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   Derek Leyva knocked in two goals Saturday in a season-opening win. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

Too early? Of course, it’s too early.

You don’t run league standings two days into a new season and … every Wolf varsity team is in first-place? Run that sucker!!!

So sure, maybe we’re jumping the gun just a bit, but what the hey, it’s not like we have a lot of rules here at Coupeville Sports World Headquarters.

Plus, this way, you can start to get used to the weirdness of seeing only two softball teams listed in the standings, since Port Townsend and Chimacum have bailed on their seasons.

Anyway, a look at some very, very, VERY early standings, reflecting Coupeville’s opening day sweep in baseball (7-3 over Lynden Christian) and soccer (4-1 over Olympic) and Chimacum’s 6-5 baseball loss to South Whidbey.

Olympic League baseball:

School League Overall
Klahowya 0-0 0-0
Port Townsend 0-0 0-0
Chimacum 0-0 0-1

Olympic League boys soccer:

School League Overall
Chimacum 0-0 0-0
Klahowya 0-0 0-0
Port Townsend 0-0 0-0

Olympic League girls tennis:

School League Overall
Chimacum 0-0 0-0
Klahowya 0-0 0-0

Olympic League softball:

School League Overall
Klahowya 0-0 0-0

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Ashlie Shank and the Coupeville girls kick off the playoffs Feb. 10 with a home game. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

Winter belonged to the RedHawks, but the school year has belonged to the Wolves.

Both Port Townsend basketball teams won league titles Saturday, with the girls ending Coupeville’s three-year run atop the standings.

But, if we look at the entire 2017-2018 school year, CHS is the big dog right now.

Looking at the six fall and winter sports the Wolves play (football, volleyball, boys tennis, girls soccer and girls and boys basketball), they have the most varsity wins of any of the four Olympic League teams with 31.

Klahowya, whose boys basketball team had the title sewn up until a late-season collapse, has 28, while Port Townsend sits with 21.

Chimacum, which has suffered win-less campaigns in boys basketball and tennis, brings up the rear with nine total varsity wins.

Spring is on the horizon, and with that comes softball, baseball, girls tennis and boys soccer as we follow the team wins battle.

Track also arrives, but is largely an individual sport disguised as a team sport, and team win totals are all but impossible to keep track of when multiple schools are involved in every meet.

This is the final year of the current set-up of the Olympic League, as Coupeville is bouncing to the new North Sound Conference next fall.

Before the Wolves go, they would love to repeat as unofficial league-wide champs and defend the varsity wins title they copped last year, when they edged Klahowya 51-48.

The Eagles, who spring from the second-biggest student body in 1A, prevailed 52-40 and 45-42 over CHS the first two years of the league, with Chimacum and Port Townsend well behind in every year.

In other matters, the end of the regular season for basketball means the end of the trail for the Coupeville boys.

While the Wolf girls kick off a playoff run Feb. 10,  their male counterparts were tripped up by the Olympic League only having two playoff slots this season.

Still, before they were done, a couple of Wolves hit milestones.

Ethan Spark topped the 200-point mark in his senior season, while Hunter Smith’s 382 points was the best single season for a Wolf boy since Mike Bagby tossed in 414 back in 2004-2005.

Smith also came very close to having one of the best seasons in school history, with the tenth-best single-season mark by a Wolf boy being 392 by Wade Ellsworth in 1978-1979.

On the girls side of the ball, Wolf junior Lindsey Roberts, who still has games to play, has more than doubled her previous career total.

With 152 points this season, she’s jumped from 137 career points (#77 all-time for CHS girls) to 289 points (#36 all-time).

Final regular-season varsity scoring totals and league standings:


Lindsey Roberts 152
Mikayla Elfrank 99
Sarah Wright 99
Ema Smith 94
Kyla Briscoe 78
Scout Smith 52
Kalia Littlejohn 38
Chelsea Prescott 34
Hannah Davidson 10
Allison Wenzel 5
Avalon Renninger 1


Hunter Smith 382
Ethan Spark 216
Joey Lippo 88
Cameron Toomey-Stout 54
Hunter Downes 53
Mason Grove 51
Kyle Rockwell 29
Jered Brown 24
Dane Lucero 16
Gavin Knoblich 5
Ulrik Wells 4
Jacobi Pilgrim 1

Olympic League girls basketball:

School League Overall
Port Townsend 7-2 9-10
Chimacum 4-5 7-12
Klahowya 1-8 4-15

Olympic League boys basketball:

School League Overall
Port Townsend 7-2 11-8
Klahowya 6-3 10-10
Chimacum 0-9 0-14

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   Ema Smith captures the mood of everyone in Coupeville when we think about OlympicLeague.com these days. 

Coupeville fans are told, again and again, that there is one “official” site for Olympic League news, schedules and standings.

But what if that site makes an error, then compounds it day after day, for 17 days?

And what if that site doesn’t want to hear from me or you, or pretty much anyone, that they are doing a mediocre (at best) job?

Welcome to http://www.olympicleague.com/, where incompetence is the flavor of the day … day after day after day.

So, what am I wailing about?

Jump back in time 17 days (so, two-plus weeks), land on the afternoon of Jan. 6 and the Coupeville girls basketball team beat Klahowya 29-23.

At which time, the big brains behind the Olympic League site updated both team’s overall win/loss records, but did NOT do the same for their league marks.

