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Left to right, top to bottom, are Wolf softball and tennis coaches Katrina McGranahan, Justine McGranahan (and grandson Braxton), Kevin McGranahan, Aaron Lucero, Ron Wright, Lark Gustafson, and Ken Stange.

CHS baseball and track coaches Steve Hilborn, Will Thayer, Bob Martin, Randy Thayer, Randy King, Brandon Bailey, Ferron Rice, Neil Rixe.

It’s been awhile since we’ve done one of these.

With prep sports back in action after a year-plus absence, it’s time for another super-unofficial, highly-competitive coach’s poll.

We toss 15 Coupeville High School spring sports coaches into a (digital) room, you get 50 hours to mash your phones and computer keyboards into submission, and one guru emerges as the winner.

Their prize?

A nice, warm glow in the chest, and the respect of the internet. Plus the chance to needle all their fellow coaches.

So, priceless.

This time around, we’re not including any middle school coaches, as CMS is not competing against their rivals this school year.

Yes, there have been intramurals, and coaches have done amazing work — but we’re limiting this royal rumble to just those involved with teams playing other schools.

So, softball, track and field, baseball, and girls tennis.

Head coaches and assistant coaches, paid or volunteer, are included, but no managers or former Wolf athletes who are hanging out and helping for a few days.

If your name was in a Senior Night program produced by CHS, you’re in. If not, I’m sure you’ll survive.

And now on to the bloodbath!

The poll kicks off Tuesday, April 6 at 8 AM and closes 50 hours later on Thursday, April 8 at 10 AM.

Vote as many times as you like, and the more, the merrier.

I have no restrictions set.

WordPress sometimes does little things to slow people down, but you can usually avoid that by bouncing to a different device, before returning to your preferred one.

Those who get creative claim the throne!



UPDATE – 4/6 – 10:15 PM:

Poll has ended early. 

Over the past nine years, there have been several different companies involved with these polls on WordPress.

I’ve run polls which have collected everywhere from 17 votes to 123,908 votes.

And yes, there was probably some serious shenanigans on that last one… 

But through 27 previous polls, no one tried to charge me extra.

Until this time.

Crowd Signal (which I have never heard of before), “will not display new submissions in the results after 2,500 “signals” or votes.”

“Crowd Signal will still collect all your responses and when you upgrade to a paid plan they will be shown in the reports.”

Crowd Signal can blow it out their collective ass.

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Bree Daigneault, back in her hard-rockin’ CHS days. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

You never know what you’re going to find on the internet.

Today’s unearthed nugget o’ goodness is a documentary put together by Coupeville grad Bree Daigneault, focusing on her journey to run the length of Whidbey Island.

There’s some laughs, some drama, a few tears, and a lot of pickle juice as the former Wolf soccer and tennis star heads off on her trek.



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Coupeville’s Abby Mulholland bounced from doubles to singles Friday, capturing a straight-sets win. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

Different island, same result.

Hitting the road for the first time during this pandemic-shortened season, the Coupeville High School girls tennis team swept to a second-straight win Friday afternoon.

Bouncing host Friday Harbor 5-0, the Wolves headed back to the ferry carrying a flawless 2-0 record.

Match three of six against the same foe — Coupeville and Friday Harbor are the only Northwest 2B/1B League schools to play the net game — arrives Wednesday, March 17 back on Whidbey.

Friday’s match featured two new twists from the opener.

Abby Mulholland replaced Noelle Daigneault at second singles, with her teammate sliding over into doubles, where she teamed up with Eryn Wood.

And Wolf sophomore Lucy Tenore made her high school tennis debut, uniting with Sophie Martin for a win.


Complete Friday results:



1st Singles — Genna Wright beat Allie Fleming 6-0, 6-0

2nd Singles — Abby Mulholland beat Lucy Martin 6-1, 6-0

1st Doubles — Jaimee Masters/Emily Fiedler beat Amelia Eltinge/Ava Martin 6-0, 6-2

2nd Doubles — Noelle Daigneault/Eryn Wood beat Lucy Marinkovich/Eleanor Rollins 6-0, 6-0

3rd Doubles — Katelin McCormick/Mary Milnes beat Trinity Cullen/Tate Sonora 6-1, 6-1



4th Doubles — Lucy Tenore/Sophie Martin beat Elanor Gislason/Eva Sanabria 8-0

5th Doubles — Vivian Farris/Hayley Fiedler beat Lilli Turnbow/Isabella VanderYacht 8-2

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Big goals, big celebrations for Sebastian Davis. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

He could seemingly do it all.

