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“Well, hello there, my old friend.” (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

Softballs were flying, and bonking folks in the knee, this weekend.

Coupeville High School’s varsity diamond squad split a home doubleheader with highly rated Forks and Granite Falls, and the paparazzi were out in force to capture the moments.

The photos above and below come to us courtesy John Fisken, out there livin’ on a prayer (and a Diet Coke or two), in true Bon Jovi style.

To peruse everything he shot, pop over to:



“If we all squish together, we’ll be warmer.”

Hot dogs await hungry stomachs.

“It’s the first time I’ve seen the sun all ‘spring’.”

Seniors (l to r) Melanie Navarro, Maya Lucero, Sofia Peters, Allie Lucero, and Gwen Gustafson hang out on the windswept prairie.

Birthday girl Jada Heaton gets some love from her teammates.

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Jada Heaton celebrated her birthday by delivering big hits. (Photo courtesy Jennifer Heaton)

It was an all-day bash-a-thon.

Fueled by hot dogs donated by Prairie Center, and enough cookies, chips, and drinks to ward off the often-bitter prairie wind, three strong varsity softball teams waged battle Saturday.

Coupeville, looking to play a tough non-league schedule to prepare for potential playoff action, emerged from its hosting duties with an admirable split.

The Wolves rallied late to put a scare into Forks, which finished 3rd at the 2B state championships last year, before falling 15-9.

Then, after a break, CHS returned to the diamond and pasted 1A Granite Falls 12-9, busting the game open with an eight-run explosion in the bottom of the fourth inning.

In between, Forks polished off Granite Falls 13-5, earning a nod of approval from Ron Bagby, doing his best to balance his long coaching and teaching tenure in Coupeville with the fact his niece currently hucks fastballs for Forks, his alma mater.

With the split against non-conference foes, the Wolves, who had an 8th grader, a freshman, and five sophomores on the field Saturday, get to 3-2 and pick up a ton of experience.

And they did it while getting hits from all 11 players who had an at-bat, while 9 of the 12 girls to step on the field scored.

How the day played out:



Squaring off with a lineup which delivered hits top to bottom, Coupeville found itself fighting from behind all afternoon.

Forks punched across four runs in the top of the first, with the Wolves immediately responding with two of their own in the bottom of the frame.

Freshman catcher Teagan Calkins beat out an infield single to get things kick-started, with Madison McMillan delivering the first of her five base knocks on the day, thanks to an RBI single to right field.

Madison McMillan can kill you with her bat or her glove. (Jackie Saia photo)

After a scoreless second, with both squads stranding runners, the game took a bad turn in the top of the third.

Forks took advantage of some rare Wolf mistakes to pile up seven runs in the inning, with four of the scores coming with two outs on the board.

The Wolves put runners at second and third in the bottom of the frame, but couldn’t bring anyone in, and watched as an 11-2 deficit stretched to 13-2 heading into the bottom of the fifth.

Faced with being ten-runned, it would have been easy for the Wolves to have shrugged, given in, and headed off to lunch.

Instead, they made a ferocious stand, with some of the biggest plays coming from somewhat unheralded players.

Coupeville scored five runs in the fifth to stay alive, and the big blows came from a sophomore celebrating her birthday and an 8th grader collecting her first high school RBI’s before she even attends classes at the school.

Jada Heaton, a fireball force of nature who keeps her teammates spirits high, three sports a year, cracked a two-run single to earn her Sweet 16 birthday cake.

Two batters later, middle school ace Haylee Armstrong, never betraying her youth, calmly found her pitch, and smashed a two-run double, earning a double fist-pump from Wolf coach Kevin McGranahan.

“Love to see that!” said the diamond guru later, while reflecting on Heaton and Armstrong’s coolness under pressure.

Back within 13-7, Coupeville shut down Forks in the sixth, then scored two more runs to really tighten things up.

Back at the plate for a return engagement, Heaton got artistic, reaching out and muscling a ball over the first baseman’s head, the ball curving and splashing down just inside the line, causing the Wolf bench to go bonkers.

Forks is a rock-solid squad, though, and the Spartans closed things out, a long home run to straightaway centerfield taking a bit of the wind out of Coupeville’s sails in the closing moments.

