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Coupeville lineman Ryan Labrador recovered a fumble Friday as he and his defensive mates put up a strong fight in a loss to Friday Harbor. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

For one play Friday night, everything was perfect.

Freshman kicker Xavier Murdy lofted a beautiful ball, dropping an onside kick exactly where he wanted it to be.

And that landing spot was right on the fingertips of teammate Gavin Straub, who bounded off the ground as he hurtled down the right sideline, neatly plucking the ball from the skies.

It was a single football play run to perfection.

One which sent the student section into an explosion of cheers, as chants of “G-3! G-3! G-3!” rained down on Straub as he clutched the ball to his chest with an iron grip.

If the rest of Friday night had gone in the same direction, we’d be talking about the first Coupeville High School football team to go 3-0 in a very, very long time.

But, unfortunately, we are not.

Unable to get their offense into gear, and beset by rain, (distant) lightning and a very strong Friday Harbor defense, the Wolves fell 17-0 on their home turf.

The non-league loss drops Coupeville to 2-1, with a road game at La Conner next week the final warm-up before North Sound Conference play begins Sept. 28.

Friday’s rumble pitted two running backs — Wolf junior Sean Toomey-Stout and Friday Harbor senior Emeron Geiser — who had each racked up 500+ rushing yards across their first two games.

But this game was a tale of two defenses, as neither runner was able to really break free.

While Geiser scored a pair of late touchdowns, he only ripped off a 20+ yard run once Friday night.

Toomey-Stout was bottled up even more, attacked from all sides by an aggressive Wolverine D which kept him from getting to the corners.

His biggest play came not on a run, but a pass play, as he hooked up with Dawson Houston on a 32-yard catch-and-run, in which the run part covered most of the yardage.

The two squads spent the first half exchanging body blows, playing smash-mouth football, moving the chains a bit, but suffering from slippery fingers.

A torrential downpour which hit for the first 5-10 minutes of the game, before greatly abating, helped to put a sheen on the ball, even when it was toweled down. Cue players jumping on loose balls every third play or so.

Coupeville came up with two big turnovers in the early going, with Jake Pease and Ryan Labrador recovering fumbles, but the Wolves also gave the ball back twice.

A fumble at the 17-yard line brought an abrupt end to the one and only time Coupeville got inside Friday Harbor’s 20-yard line, while a picked off pass set up the only score of the first half.

Handed the ball at Coupeville’s 16-yard line with under a minute to play in the half, the Wolverines tried to ram the ball into the end zone, only to be thwarted by a fired-up CHS defense.

Still, Friday Harbor walked away with something, netting a 25-yard field goal off the toe of sophomore Milo Geiser to carry a 3-0 lead into the half.

Coupeville, which was tied 6-6 and 0-0 headed into the third quarter of its first two games, respectively, has been a second-half team in 2018.

The magic never showed up this time, however, as the Wolves gave Murdy plenty of chances to work on his punting after the break.

While the freshman booter took advantage, nailing one for a solid 50 yards with no return, it’s hard to win a game when your punter is operating as your biggest weapon.

Coupeville’s defense kept its offense in the game for a long time, holding the score at 3-0 until Emeron Gleiser slipped away on his only semi-long run of the night, a 27-yard TD bolt up the middle.

The PAT kick sailed wide, and hope hung in the air for at least a few more ticks … then things got weird.

The game came to a screeching halt at the 3:57 mark of the third quarter when a lightning strike somewhere up around Albuquerque (or Everett, I’m bad at geography…) sent the game into a half-hour delay.

Wolf fans filled the time with a dance-off, with the song selections cued up by Ema Smith delivering one sweet bonus.

That was the reappearance of 2008 rap hit turned dance sensation “The Wobble” by V.I.C., which used to play after every Wolf football game until it was unfairly banned by an uptight former administration.

For one night, as rain drops splattered down on Mickey Clark Field and lightning sparked somewhere up around San Jose (still bad at geography…), the forbidden dance was back.

Somewhere, in a different part of the world, former Head of Mischief Brian Norris snapped to attention, pulled his vuvuzela horn from its hiding place and screamed, “I’m on my way!!!”

If only, if only…

Anyway, back in the slightly misty reality of Coupeville, circa 2018, the players were finally let back on the field, as the lightning had seemingly moved on to Caracas.