A small error at the time, but one compounded when day after day after day, they refuse to use two small key strokes to fix the issue.

And why is this big, at least relatively speaking?

Because most people (including a lot of newspaper writers) just take a quick scan of said standings when talking or writing about how teams are doing.

Which presently show Coupeville at 3-2 and Klahowya at 1-4.

Which isn’t true.

If you pop into the schedule for either CHS or KSS and go down and manually count up the league games, you wind up with 4-2 and 1-5 respectively, which rightfully places the Wolves in a first-place tie with Port Townsend heading into Friday’s showdown between those two squads.

But 99.6% of people aren’t going to go do that, so they buy the incorrect 3-2 and 1-4 records.

Is this end-of-the-world type of stuff? Probably not, but I am easily chafed, frequently vocal and have plenty of time on my hands to be irritating as all get out, so here we are.

Do your one job, OlympicLeague.com!

Do it for the kids!

Or just do it to get me to stop whining.

But do it!

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   As they head into the heart of the league schedule, both CHS hoops teams will need big rebounds like this one pulled down by Hannah Davidson. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

The week ahead is the biggest week yet for the Coupeville High School basketball squads.

The Wolf girls play two games, while the boys have three bouts (with one a makeup for a game postponed when the refs failed to show).

All are against Olympic League foes and the results will greatly impact any chance CHS has to add more league titles to the school’s Wall of Fame.

The Wolf girls, three-time defending champs, sit a half-game off of Chimacum and Port Townsend, no matter what the league’s “official” site would like you to believe.

While it waits for OlympicLeague.com to give it proper credit for a win over Klahowya (the Wolves are 2-2 in conference, not 1-2), Coupeville hosts Klahowya Tuesday and travels to Chimacum Friday.

Meanwhile, the Wolf boys, who are a game back of Port Townsend, have trips to Klahowya Tuesday and Saturday, packaged around a home game Friday against Chimacum.

That night marks the 101st anniversary of CHS boys basketball.

By the time the week is done, both Wolf squads will have six of their nine league games in the books (will OlympicLeague.com keep up???), with just a single game against each of their three conference rivals left.

As both teams head down the stretch, the scoring races are heating up, as well.

On the girls side of the ball, Mikayla Elfrank’s ankle injury, which has sidelined her for several games, has allowed Lindsey Roberts to storm past her and claim the #1 spot on the points chart.

With the guys, no one is likely to catch Hunter Smith, who is more than 100 points ahead of Coupeville’s second-leading scorer as he rises up the school’s career scoring list.

Smith, who is averaging 19.1 a night this season, sits #17 all-time, one decent game from cracking the Top 15.

Varsity scoring and league standings through Jan. 14:


Lindsey Roberts 105
Mikayla Elfrank 99
Sarah Wright 66
Ema Smith 57
Kyla Briscoe 48
Kalia Littlejohn 38
Scout Smith 29
Chelsea Prescott 25
Hannah Davidson 6
Allison Wenzel 3
Avalon Renninger 1


Hunter Smith 248
Ethan Spark 144
Joey Lippo 61
Hunter Downes 38
Mason Grove 15
Kyle Rockwell 15
Cameron Toomey-Stout 15
Jered Brown 14
Dane Lucero 10
Gavin Knoblich 2
Ulrik Wells 2
Jacobi Pilgrim 1

Olympic League girls basketball:

School League Overall
Chimacum 3-2 6-8
Port Townsend 3-2 5-8
Klahowya 1-3 3-10

Olympic League boys basketball:

School League Overall
Port Townsend 4-1 8-5
Klahowya 2-1 6-7
Chimacum 0-5 0-9

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   Allison Wenzel netted her first point this season in a win over Concrete. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

Not much action, but it was all positive.

Coupeville only played a single foe on the basketball court this week, but both the Wolf girls and boys came away with solid non-conference wins over Concrete.

As winter break kicks off, a lack of games was a trend all across the Olympic League, as Port Townsend, Klahowya and Chimacum join CHS in biding their time.

Once we get past the start of the new year, things will ramp up in intensity, and the heart of the conference schedule will come to the forefront.

Until then, a look at the stat sheet shows four Wolves, senior Allison Wenzel and three newbies, netting their first points of the season against Concrete.

For sophomores Gavin Knoblich, Hannah Davidson and Ulrik Wells, those buckets also marked their first-ever varsity points.

Varsity scoring stats and league standings through Dec. 24:


Mikayla Elfrank 90
Lindsey Roberts 58
Kalia Littlejohn 38
Ema Smith 34
Sarah Wright 30
Kyla Briscoe 25
Scout Smith 18
Chelsea Prescott 10
Hannah Davidson 2
Allison Wenzel 1


Hunter Smith 149
Ethan Spark 71
Joey Lippo 26
Hunter Downes 17
Mason Grove 12
Kyle Rockwell 11
Jered Brown 9
Dane Lucero 5
Cameron Toomey-Stout 3
Gavin Knoblich 2
Ulrik Wells 2
Jacobi Pilgrim 1

Olympic League girls basketball:

School League Overall
Chimacum 2-0 4-3
Port Townsend 1-1 3-4
Klahowya 0-1 2-6

Olympic League boys basketball:

School League Overall
Klahowya 1-0 2-6
Port Townsend 1-1 3-3
Chimacum 0-2 0-5

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