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I think they won the point… (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

The season is fading into the past, but new photos keep popping up.

As the Coupeville High School spikers adjust to life without practices and matches, they can gaze upon the pics above and below to rekindle that warm glow in their chests.

The glossy images spring from the camera(s) of John Fisken, whose other work can be found here:

John’s Photos (johnsphotos.net)


Grey Peabody elevates to tip a winner.

Lucy Tenore (left) and Jill Prince stand tall against the power of La Conner league MVP Ellie Marble.

Ryanne Knoblich sends the ball back where it came from.

Alita Blouin throws down some textbook-looking skills.

Gwen Gustafson (2) sacrifices her knees to save a low-flung ball.

Abby Mulholland keeps a close eye on the line.

Tenore swats a winner.

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Kylie Chernikoff vaults into action. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

The Wolves react to a big play.

One last deep dive into the world of stats awaits.

With fall sports having reached their conclusion this past Saturday, all the kills and digs have been added up for the Coupeville High School volleyball squad.

As expected, First Team All-League picks Chelsea Prescott and Kylie Chernikoff are among the leaders, but the numbers go 11 players deep.

So, marinate in all the assists and service aces, and then on to basketball season we go.


CHS volleyball varsity season stats:


Player Sets Kills Digs Blocks Assists Aces Points
Alita Blouin 16 52 5 2 2.0
Ryanne Knoblich 19 2 20 0.5 4 6.5
Maddie Vondrak 30 60 10 9.5 3 1 70.5
Gwen Gustafson 3 1
Maddie Georges 30 5 47 3.5 250 10 18.5
Chelsea Prescott 30 113 87 4.5 5 42 159.5
Lucy Tenore 26 19 23 4.5 2 21 44.5
Jill Prince 25 18 9 4.5 22.5
Kylie Chernikoff 30 93 65 1.5 2 11 105.5
Jaimee Masters 29 1 42 5 3 4.0
Abby Mulholland 27 5 9 0.5 1 12 17.5

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Maddie Vondrak brings the fury and the power. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

It’s been a busy couple of days.

As we dig ourselves back out after the crush at the end of fall sports, it’s always good to take a breather and look at some photos.

The pics above and below capture the Coupeville High School volleyball program, and come to us courtesy John Fisken.

To see what he shot at the final matches, pop over to:

VB 2021-05-07 vs LaConner – John’s Photos (johnsphotos.net)

VB 2021-05-08 vs Orcas – John’s Photos (johnsphotos.net)


Kylie Chernikoff directs traffic.

Jaimee Masters takes control.

The paparazzi has invaded the gym.

Backed by Jill Prince, super sophomore Lucy Tenore dominates at the net.

Alita Blouin, the very definition of laser-focus.

Chelsea Prescott drops the hammer.

The most-enthusiastic fans in the stands.

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Volleyball ace Alita Blouin leads off a collection of Coupeville High School fall sports portraits. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

I’ve just seen a face.

Or nine of them, to be exact, as we continue to wind our way through the collected portraits of Coupeville fall sports athletes.

The pics seen today rep girls soccer, volleyball, and boys soccer — the three sports I still have unused photos from.

They come to us courtesy John Fisken, and, if you want to see more of his work, pop over to John’s Photos (johnsphotos.net).


Cael Wilson

Mary Milnes

Maya Lucero

Nathan Ginnings

Eryn Wood

Lucy Tenore

Ryan Blouin

Nezi Keiper

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“Ooh, do not make me come down there! You know I will, skippy!!” (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

On field, off field, always on camera.

Whenever he’s working a game, photo clicker John Fisken always makes sure to capture a full range of action, which includes fans and behind the scenes folks at work.

The pics above and below come from Friday’s season opener for Coupeville High School football, and are courtesy the man whose pics can be found at John’s Photos.


Opening night, and already in mid-season form.

William Davidson daydreams about destroying rival QB’s.

Wolf soccer and volleyball stars (left to right) Carolyn Lhamon, Maddie Georges, Nezi Keiper, and Alita Blouin — ready to wage war (against thirst).

Coupeville gridiron guru Marcus Carr hums a few bars of All I Do is Win.

Disney Princess 4 Life Aimee Bishop is back in black, ready to use her laser eyes to destroy a malfunctioning scoreboard.

Michael Davidson and Charlotte Young enjoy a night out on the prairie.

Cheridan Eck, forever full of spirit.

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