What do you mean I’m in the wrong country, now? Geography, kicking my butt since 1971…

Anyway, the Wolf defense filled the remainder of the game with inspired plays, even as the offense continued to spin its wheels.

Chris Battaglia blew up a dude five steps behind the line, Isaiah Bittner knocked the very soul out of a rival, and Alex Turner, after shedding multiple blockers, administered one tackle known simply as “The Back Breaker.”

Meanwhile, Shane Losey, while stretched out and airborne, snagged a runner by his shoelaces and promptly untied the laces before both he and the runner met the Earth together.

But Emeron Geiser added a six-yard bolt to the end zone to stretch the lead to 15-0, and a late safety on a muffed Wolf kickoff return set the final margin in amber.

While the end result wasn’t what he wanted, Coupeville coach Marcus Carr handled his first loss in red and black with a calmness which filtered out to his players.

Already looking ahead at La Conner, the Wolf boss realizes a little rain must fall into everyone’s lives.

“They kept fighting, and I’m happy with that,” Carr said. “The guys never gave up.

“We’ll get back to basics, work on a few things and get back at it. When we execute well, good things happen. We just need to execute.”

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Wolf QB Dawson Houston has completed 60% of his passes through two games. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

In the end, only one stat truly matters, and that’s your win-loss record.

So far, the Coupeville High School football squad is acing that, with two wins in as many games, having submarined Port Townsend (28-18) and Vashon Island (13-0).

But, as the Wolves (2-0) prep for a non-conference home game Friday against Friday Harbor (1-1), we’ll take a moment to marinate in all the other more personal stats we’ve been able to pull together.

As always, the stats come from CHS coaches, and I am just the messenger.

Agree with something? You’re welcome. Disagree? Go talk to your coaches.




Dawson Houston 9-15 for 116 yards with 2 TDs
Sean Toomey-Stout 1-1 for 20 yards


Shane Losey 4 receptions for 78 yards
Jake Pease 3-33
Gavin Knoblich 3-25


Toomey-Stout 41 carries for 528 yards
Chris Battaglia 9-52
Losey 13-48
Xavier Murdy 2-15
Andrew Martin 2-11
Gavin Straub 2-5
Alex Turner 1-(-5)
Houston 5-(-18)

Total Yards (Rush/Pass/Rec):

Toomey-Stout 548
Losey 126
Houston 98
Battaglia 52
Pease 33
Knoblich 25
Murdy 15
Martin 11
Straub 5


Toomey-Stout 3
Battaglia 1
Losey 1
Pease 1


Murdy 1


Knoblich 1
Pease 1


Toomey-Stout 18
Pease 8
Battaglia 6
Losey 6
Knoblich 2
Murdy 1




Martin 18
Turner 16
Dane Lucero 11
Ryan Labrador 9
Pease 7
Battaglia 6
Knoblich 6
Toomey-Stout 6
Brian Casey 4
Miles Davidson 4
Losey 4
Matt Stevens 4
Ben Smith 2
Isaiah Bittner 1
Houston 1
Straub 1


Toomey-Stout 2
Martin 1

Fumble recoveries:

Knoblich 1
Turner 1


Lucero 2
Knoblich 1

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Chris Battaglia runs downhill with authority, something he showcased Friday as he rammed his way through the Vashon defense for a TD. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

Gavin Knoblich keeps his eyes locked on the incoming ball.

Dane Lucero (45) pleads futilely with gridiron assassin Alex Turner: “Please, man, you can’t keep ripping people’s heads off. I can’t hide any more bodies!”  

Wolf QB Dawson Houston, now 2-0 as a varsity starter, scans downfield for an open receiver.

Ben Smith gets some practice reps in, perfecting the tuck-and-explode maneuver.

Xavier Murdy (2) prepares to hurt the ball. Badly.

Jake Pease snags an incoming ball during warm-ups.

You don’t catch Sean Toomey-Stout. Ever.

Two games, two wins, and now photos to prove it.

Ever-busy photo god John Fisken slid through Coupeville Friday on his way up to Oak Harbor, where his son is a senior lineman for the Wildcats, and merrily snapped away.

The pics seen above are a mix of warm-ups and early game action.

To see everything he shot, including photos of Wolf cheerleaders and fans, pop over to:


And when you go, remember that any purchases help fund scholarships for two CHS student/athletes.

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Gavin Knoblich recovered a fumble and laid down some licks as Coupeville’s defense dominated Friday in a 13-0 win. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

Nothing broke through Coupeville’s defense Friday night, not the rain, and certainly not Vashon Island.

