, as CMS fell 25-5, 25-2, 15-8.

With the loss, the Wolves fall to 1-3 on the season, headed into a home match Wednesday against Lakewood.

Oktober Frost picked up three points on serve for Coupeville, while Jones Walther, Maryah Love, Jackie Contreras, Bryley Gilbert, and Kaylee Clark collected two points apiece.

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Maryah Love powers up to launch a power-packed serve. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

Brionna Blouin scans the scoreboard after shredding Northshore Christian.

Wolves (left to right) Savina Wells, Bryley Gilbert, Taylor Brotemarkle, and Lyla Stuurmans get ready to welcome their teammates to the floor.

Hayley Thomas is a better ref than the real ref. “That ball is outta here!”

Skylar Parker keeps perfect focus.

Olivia Schaffeld goes low to make the play.

Aby Wood is thrilled with what she sees. “Dang, we’re good!”

The bench offers up some support, as (l to r), Kaitlyn Leavell, Issabel Johnson, Allison Nastali, and Ava Mitten send good thoughts to the server.

The gym was rocking Monday, almost loud enough to drown out the click of the camera.

Coupeville Middle School volleyball played three rock-em, sock-em matches with visiting Northshore Christian Academy, while wanderin’ paparazzi John Fisken worked the sidelines.

The pics seen above are courtesy him, but are just the start of all he captured.

To see everything his cameras snapped, pop over to:


Should you purchase any glossies for grandma’s mantelpiece, a percentage of each sale goes to fund scholarships given out each spring to CHS seniors.

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Madison McMillan (left) and Brionna Blouin, seen here during softball season, played strongly Monday for CMS volleyball. (Photo by Jackie Saia)

You come for Brionna Blouin, you better not miss. Cause she certainly won’t.

The four-sport standout stared down half the Coupeville Middle School gym Monday – the half occupied by a pack of very-loud Northshore Christian Academy volleyball players – then turned around, smiled, and ripped out their collective hearts.

Capping an afternoon of brilliant serving, the CMS 8th grader ripped off back-to-back aces to close out a Wolf win, then was bum-rushed by all her teammates, including the ones camped in the stands, providing the biggest moment in a long afternoon of sets and spikes.

How the day played out for all three Wolf squads:


Level 1:

They may not use the word “varsity” to describe the top level in middle school, but this Northshore squad was heads and shoulders above everyone else.

Featuring two girls who were proficient jump servers and a setter who was flicking the ball around like a seasoned high school ace, the visitors cruised to a 25-11, 25-13 win.

The loss drops the top CMS squad to 0-3 on the season.

It wasn’t that the still-developing Wolves, who feature six 7th graders on an eight-player Level 1 roster, played badly. Cause they didn’t.

From strong serving from Mia Farris and Savina Wells, to scrambling defensive work from spark-plug Lyla Stuurmans, Coupeville looked very good at times, and even led for awhile in the second set.

But Northshore moved as one, struck like a rattlesnake when (briefly) cornered, and had enough strengths to gloss over a few weaknesses.

First and foremost, the visiting Gators could rip the serve, and they did so with wild abandon.

One could argue they benefited from playing in front of middle school-aged lines-women who didn’t carefully monitor foot faults on their serves, but that would just be sour grapes.

Northshore’s players are talented. Give them credit for having put in the work, and hope they end up playing for high schools Coupeville doesn’t face on a regular basis.

The Gators broke out to an early lead in the opening set and never looked back, though the Wolves did have a moment or two of top-notch play.

Katie Marti had a nice lil’ run at the service stripe late in the set, while Grey Peabody was a one-woman wrecking crew.

She went airborne for a tip winner, and dropped a wicked little slicer of a service return for another point, but her best moment came in between.

With Northshore on the attack, Peabody made a crowd-pleasing, one-handed save on a hard-hit ball, keeping the play alive and setting up Wells, who lashed a kill to bring a quick end to the rally.

The second set started off much more to Coupeville’s liking, as Farris dropped a couple of aces while sending the Wolves out to a quick 4-0 lead.

While Northshore clawed their way back into things, CMS stayed close, leading as late as 6-5, still tied at 7-7, and not falling far behind until midway through the set.