Athletics, academics, or activities — if Sebastian Davis put his mind to it, he could accomplish great things.

All while making it look easy-peasy from the outside, and without making others around him feel like they were accomplishing less.

That’s a rare talent, to be overwhelmingly successful while never coming across as a glory hound.

Sebastian cycled through just about every sport at some time during his run through Coupeville schools, but there are two where he made a truly enduring impact.

On the soccer pitch, he burst onto the scene as a fully-formed, goal-scoring beast, an electrifying complement to established stars such as Abraham Leyva and Zane Bundy.

His standout season, at least in terms of stats, came during his junior campaign, when he punched in six goals for the Wolves, second-best on the squad.

Most of Sebastian’s pitch tallies were of the impressive type, as evidenced in the photo above.

He had a knack for flying in from the side, plucking the ball away from a rival player, then using a lil’ razzle-dazzle to baffle the goaltender.

The ball would go one way, the netminder the other, and, up in the CHS press box, close friend Sebastian Wurzrainer would get to softly bellow, “GOOOOOOAAAAALLLLLL.”

It was a good set-up.

But as much as he turbo-charged things on the soccer field, Sebastian had his best run on the tennis court.

Davis and Loren Nelson enjoy the fruits of their labors at a tennis banquet. (Wendy McCormick photo)

He made the postseason every year, for four years running, captured a league singles titles, and sits on Wolf coach Ken Stange’s list of the best-ever players he’s coached in Coupeville.

Sebastian, despite almost always having a lead role in the fall theater production, always found a way to be the star on both the court and the stage,” Stange said.

“What’s more, his did it while maintaining a ridiculously high academic standard.”

The long-time coach was most impressed with how Sebastian collected his wins.

“He didn’t have the big serve and forehand that most singles players desired,” Stange said. “But he did have amazing drive and passion for the game.

“He kept focus, ran every ball down, and played every shot like it was the shot that could win the match. That kind of attitude inspired others to reach similar heights.”

Davis and teammates (left to right) Connor McCormick, Joey Lippo, and William Nelson bagged many a tennis award. (Ken Stange photo)

As Stange noted, sports were far from the only stage on which Sebastian excelled.

He was a scholar of great note, won a ton of medals in Science Olympiad competitions, and was the leading man of choice for the CHS theater troupe.

Sebastian was the Cary Grant of Coupeville, bringing a puckish charm to his many roles on the stage, all while balancing learning his lines with his many other activities.

After high school, he went on to another well-lit stage, studying Earth and Space Sciences and Aeronautics and Astronautics at the University of Washington, where he graduated in 2020.

Today, in an event which should have happened a long time ago, we welcome Sebastian to the Coupeville Sports Hall o’ Fame, inducting him into our hallowed digital shrine for his excellence as an athlete and student.

After this, you’ll find him hanging out under the Legends tab at the top of the blog.

He is proof that small towns can produce big superstars, and that those same superstars can achieve epic heights while remaining down to Earth.

Sebastian Davis — a winner in every way.

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Jazmine Franklin

End the year with a bang, start the next one even bigger.

One of Coupeville’s best and brightest, the uber-talented Jazmine Franklin, continues to kill it in the art world and you could be helping to support her fast-rising career.

When she’s not crafting eye-popping paintings, the Coupeville Sports Hall o’ Famer can be found putting her designs to work on a wide variety of clothes, as well as mugs, masks, keychains, and more.

Franklin recently debuted three new designs with her “Heart and Head Collection,” devoted to highlighting positive mental health.

During her days at CHS, Jazmine showcased a variety of talents, from being a student leader to teaming up with McKenzie Bailey to form an award-winning tennis doubles duo.

A truly lovely human being, she is proof positive that you can come from a small town, and yet be a big success through hard work, talent, and being a genuinely kind, caring person.

As 2020 transforms into 2021, maybe take a few moments to bask in her awesomeness and give something back.


To see (and buy) Jazmine’s artwork:

JZMN Originals (myshopify.com)

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