Well, maybe the deer, but we’ll talk about them later in the story. First to the highlights.

Laying a lickin’ on the visiting Pirates, with big plays from stars and support crew alike, the Wolf football team stuffed Vashon 13-0 in a driving rain storm.

The win, coming in both the first home game for new coach Marcus Carr, and the first varsity gridiron contest played in front of the school’s snazzy new covered grandstand, lifts CHS to 2-0 on the season.

The Wolves got there by essentially punching Vashon in the face, then kneeing the Pirates in the groin once they crashed to the wet turf.


Now, I’m not saying Coupeville played unfairly or dirty. Cause it didn’t.

The Wolves picked up just a handful of penalties, and the worst call, for “spearing” on a play where the ref lost his seeing-eye dog in the drizzle, was flat-out bogus.

I’m just saying, on this night, Coupeville honored the spirit of every Wolf who bit his mouth guard in half and went out and whacked someone.

This was for ’90s icon Nick Sellgren. For modern-day beast Wiley Hesselgrave. For Robert “Fat” Engle and the guys who played wearing leather helmets with no face guards in the 1920’s.

Every Wolf lined someone up, hit ’em and let the spit fly where it would on this night.

You knew Sean “The Torpedo” Toomey-Stout would go airborne at some point, launching and obliterating everyone in his path.

That’s a given.

And you knew Alex Turner would rise up, rip a dude’s head off his neck (metaphorically), then dance away into the night.

That’s also a given.

But did you expect Ben Smith to bring down a receiver by knocking him backward, then spinning out his foot, “Karate Kid“-style, to complete the take-down tackle … an act completed as Smith himself landed on his back?

Or, for freshman Miles “Turducken” Davidson to come flying in through an open hole, pop the QB just as he released the ball, and force a wobbly pass that was promptly picked off by Andrew Martin?

After releasing the battered Vashon QB from his grasp, and possibly whispering “aspirin, you’re going to need a lot of it tomorrow, buddy,” Davidson flapped off the field, doing his best turkey dance.

The nickname?

It starts with a tight uniform, then a coach with a sense of humor, who responds to a request for a replacement jersey with “Why? I like it. We’ll call you Turducken … three layers of boy stuffed into one jersey.”

Now, Davidson has embraced the nickname, earning his feathers on a play which caused papa Michael to rattle the bleachers with a proud bellow loud enough to trigger a tsunami warning 50 miles down the coast.

Coupeville’s defense was overpowering, from Ryan Labrador and Dane Lucero blowing up runners behind the line, to freshman cornerback Xavier Murdy breaking up anything thrown his way.

Tack on picks from Toomey-Stout and Martin and fumble recoveries by Gavin Knoblich and Turner, and Vashon likely finished the game with less than 100 yards of offense.

Like a lot, lot less.

Which was great, because Coupeville’s offense, while much more effective at picking up chunks of yardage, had some issues getting the ball in the end zone.

On the opening drive of the game, the Wolves came out and immediately moved down the field with authority, momentarily raising the idea that they would pile up points all night.

But it wasn’t to be.

After a nice kick-off return from Toomey-Stout, Coupeville QB Dawson Houston hooked up with Shane Losey on a picture-perfect 30-yard bomb down the sideline.

Toss in another pass, which was snagged and flipped back on a pitch to “The Torpedo,” and CHS was knocking on the door.

But a pass over the middle on fourth and goal from the seven-yard line narrowly missed its target, and Coupeville’s best scoring opportunity until late in the third quarter evaporated.

The Wolves had the ball five more times in the first half, but couldn’t fully get into gear.

Toomey-Stout brought the fans to their feet when he lobbed a pass that bounced off of Losey’s back and right into the waiting hands of Knoblich on the final play of the half, but, while it provided oohs and ahs, no points came along for the ride.

Coupeville looked like it had broken through on its first possession in the third quarter, only to have a Toomey-Stout touchdown run called back on a holding penalty.

Enter Chris Battaglia, a rugged senior who missed week one and immediately made up for it with hard-nosed running in week two.

Dragging Vashon tacklers behind him, he battered through the defense, crashing into the end zone on a five-yard smash-mouth run up the gut with four-and-a-half minutes to play in the quarter.

While the Wolves were unable to pull off a two-point conversion run, the 6-0 lead would be enough.