But sometimes a close loss to a great team is far better than a blowout win over a weak squad, and their comeback seemed to light a fire under the Wolves.


Granite Falls:

With clouds moving in and daylight running away, the third game of the day moved fairly quickly.

It was a chess match early on, with Granite clinging to a 4-3 lead after three innings, even with McMillan and Melanie Navarro walloping back-to-back RBI triples at one point.

Maybe even more electrifying was Mia Farris coming in hot, getting down ‘n dirty as she slid under the catcher’s tag to score on a bang-bang play at the plate.

All of that set up the fourth inning, which started ugly, then got beautiful.

For the only time all day, Coupeville fell apart for several minutes, botching plays, chafing their coach, and allowing four runs to score despite starting things by having two outs with no one on base.

But the Wolves snapped back and snapped back in style.

Trailing 8-3 headed to the bottom of the fourth, Coupeville ran through the lineup, sending 13 hitters to the plate and bringing eight of them around to score.

Sofia Peters drove a single to center with two strikes, then everyone started whacking the ball.

Gwen Gustafson, Calkins, McMillan, and both Allie and Maya Lucero came up with RBI hits, with Maya Lucero delivering her team’s third triple of the game.

Maya Lucero played strongly Saturday on offense and defense. (Jackie Saia photo)

In the madness, pinch runner Chloe Marzocca sprinted home with a key run, and Taylor Brotemarkle’s speed caused a Granite defender to boot a ball which denied the Tigers a much needed out.

Taylor B. comin’ home!!” is her new war cry — one rival teams will likely come to fear.

With the lead in hand, the prairie wind having receded, at least a bit, and free cookies waiting to go home with me, the Wolves closed things in style.

Flinging BB’s into the rapidly approaching dusk, Wolf hurler Allie Lucero largely shut down the Tigers over the final three innings, and she got help from her defense, which threw out a runner at the plate to provide the exclamation point.


Saturday stats:

Haylee Armstrong — One double
Taylor Brotemarkle
— Two singles, one double, one walk
Teagan Calkins
— Three singles, one walk
Mia Farris
— One single, one double, one walk
Gwen Gustafson
— Five singles
Jada Heaton
— Two singles
Allie Lucero
— One single, one walk
Maya Lucero
— One triple
Madison McMillan
— Three singles, one double, one triple, one walk
Melanie Navarro
— One triple
Sofia Peters
— One single

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Jada Heaton, a walkin’, talkin’ ray of sunshine for Coupeville athletics. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

Every team needs a Jada Heaton.

The irrepressible, high-energy Coupeville sophomore brings joy, excitement, and 1000% support to all her athletic teams.

Whether she’s in the game, or bouncing on and off the bench, Heaton is the ultimate good-time teammate.

You can see that when you watch her in person, and you can see that in the photos above and below, where she appears three times.

And why not?

As long as Jada is having a good time, the Wolves are set.

Avery Parker, whose artwork kept Coupeville Sports in business during the pandemic, grows weary of all the autograph requests.

Wolf students and cheerleaders unleash the noise.

Madison McMillan (23) is ready to throw hands, while Heaton is ready to join her teammate if the floor needs to be rushed.

Megan Richter, calm and composed on the outside. On the inside, a raging cauldron of emotions. “Shoot the ball like I did when I was your age!!”

Starters (l to r) Lyla Stuurmans, Maddie Georges, Alita Blouin, Carolyn Lhamon, and Ryanne Knoblich await their intros.

Mia Farris keeps her eye on the target.

Jada, tries, and fails, to hide from her personal paparazzi. “All night long, it’s clickety-click-click-click. Is this what life is like for Beyonce??”

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Kayla Arnold goes strong to the hoop. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

Cold-blooded closers.

Scoring almost half their points in the fourth quarter Friday, the Coupeville High School JV girls’ basketball players exited as winners.

Holding off host Friday Harbor 41-38, the young Wolves wrap an 8-8 season full of great promise.

Kassie O’Neil’s squad reps a 2B school, but they played seven games against 1A, 2A, or 3A teams this season, finishing a solid 3-4 against big-school rivals.

