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Christi Messner gets some quality time with the future of Wolf basketball. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

The Coupeville cheerleaders rock the house.

Rusty Bailey, eternal scamp.

Sean Toomey-Stout auditions for “Tongue God: The Gene Simmons Story.”

The CHS student section – a seething cauldron of mixed emotions.

Kaley Grigsby masters the art of juggling cheer and band.

Chelsea Prescott enjoys a post-game nosh.

Lucy Sandahl (left) and Ashley Menges hug it out.

A good photographer always stays busy.

When the action on the basketball court ebbs and flows, John Fisken swings his camera and nabs a little bit of everything.

Band, cheer, fans, cute babies. You name it, he shoots it, and I run it.

Especially the cute babies, cause cute babies get big page hits.

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Jaimee Masters was electric at the service line Thursday, sparking the Coupeville JV volleyball squad to a comeback win. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

Give your foes a glimmer of hope, then crush their dreams.

Using every player on the roster Thursday, the Coupeville High School JV volleyball squad stormed back from down a set to blitz visiting Cedar Park Christian, turning a tense match into a runaway win.

While the Eagles slipped away with the opening set 26-24, after blowing a seven-point lead and wasting two set points, it was all Wolves, all day, as soon as the squads switched sides of the floor.

Coupeville blistered the visitors 25-16 in the second set, then took the third set, and the win, with a 25-19 frame in which the Wolf freshmen carried the load.

The win, the team’s third-straight, lifts the JV to 3-3 in North Sound Conference play, 5-4 overall.

CHS coach Chris Smith mixed up his lineup a bit more than normal Thursday, used all 13 of his players, and got big-time plays from everyone on the court.

While the Wolves ultimately dropped the opening set, they displayed an admirable scrappiness, battling back from an 11-4 deficit to knot the set up at 19-19, 22-22 and 24-24.

After failing to win a point through its first four servers, Coupeville finally broke through on the wicked hot arm of Willow Vick.

Her first serve set up a roundhouse spike from Zoe Trujillo, then Vick ripped off a knee-buckling ace to start the comeback.

The Wolves fought all the way back to tie the set at 19 when Lucy Sandahl spun a ball off of her fingertips while on the move, dropping a tip winner between two flailing rivals.

From there, the opening set became a war of attrition.

Maddie Vondrak bounded to the ceiling to pound home a winner, Raven Vick scorched a nasty ace, but a truly awful call by the ref swung things back to CPC, which closed out the set.

From their demeanor, it was tough to tell the Wolves were down a set, however, as they bounced around, full of energy and ready to bring the pain.

Sandahl started things off with a nice run at the service line, then Jaimee Masters took things to another level, ripping off seven straight winners, punctuated by a  low, screaming ace which tore a chunk out of a CPC player’s toe.

Inspired by her teammate’s serving prowess, Vondrak got funky, dancing this way and that, blocking two shots in a row with just the top of her fingertips, before swinging the hammer on a spike that sealed the deal.

Riding the wave of emotion, Coupeville’s freshmen (Izzy Wells, Noelle Daigneault, Eryn Wood, Abby Mulholland, Kylie Van Velkinburgh and Anya Leavell) teamed with sophomores Ivy Leedy and Abby Meyers to do most of the damage down the stretch.

Wells opened the final set with eight consecutive points on serve, then, after a nifty kill from the middle of the floor by Leavell, it was time for Daigneault to get down and dirty.

Back-to-back aces from the freshman Homecoming princess blew the lead out to 11-1, with the Wolves eventually stretching the margin all the way to 22-9.

Van Velkinburgh sprawled out on the floor to keep one crucial rally going, while Mulholland froze two rivals with a tip winner, and things looked to be about three seconds from ending.

Give CPC some credit, though, as they closed on a 10-2 run with at least two winners catching the last flake of paint on the back line.

Smith never panicked, however, and neither did his youngest players, as he left them on the floor to close out the win. Which they promptly did.

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Freshman Izzy Wells reeled off 16 straight points on her serve Thursday as the Wolf JV volleyball squad crushed Port Townsend. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

Torched. Burnt to a crisp. Annihilated.

Choose any of the above, because they all apply to the Port Townsend High School JV volleyball team after the whuppin’ applied Thursday by Coupeville.

Using 13 different players, and getting big performances from all of them, the Wolves cruised in with a 25-6, 25-11, 25-5 win in front of their home fans.

The non-league victory snaps a three-game losing skid for the CHS young guns — two of those losses came in three-set nail-biters — and lifts them to 3-4 on the season.

