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Jae LeVine, seen here early in her high school career, balanced books with sports. (John Fisken photo)

Academics and athletics can, and should be, a perfect union.

That’s proven when you look at the top graduating seniors by GPA at Coupeville High School.

Of the 71 Wolves who are invited to walk across the gym Friday, the top 10 are all united by one aspect — they all participated in the world of CHS sports while also notching stellar grades.

It’s not always easy to keep up with classroom work when you’re an athlete, especially at a far-flung school like Coupeville, where sports participation requires long trips and plenty of time spent on buses and ferries.

But it can, and should be done, as one doesn’t have to take away from the other.

When you play sports in high school, it forces you to keep your grades up to remain eligible, and it teaches you how to manage your time.

At the same time, athletics, like other extracurricular pastimes such as Science Olympiad or band or drama, show you a different side of the world than what you will get just in the classroom.

By doing both, you obtain a much more varied skill-set, and I absolutely believe those who combine athletics and academics emerge from their high school days stronger.

But don’t take my word for it, look at the list, which speaks for itself.

CHS Class of 2017 Top 10 Academic Students:

Lainey Dickson – 3.99 – cheer
Nick Dion
– 3.97 – tennis, soccer
Valen Trujillo
– 3.91 – volleyball, tennis
Delaney Armstrong
– 3.90 – track
Mitchell Carroll
– 3.90 – football, track
Kiara Burdge
– 3.89 – cheer, track
Grey Rische
– 3.88 – tennis, basketball, track
Bree Daigneault
– 3.82 – soccer, tennis
Jae LeVine
– 3.75 – volleyball, softball
Rubi Melendrez
– 3.73 – tennis

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