Friday’s rumble pitted the Wolves against a fellow 2B team, and one which beat them the first time around.

Revenge was in the air, and it was fueled by Madison McMillan, who was a mad bomber, dropping a pair of three-balls during an eight-point explosion in the fourth quarter.

Wolf aces Jada Heaton (left) and Madison McMillan celebrate being awesome. (Bailey Thule photo)

Coupeville squeaked out to a 10-9 lead by the first break, ever so slightly stretched the lead to 20-17 at the half, then had its only cold shooting stretch of the night in the third frame.

Not that Friday Harbor was lighting up the rim, either, as the Wolverines used a 6-3 mini-run to knot things up at 23-23.

Then, in the snap of the net flipping high, the rivals went off down the stretch, combining to rain down 33 of the night’s 79 points across the final eight minutes.

McMillan was on fire, but she got help, with Skylar Parker, Kierra Thayer, Teagan Calkins, and Desi Ramirez-Vasquez also scoring in the fourth quarter.

Coupeville spread its offense out, with 10 different players banking in shots.

McMillan led the way with a game-high 12 points, with Thayer (7), Calkins (6), Skylar Parker (6), Kayla Arnold (2), Bryley Gilbert (2), Reese Wilkinson (2), Jada Heaton (2), Carlota Marcos-Cabrillo (1), and Ramirez-Vasquez (1) also scoring.

Kassidy Upchurch, Brynn Parker, and Liza Zustiak rounded out the roster for O’Neil, the former Wolf hoops star in her first season as JV coach.


Final season scoring stats:

Madison McMillan – 133
Kierra Thayer – 73
Desi Ramirez-Vasquez – 57
Carlota Marcos-Cabrillo – 49
Jada Heaton – 44
Teagan Calkins – 40
Reese Wilkinson – 35
Skylar Parker – 20
Bryley Gilbert – 17
Kayla Arnold – 14
Liza Zustiak – 14
Brynn Parker – 7
Kassidy Upchurch – 4

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Logan Downes rains down buckets. (Chloe Marzocca photo)

The net keeps poppin’, the points keep droppin’.

Coupeville High School basketball players have combined to ring up 2,475 points this season, stretching across varsity and JV contests.

So far, we have six players — four boys and two girls — having topped 100 points, with a bunch more coming up fast.

Now, those with access to more detailed computerized stats can track rebounds, assists, steals, blocks, even the number of offensive charges drawn while playing defense.

Me? I can count points, most days, and scoring is the lifeblood of basketball, so here you go.

Through Jan. 29:


Varsity girls
(15 games):

Alita Blouin – 148
Maddie Georges – 90
Ryanne Knoblich – 73
Lyla Stuurmans – 64
Gwen Gustafson – 53
Katie Marti – 34
Carolyn Lhamon – 25
Mia Farris – 21
Jada Heaton – 2
Madison McMillan – 2
Skylar Parker – 2


JV girls
(14 games):

Madison McMillan – 107
Kierra Thayer – 58
Desi Ramirez-Vasquez – 52
Carlota Marcos-Cabrillo – 45
Jada Heaton – 34
Reese Wilkinson – 33
Teagan Calkins – 22
Bryley Gilbert – 15
Skylar Parker – 14
Liza Zustiak – 14
Kayla Arnold – 11
Brynn Parker – 7
Kassidy Upchurch – 2


Varsity boys
(17 games):

Logan Downes – 390
Alex Murdy – 180
Cole White – 111
Nick Guay – 107
Jonathan Valenzuela – 71
Ryan Blouin – 48
Dominic Coffman – 47
Chase Anderson – 31
Jermiah Copeland – 10
Zane Oldenstadt – 8
William Davidson – 5
Mikey Robinett – 4
Hunter Bronec – 2
Quinten Simpson-Pilgrim – 2


JV boys
(11 games):

Hunter Bronec – 89
Aiden O’Neill – 82
Chase Anderson – 71
Jack Porter – 64
Camden Glover – 55
Johnny Porter – 49
Hurlee Bronec – 41
Landon Roberts – 34
Malachi Somes – 34
Mikey Robinett – 6
Carson Field – 4
Yohannon Sandles – 2

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