In a match where pretty much everything went right for the Wolves, the spiker with the hottest hand was Izzy Wells.

Making her second trip of the night to the service line, the freshman turned a 2-1 third-set deficit into a 17-2 advantage, running off 16 straight points, with few of her serves even put back into play.

Wells ripped an ace off of a Port Townsend player’s chest, then promptly mixed things up by dropping her next serve right at the feet of the same gobsmacked RedHawk.

That second serve skipped merrily away for another ace, while fellow frosh Kylie Van Velkinburgh buried a winner from mid-court on one of the relatively few times PT got the ball back over the net during the streak.

By the time she was done, Wells had put together Coupeville’s longest run on serve since Lauren Rose rolled off 20 straight points in a varsity win over Chimacum in 2016.

In stark contrast to the note-perfect run of serves, Port Townsend’s defining moment of the night came when a RedHawk picked up a ball after a play, whirled to throw it back to Coupeville’s side of the net and instead buried it right into the stomach of a wide-eyed teammate.

It was that kind of night for the visitors, as the Wolves pounced early, stayed hot and coasted home, while mixing and matching players as fast as coach Chris Smith could sub them in and out.

In the early stages, it was all about Coupeville’s power, as Zoe Trujillo, Maddie Vondrak and the rampaging Vick sisters, Willow and Raven, crushed the ball anytime it was in the air.

Port Townsend failed to score a single point on its serve in the opening set, while Wolves Lucy Sandahl, Jaimee Masters and Co. peppered the RedHawks with superb serves when they were towing the line.

Willow Vick, in a stirring set-up to Wells later exploits, put together a seven-point run on her serve which featured a bit of everything.

She tore apart the defense with one ace that scorched the middle of the court, then artfully slipped another winner barely over the net.

It was a low, dangerous hummer which caught the top of the net and flopped over, hitting Port Townsend’s side of the floor before promptly dying.

Her twin sister chipped in, with Raven hammering a spike which ended a brief rally on one of Willow’s serves.

The response from one frustrated (and now highly-nervous) RedHawk?

A low, strained whimper of “OH … MY … GOD!!!”

Moments later, Trujillo went airborne and lashed a laser shot which cracked off a Port Townsend player’s arm, sending her staggering off in search of somewhere, anywhere to hide.

She never found that safe haven.

The second set was more of the same, just with a handful of Coupeville errors scattered among the big plays.

Vondrak, dancing above the net, used the very end of her fingertips to twice stuff RedHawk shots, while the Wolves dominated on serve yet again.

Masters scorched aces, Raven Vick zinged aces, Trujillo fired aces and Vondrak mashed aces in the middle set. Sense a trend, do you?

While Wells one-woman ballet of death and destruction grabbed the biggest chunk of the spotlight in the final frame, Noelle Daigneault also dropped in a gorgeous ace and Masters closed the night firing BB’s at the line.

Along the way, Abby Meyers, Ivy Leedy, Abby Mulholland and Eryn Wood all saw quality floor time, with Mulholland skying high to slam home an especially impressive spike.

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Lucy Sandahl and her teammates made some phenomenal hustle plays Tuesday during the most epic JV volleyball match I’ve witnessed. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

No quit. Ever.

Tuesday night’s varsity volleyball match-up between Coupeville and South Whidbey was the headliner, a battle between undefeated teams vying for the league lead.

But if you missed the opening act, your soul is poorer for it.

The Wolf and Falcon JV squads threw down three sets of hyped-up, mega-intense, classic action, filled with amazing come-backs, huge mood swings and quite possibly the single most stunning play I’ve ever witnessed in a volleyball match.

That one team had to lose wasn’t fair, but, in the end, despite winning more points (75-66), Coupeville fell a centimeter short, as their hosts pulled out a 12-25, 27-25, 27-25 thriller.

The loss drops the Wolves to 1-1 in North Sound Conference action, 2-2 overall.

But, while the Falcons can justifiably celebrate a win in which they rallied from down a set, and trailing 17-7 in the second, it’s hard to think of the Wolves as losers.

To a woman, they sold out on every play, running down balls that were headed for the stands, collecting floor burns galore, and refusing to cede any point.

That was driven home midway through the first set, when South Whidbey celebrated too early on a kill, only to have Coupeville sophomore sensation Maddie Vondrak rip out their collective spine and show it to them.

To be fair, the Falcons had nailed a spike which looked 99.999999992 percent certain to be a winner, which is why, as a group, they had turned their backs on the Wolves and were converging for a group fist bump and cheer.