Taylor Brotemarkle, tip-toeing around the net, dropped in a perfectly-placed bump for a winner, while Olivia Schaffeld and Chloe Marzocca chipped in with big hustle plays, bouncing off the floor in pursuit of balls.


Level 2:

The best match of the day was actually the first one played, and while the end result ultimately delighted Coupeville fans more than the Northshore players, it was also the most-competitive and hottest-contested bout of the afternoon.

It was also the one which caused the CMS gym to most resemble a mosh pit, as both sets of fans got loud ‘n proud, rocking the joint while camped out on the rock-hard bleachers.

In the end, thanks to Blouin and others, the Wolves exited with a 25-19, 29-27 win, lifting their season mark to a crisp 2-1.

Both sets followed a similar pattern, as Coupeville jumped out to a big lead, weathered a late Northshore rally, then sealed the deal with strong play in crunch time.

Blouin fired off a five-serve run o’ success to stake the Wolves to an early 6-0 lead, then Madison McMillan stepped into the spotlight, delivering at both the service stripe and on the floor.

One of her service aces was an alley-oop special, as the ball sailed for about two miles, only to suddenly drop and shock the Northshore players to their very core by catching the last piece of paint on the back line.

If that caused the Gators to lean backwards, McMillan soon made them regret the decision, smoking another serve off of a rival player’s chest with enough fury that it knocked her to the ground.

Toss in a low, screaming zinger of a service ace from Aby Wood, some more big-hitting from the duo of McMillan and Blouin, and set one was safely in the books.

Set two took a bit longer to be completed, but came out OK in the end.

With their “big two” thumping the ball, the Wolves built a 10-4 lead, only to give it all back, not only falling behind, but twice facing set-point.

Coupeville fought back from the edge, however, escaping from down 26-25 and 27-26.

When a Northshore spike found the bottom of the net, the ball went back to CMS with the set knotted at 27, and who should stroll to the line but Blouin.

The Gators in the bleachers thumped the wood with their feet, screamed their lungs out, wailed, and wailed some more, all in an effort to fluster the Wolf assassin.

If she noticed, Blouin never gave Northshore a reaction.

Instead, she rolled the volleyball on her hand, thunked it against the floor, eyeballed the ref, then swung the hammer of the gods and lashed an ace that bit a chunk out of the back corner.

Northshore’s players sagged, and Blouin did it all again, closing out the sound around her, arm swinging up, then swinging down and launching a bolt of liquid fire.

The ball smashed floor, the Gators swung and missed, the ball hit the back wall, and then the Wolves came pouring onto the floor from the bleachers.

Led by Wells, the team massed around Blouin, who, huge smile on her face, happily melted into a wave of hugs and hand-slaps.

The celebration capped a win in which the Wolves got solid contributions from everyone on the roster, from Kaitlyn Leavell to Allison Nastali, Jada Heaton to Ava Mitten, Skylar Parker to Laila Wenzel and Issabel Johnson.


Level 3:

The Wolves fell 25-18, 25-18, but impressed their coaches with big-time improvement.

Now 1-2 on the season, Coupeville’s third squad saw Bryley Gilbert deliver her first service ace of the season, which brought CMS coach Sarah Lyngra to her feet.

The Wolves also got quality work from Oktober Frost, who has the best name in the volleyball biz, and a rapidly-developing game to go with her moniker.

Frost went on a serving rampage midway through the second set, popping off five straight winners before middle school rules forced her to give up the ball to a teammate.

Back in the flow of things, Oktober capped September by bringing a sudden end to a later Northshore run, angling a return which skidded past a swinging foe for a winner.

Also coming up big for the Wolves was Hayley Thomas, who nailed two aces, including one which dipped at the last second and slid under the outstretched arms of a Northshore player.

Gabriella Becktell poked a winner through a forest of arms to kick off the second set, as the Wolves spread the offensive love around.

Coupeville also got quality floor time from Emma Garcia, Jackie Contreras, Maryah Love, Jones Walther, Kaylee Clark, Bailey Thule, Samantha Webb, and Kassidy Upchurch.

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