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A Coupeville softball player works on her swing. (Jennifer Marzocca photos)

Chloe Marzocca’s mitt, perfect for the Age of Coronavirus.

“Two outs, one swing to win it all.”

Bring your bats, gloves, and masks.

After a spring lost to Covid-19, Central Whidbey Little League is back in business, with plans to play games between April and June.

There are some pandemic restrictions in place, but the hope is to get a complete season in the books.

Schedules have been set for Minors and Rookies Baseball, as well as Minors and Juniors softball, all of which can be found below.

The T-Ball season is set to run from May 10 to June 18, but the schedule is still being tinkered on.

There is a MANDATORY parent/family meeting Saturday, April 17 at Rhododendron Park (1 PM) for everyone involved in T-Ball.

CWLL is also still seeking T-Ball coaches, and umpires for Juniors and Minors Softball and Minors Baseball.

If interested, contact centralwhidbeyll@gmail.com.





Mon-April 12 — South Whidbey 1 — (6:00)
Mon-April 19 — @ South Whidbey 1 — (6:00)
Sat-April 24 — @ North Whidbey 1 — (11:00)
Mon-April 26 — South Whidbey 2 — (6:00)
Sat-May 1 — North Whidbey 3 — (11:00)
Mon-May 3 — @ South Whidbey 2 — (6:00)
Sat-May 8 — @ North Whidbey 2 — (2:00)
Mon-May 10 — South Whidbey 3 — (6:00)
Mon-May 17 — @ South Whidbey 3 — (6:00)
Sat-May 22 — North Whidbey 1 — (1:00)
Wed-May 26 — South Whidbey 1 — (6:00)
Mon-June 7 — South Whidbey 2 — (6:00)



Wed-April 21 — @ South Whidbey 1
Fri-April 23 — @ South Whidbey 4
Mon-April 26 — South Whidbey 3
Wed-April 28 — South Whidbey 2
Mon-May 3 — South Whidbey 1
Wed-May 5 — South Whidbey 4
Fri-May 7 — @ South Whidbey 3
Mon-May 10 — @ South Whidbey 2
Fri-May 14 — @ South Whidbey 1
Mon-May 17 — @ South Whidbey 4
Wed-May 19 — South Whidbey 3
Fri-May 21 — South Whidbey 2
Wed-May 26 — South Whidbey 5


* = Doubleheader

Mon-May 3 — @ North Whidbey — (6:00)
Sat-May 8 — @ South Skagit 2 — (11:00)*
Mon-May 10 — North Whidbey — (6:00)
Sat-May 15 — @ South Skagit 1 — (11:00)*
Mon-May 17 — @ North Whidbey — (6:00)
Sat-May 22 — South Skagit 2 — (11:00)*
Mon-May 24 — North Whidbey — (6:00)
Wed-May 26 — @ North Whidbey — (6:00)
Sat-June 5 — @ South Skagit 1 — (11:00)*
Mon-June 7 — North Whidbey — (6:00)
Sat-June 12 — South Skagit 1 — (11:00)*



Tue-April 13 — South Whidbey — (6:00)
Fri-April 16 — @ North Whidbey 1 — (6:00)
Tue-April 20 — @ South Whidbey — (6:00)
Fri-April 23 — North Whidbey 1 — (6:00)
Tue-April 27 — South Whidbey — (6:00)
Fri-April 30 — North Whidbey 2 — (6:00)
Tue-May 4 — @ South Whidbey — (6:00)
Fri-May 7 — @ North Whidbey 2 — (6:00)
Tue-May 11 — South Whidbey — (6:00)
Fri-May 14 — @ North Whidbey 1 — (6:00)
Tue-May 18 — @ South Whidbey — (6:00)
Fri-May 21 — North Whidbey 1 — (6:00)
Tue-May 25 — South Whidbey — (6:00)
Tue-June 1 — @ South Whidbey — (6:00)
Fri-June 4 — @ North Whidbey 2 — (6:00)
Tue-June 8 — South Whidbey — (6:00)
Fri-June 11 — North Whidbey 2 — (6:00)

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The Central Whidbey Little League Majors softball team is 15-2, fueled by big hits and bigger shenanigans. (Jackie Saia photos)

Allison Nastali and Co. host the District 11 tourney this weekend, with a trip to state within reach.

All-Star action is coming to Rhodey.

The Central Whidbey Little League Majors softball team, which rolls into the postseason bearing a 15-2 record, hosts the District 11 tournament June 14-18.

The three-team, double-elimination brawl, which pits the Hammerheads against Skagit and Sedro-Woolley, will be held at Coupeville’s Rhododendron Park (502 W. Patmore).

All games are free to the public.

While Central Whidbey is one team, one dream, the other two squads are true all-star teams, having combined the best of two rosters from their area.

The Hammerheads faced one of each region’s two teams during the regular season, winning handily.