Vondrak was prone on the floor, with only her body between the descending ball and the floor, when, by means which scientists will debate for years to come, she threw her fist up over her head.

And … HOLY CRUD ON A STICK … not only made contact with a ball she couldn’t really see, but popped it perfectly into the air and onto the fingertips of a teammate.

Who promptly flicked it further skyward just as Zoe Trujillo, flying in from the right side, dropped her fist like the hammer of death and blasted a spike which really wasn’t coming back.

It was a play which caught everyone by surprise.

From the Falcons, who skidded to a halt, six jaws slamming onto the floor, to the refs, who both looked at each other, shaking their heads in amazement, to Vondrak, who popped up, smile reaching from one corner of the gym to the other.

Coming hot on the heels of a sizzlin’ run at the service stripe from Willow Vick, getting key assistance from twin sister Raven, who lashed one winner off a Falcon player’s chest, it captured Coupeville’s JV squad at its most-explosive.

The Wolves were in total control in the opening set, from Lucy Sandahl springing skyward at the last second, looking one way while using just her fingertips to redirect a ball the other way for a winner, to Vondrak pounding the snot out of the ball time and again.

That hot streak continued for most of the second set, with Sandahl throwing down a long, successful run at the service stripe and Trujillo smashing a winner off the back line which then took a nasty bounce and bit a chunk out of the back wall.

Up 17-7, things looked rosy … and then they didn’t.

South Whidbey rediscovered some lost magic, and a little luck, coming all the way back to take the lead, and have a set point at 24-23.

Coupeville fought off that point, however, thanks to another miracle save, and rode a superb serve from Willow Vick to actually put itself on match point at 25-24.

It wasn’t to be, though, as the Falcons ran off the final three points, overcoming Vondrak sprinting off the court for yet another miracle save, to knot things up at a set apiece.

At that point, it was like watching two heavyweight boxers late in a championship fight, standing in the middle of the ring and just punching like mad.

South Whidbey landed the first hay-maker, running out to its own 17-7 lead in the third set.

The Wolves could have crumbled. Should have crumbled. But, wait for it.

Yep, Coupeville then stormed back, behind precise, powerful serving from both Vick sisters and Trujillo, turning a 10-point deficit into four late ties.

The first came at 21-21, the most heart-pounding at 24-24, after CHS fought off two match points, thanks to a high-flying tip from Sandahl and a cannon shot of a spike by Trujillo.

Or maybe the most heart-pounding came at 25-25, after the Wolves fought off a third match point.

That came on a play where, once again, the ball was all but dead, until Vondrak, using every inch of her long right arm, spun the ball back into play while sprinting straight at her screaming bench.

But even miracles sometimes run out.

Trying to fight off a fourth match point, Coupeville kept what turned out to be the game’s final rally going for an eternity.

The Wolves saved the ball one, two, three times … only to watch a final shot, headed out of bounds, somehow, improbably, fatally, catch the last flake of paint in the deepest corner on the court.

It was, in the end, the only way this match could end – with a perfect, nearly impossible to duplicate shot.

Two teams exited afterwards, and the score-book will tell you one team won, and the other lost.

Not entirely true.

The Falcon JV deserves to celebrate their triumph. They wouldn’t give in or give up.

But neither did the Wolves.

Regardless of the score, the way Trujillo, Sandahl, Vondrak, the Vicks, Anya LeavellAbby Mulholland and Jaimee Masters played, the way they fought, point after point after endless point, bodes well for their future.

Sometimes the scoreboard doesn’t tell the entire story.

Sometimes both teams win.

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    Coupeville’s Kyle Burnett, modeling a puffy jacket at an earlier meet, won the pole vault Monday at a three-team home meet. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

   When Ariah Bepler gazed into his future, did he see himself shattering his PR in the high jump while his grandpa watched? If so, it came true.

   Lucy Sandahl, cruising here earlier this season, ran away with wins in two events on her home track.

A huge part of track and field is competing against yourself.

The Wolves kept that in mind Monday, as they endured the blazing sun (by Whidbey standards, at least) and limited resistance from their foes.

While Coupeville High School’s student body is small, Friday Harbor and Lopez have even fewer athletes to draw from, so there wasn’t much chance they would upend the Wolves on their home oval.

And the meet played out exactly as most would have predicted, with the CHS girls winning all 16 events and the Wolf boys capturing 11 of 15.

Coupeville swept all four relays, while Lucy Sandahl, Keahi Sorrows, Lindsey Roberts, Lauren Bayne, Jacob Smith and Sean Toomey-Stout each won two individual events.