Not that they didn’t try and add to it.

A fumble at the one-yard line on the next possession kept the game close, but Coupeville’s defense got nastier as the rain turned fiercer.

The Wolves forced three of their four turnovers in the fourth quarter, a stretch where the Pirates picked up positive yardage on just ONE play in 12 minutes.

Holding the ball on their own 44-yard line with 1:04 to play, and still just up 6-0, the Wolves looked to the sodden heavens for a sign.

It came from the bushes instead, as three deer, a mom and two babies, suddenly ambled across the field, stopping play.

A moment later, a fourth saucy invader appeared and sauntered across the wet grass, stopping for a nibble or three, not giving a dang at all about Friday Night Lights.

The deer had barely vanished into the mist, with Knoblich in hot pursuit, when Toomey-Stout turned out the lights.

Taking a hand-off from Houston, the speed demon junior tore down the right sideline, running over several Vashon defenders, shedding several others, than hitting open air and flipping on the jets in his shoes.

Toomey-Stout’s 56-yard run to touchdown heaven, his third scoring jaunt in two games, seemed likely to be the exclamation point on the night.

Except, Murdy, making his high school debut, promptly mashed the crud out of the ball on the PAT kick, launching it through the rain to splash down somewhere up around Oak Harbor.

Not only did it perfectly split the uprights, but the sonic boom it caused as it went by almost blew over those same uprights.

Cue the oohs and ahs, and a few strains of “Good God, Almighty!!!” from the normally seen-it-all group of coaches and former Wolf stars camped in the new press box.

The X-Man arriveth, and he brings with him Turducken and the boys, an undefeated squad who made Vashon’s tears flow like the rain.

The legend grows.

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Sean “The Torpedo” Toomey-Stout exploded a 20-year-old school record Friday night. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

“The Torpedo” just blew up 20 years of history.

Coupeville High School junior Sean Toomey-Stout, returning to the gridiron after missing the final five weeks of last season, could not be contained Friday by host Port Townsend.

By the time he was done, the Wolves had thrashed the RedHawks 28-18, and Toomey-Stout had racked up 321 yards and two touchdowns on 22 carries.

That tops Coupeville’s single-game mark of 320, set by Ian Barron in 1998 against La Conner.

It was the third-oldest single-game record on the school’s big board, trailing only Scott McMartin’s 27 tackles in ’81 and Chad Gale’s 202-yard receiving night in ’87.

Barron still holds five other CHS records, including most rushing TD’s in a game (6), season (16) and career (37) and most rushing yards in a season (1,753) and career (4,713).

That last number is even more impressive as injuries in two separate seasons combined to rob Barron of 10 total games.

So, he got those 4,713 yards in the equivalent of three full seasons.

For the moment, though, the spotlight is firmly on Toomey-Stout, who has returned even faster and stronger than he was a season ago.

While big brother Cameron is no longer lining up next to him on kickoff coverage, having headed off to college, Sean’s twin sister Maya, moms Beth Stout and Lisa Toomey and the bonkers Torpedo Fan Club keep the stands rockin’.

As Toomey-Stout and his teammates prep for week two (Vashon comes to Coupeville Friday for a 6 PM kickoff), a look at all the stats from opening night:




Dawson Houston 5-7 for 58 yards with 2 TDs


Shane Losey 2 receptions for 33 yards
Jake Pease 1-10
Gavin Knoblich 2-5


Sean Toomey-Stout 22 carries for 321 yards
Losey 8-21
Andrew Martin 2-11
Gavin Straub 1-0
Alex Turner 1-(-5)
Houston 5-(-18)

All-Purpose Yards (Rush/Rec/KR/PR/IR):

Toomey-Stout 341
Losey 54
Martin 11
Pease 10
Knoblich 5

Total Yards (Rush/Pass/Rec):

Toomey-Stout 321
Losey 54
Houston 40
Martin 11
Pease 10
Knoblich 5


Toomey-Stout 2
Losey 1
Pease 1


Knoblich 1
Pease 1


Toomey-Stout 12
Pease 8
Losey 6
Knoblich 2




Martin 10
Turner 10
Dane Lucero 8
Knoblich 6
Pease 5
Matt Stevens 4
Toomey-Stout 4
Isaiah Bittner 1
Houston 1
Ryan Labrador 1
Losey 1
Straub 1


Toomey-Stout 1


Lucero 2
Knoblich 1

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