CWLL beat South Skagit 11-8 and 16-2 in a home doubleheader, then thumped Sedro 22-2 on the road in the regular season finale.

Central Whidbey outscored foes 270-81 this season, and the only team which beat it, North Whidbey and its ace pitcher Reese Wasinger, are AWOL from the majors tourney.

As the #1 seed, the Hammerheads also have the inside track at winning the title, and earning the district’s ticket to the state tourney.

“Should be competitive,” said Central coach Fred Farris. “I like our chances if the girls play “their” game.”


District 11 All-Stars Majors softball tourney schedule:


Fri-June 14 — Sedro vs. Skagit — 6 PM

Sat-June 15 — Winner of game 1 vs. Central — 2 PM

Sun-June 16 — Loser of Game 1 vs. loser of Game 2 — 2 PM

Mon-June 17 — Championship Game 1 — 6 PM

Tues-June 18 — Championship Game 2 (if necessary) — 6 PM

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   “Well, I understand she’s your friend … but I’m still gonna need you to strike her out, OK?” (John Fisken photos)

“A mile high, in the dirt, no pitch gets past me!”

  Rockin’ the electric green unis, Central Whidbey hitters were swinging big sticks.

“Taste sweet death, fool!!!”

Winner, winner, Dairy Queen dinner.

   Landon Roberts makes a bid to steal big sister Lindsey’s athletic spotlight. Word of advice, though — come for the queen, better not miss.

Central Whidbey ruled the little league world for a night.

Both Coupeville’s Minors softball and baseball teams pulled off home wins Friday, 12-11 and 15-3 respectively, while paparazzi John Fisken was on hand to nab photos of all the action.

To see more of his click-tastic work from these games, pop over to:



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Refs Caleb Cate (left) and Lyle Wells prepare for the championship match. (Mimi Johnson photos)

Refs Caleb Cate (left) and Lyle Wells prepare for the championship match. (Mimi Johnson photos)

Get your kicks.

Get your kicks.

Da champs.

The champs.

My only question is, how many of the players are walking funny today?

Returning to the athletic days of their youth, kickball enthusiasts flooded Rhododendron Park Saturday for the 2nd Annual Kick’n It For Kids adult coed kickball tournament.

Event organizer Mimi Johnson was live on the scene and she sent in the following report:

The fun started at 9 AM with the Acorn Assassins cracking the Coupeville Scramblers. The Pill Crushers barely swallowed the Fidalgo Bay Coffee Grasskickers, and the Blue Team frightened the Playground Bullies in devastating losses.

The Acorns then battled the Kick in the Grass (formerly known as Kickin It Old School – which was inadvertently changed by tournament director) and came out with a narrow lead.

The Alcoballics drank up the One Kick Wonders, who scored just one point in the brutal game. The Scramblers were tousled by the Grass Kickers to end their Saturday kickball career.

With one team out, the games must go on.

The Blue Team mashed the Pill Crushers, the Grasskickers knocked out the Playground Bullies in a serious thumping that left the fields in a bully free zone as they headed home.

The One Kick Wonders got their second and final kick, being beat out by Kick In The Grass.

The Acorn Assassins and the Alcoballics go head to head, and Alcoballics come out undefeated to take on the Blue Team.

The Pill Crushes are washed down the drain by Kick in the Grass, who then go on to be defeated by the Acorns.

The Blue Team suffers their first loss to the Alocoballics, to take on the Acorns in a surprising upset.

The undefeated Alcoballics take on the Acorns for what could be the championship game. The Acorns win despite a player technicality, which could have cost them the win.

But, being as it’s “for the kids,” the games continue on, giving them a second chance in their eighth game of the day. Unfortunately, the Acorns were unable to keep up with the Alcoballics and they lost in overtime.

Top Teams: 1) Alcoballics, 2) Acorn Assassins, 3) The Blue Team, 4) Kick in the Grass.

Amazing play of the day: The red playground ball soared through the air in a high kick and barely slipped through the waiting arms of Katy Wells. But taking the earlier advice of Caleb Cate on how to “cradle the ball like a baby,” Katy caught that ball with her legs!

It’s that amazing mothers instinct.

Second place play of the day: Beck is pitching, but wait, his phone rings. The game must go on, so apparently must the conversation. On the phone, Beck manages a one handed catch to get an out. Who would have thought he could be such a multitasker?!

Overall it was a great day – and over $1000 was raised for the CES PTA.

Thanks to all the teams that came out! We hope to see you again next year.

Special thanks to Lyle Wells and Caleb Cate for being our official umpires for the championship games.

Thank you to Clint and Mariah Knoblich, Angela Stephen and Katy Wells for all your hard work in the concession stands. And a BIG thanks to Christi Messner and Aimee Bishop for your run in search of extra kickballs just in case!

Thank you to Fidalgo Bay Coffee for donating all the coffee (and then donating the extra coffee and cups to Central Whidbey Little League).

We appreciate you!

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