Maybe more importantly, 18 different Wolves set a PR at the three-team meet, with seven earning two personal bests on the day.


Complete Monday results:



100 — Maya Toomey-Stout (1st) 13.78; Ja’Tarya Hoskins (3rd) 14.61

200 — Lindsey Roberts (1st) 27.68 *PR*; Zoe Trujillo (4th) 31.92

800 — Lucy Sandahl (1st) 2:45.20; Natalie Hollrigel (2nd) 2:54.20

1600 — Sandahl (1st) 5:57.35; Catherine Lhamon (2nd) 6:26.04

3200 — Lhamon (1st) 13:38.80; Hollrigel (3rd) 15:05.30 *PR*

100 Hurdles — Roberts (1st) 16.09; Hoskins (2nd) 19.20

300 Hurdles — Hoskins (1st) 58.95

4 x 100 Relay — Mallory Kortuem, Roberts, M. Toomey-Stout, Ashlie Shank (1st) 52.99

4 x 200 Relay — Kortuem, M. Toomey-Stout, Shank, Roberts (1st) 1:52.65

Shot put — Emma Smith (1st) 31-04; Kylie Chernikoff (2nd) 26-07; Shank (3rd) 24-04 *PR*; Willow Vick (4th) 18-09 *PR*

Discus — Allison Wenzel (1st) 93-10.50 *PR*; E. Smith (2nd) 84-02; Hannah Davidson (3rd) 74-03.50; Abby Parker (4th) 72-03; Chernikoff (5th) 68-00.25; W. Vick (7th) 61-00.50 *PR*; Raven Vick (9th) 44-04

Javelin — Davidson (1st) 90-11 *PR*; Wenzel (2nd) 87-08; R. Vick (3rd) 84-08; Lauren Bayne (4th) 79-08; Trujillo (5th) 76-08; Parker (6th) 74-06; Chernikoff (7th) 68-07

High Jump — Bayne (1st) 4-08; Hoskins (3rd) 4-02; Cassidy Moody (4th) 4-00

Pole Vault — Kortuem (1st) 7-00

Long Jump — Moody (1st) 14-05.50 *PR*; Hollrigel (2nd) 12-05 *PR*; Parker (3rd) 10-05.50; W. Vick (4th) 10-02

Triple Jump — Bayne (1st) 30-02.75 *PR*



100 — Jacob Smith (1st) 11.72; Ethan Clavette (6th) 13.60; Chris Ruck (7th) 14.16

200 — J. Smith (1st) 23.59; Henry Wynn (2nd) 24.25; Luke Carlson (4th) 26.50; Kyle Burnett (5th) 26.60 *PR*; Clavette (7th) 27.62 *PR*

400 — Danny Conlisk (1st) 53.45; Wynn (2nd) 55.56

800 — Conlisk (2nd) 2:07.62

110 Hurdles — Jakobi Baumann (2nd) 21.38

300 Hurdles — Baumann (2nd) 50.20

4 x 100 Relay — Jean Lund-Olsen, Cameron Toomey-Stout, Sean Toomey-Stout, J. Smith (1st) 45.01; Burnett, Carlson, Thane Peterson, Clavette (3rd) 49.19

4 x 400 Relay — J. Smith, Wynn, Ariah Bepler, S. Toomey-Stout (1st) 4:00.17

Shot Put — Keahi Sorrows (1st) 37-07; Ryan Labrador (2nd) 37-02; Chris Battaglia (3rd) 37-01; Andrew Martin (7th) 29-00 *PR*

Discus — Sorrows (1st) 99-08.50 *PR*; Bepler (2nd) 98-09.50 *PR*; Battaglia (3rd) 94-01; Labrador (5th) 85-04; Peterson (6th) 79-11; Clavette (10th) 67-08 *PR*; Martin (11th) 65-11 *PR*

Javelin — S. Toomey-Stout (1st) 131-03 *PR*; Bepler (2nd) 118-06; Carlson (3rd) 112-06 *PR*; Martin (4th) 93-07.50; Battaglia (9th) No distance listed

High Jump — Bepler (1st) 6-00 *PR*

Pole Vault — Burnett (1st) 7-06

Long Jump — S. Toomey-Stout (1st) 19-11 *PR*; C. Toomey-Stout (3rd) 19-07.50 *PR*; Ruck (5th) 14-04 *PR*

Triple Jump — C. Toomey-Stout (2nd) 38-08.50 *PR*; Baumann (4th) 35-08.50 *PR*

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