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Logan Martin skies for a bucket. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

Logan Martin is always working.

The son of Coupeville coach Bob Martin, and younger brother of Wolf track and field legend Dalton Martin, he can be found in virtually every photo from off-season SST training at the school.

And, during basketball season, Logan is always the first one to hit the court at halftime or after games, putting up shots and working on his game.

The benefits have begun to show, as Martin has been a key member of successful middle school and AAU hoops squads, mixing a deadly three-point shot with strong work down low.

As he preps for his freshman year at CHS, the quiet, but driven, young baller has his eyes set firmly on the goal.

“I want to make varsity as a freshman, be a four-year varsity (player),” Martin said.

He plans to stick with track and field as well, where he’s a top thrower like his older brother, who captured four state track medals, but is letting go of football as he makes the jump to high school.

While he’s been successful in the track arena, it’s the hardwood life he fully embraces.

“Basketball is my favorite sport, because I feel it’s the sport I’m better at than other sports,” Martin said. “It’s a great way to exercise.

“It can be played by anyone – young or old,” he added. “And you can take a basketball with you practically anywhere and practice anytime.”

When he’s not practicing or playing, Martin is an avid photographer and has shown a canny eye behind the camera.

A series of pics he snapped during the spring high school track season ran in several articles here on Coupeville Sports, with the photos garnering praise for how they captured the inner essence of prep sports.

Whether he’s documenting others, or taking center stage himself, Martin is one to watch.

Playing against Sequim during his 8th grade hoops season, he opened the game by taking, and hitting, the first three shots of the game — a fall-away jumper, a soft fader, then a three-ball from the left side.

The display showcased Martin’s skill, and his versatility, something he’s always working on.

“I think one of my strengths as an athlete is my work ethic,” he said. “I would like to work on having a better attitude when I play.”

Mom Abbie is his biggest fan, faithfully appearing at every game to cheer for her youngest, while dad Bob draws praise for shaping Logan as an athlete.

“My dad (has had a big impact), because he started me in sports and coaches me all day in life and in athletics.”

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Ariah Bepler finds his moment of Zen at the state track and field meet. (Logan Martin photos)

Lauren Bayne visualizes her target.

Chris Battaglia is trapped in a mesh net of emotion.

This ain’t Randy King’s first time at the rodeo.

Bayne and Bepler gaze out at the action.

   A Lynden Christian runner moves in to congratulate Danny Conlisk after the Wolf junior busted a PR and claimed 2nd in the 400.

Yes, Battaglia does feel pretty good about the luxuriousness of his hair and how it’s holding up in the Cheney heat. Thanks for asking.

   Maya Toomey-Stout (left) celebrates teammate Lindsey Roberts’ success in the hurdles.

The heat of Cheney, the roar of the overflow crowds, the electricity of the races themselves — all done for another year.

But while the state track and field meet ended Saturday, the photos, such as the ones seen above, will linger on for some time.

The pics you’re gazing upon come to us from the camera of Coupeville Middle School camera bug Logan Martin, who took a break from his own athletic pursuits to capture the goings-on in Eastern Washington.

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“So, Allison Wenzel, you’re going to the state track meet. Any thoughts?” (Photos by Logan Martin)

   Like a gunfighter strolling down Main Street, Henry Wynn moseys into town before the start of the day’s final relay.

Cameron Toomey-Stout walks the line, daring the breeze to ruffle his hair.

   Emma Smith (with ribbon), showing impeccable taste in band t-shirts, shares a moment with teammate Hannah Davidson.

   CHS coach Randy King gives Mallory Kortuem a pep talk. “Hit ’em hard, slice ’em off at the knees and let ’em bleed out!!! Oh yeah … and have fun out there.”

Wynn, held together by tape and powered by heart, sells out in the 4 x 4.

“Ready when you are, Mr. Spielberg.”

“Run as one, win as one.”

The kid has a great eye.

Coupeville Middle School track star Logan Martin has proven to be an ace with the camera as well, providing a fresh perspective while clicking away at high school meets.

The photos seen above, which capture the mix of stillness and power to be found around the oval, come from this past weekend’s district meet in Renton.

Coupeville is sending 16 athletes on to the state meet in Cheney, and, hopefully, one fast-rising camera bug to capture their exploits.

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   Aiden Burdge, seen earlier this season, competed in three events Wednesday at Port Townsend. (Ja’Tarya Hoskins photo)

Let the PR’s rain down.

Competing in its second meet of the season Wednesday, the Coupeville Middle School track and field squad racked up 34 career-best marks.

The Wolves were on the road in Port Townsend, vying with host Blue Heron and Stevens.

CMS hosts its first home meet May 8, when the Wolves welcome Chimacum and Blue Heron to Whidbey.

Complete (I think) Wednesday results:



60 — Ja’Kenya Hoskins 8.80 *PR*, Angelina Gebhard 9.10; Cristina McGrath 9.98; Abigail Place 10.20 *PR*

100 — Claire Mayne 15.90; Helen Strelow 16.06; Jordyn Rogers 16.50; Place 16.60; Mercedes Kalwies-Anderson 16.60

200 — Audrianna Shaw 30.40 *PR*; Hoskins 31.28; Abigail Ramirez 34.61; Mayne 34.70; Strelow 38.90

400 — Mary Milnes 1:15; Ramirez 1:21; Maddie Andrews 1:26

800 — Carolyn Lhamon 3:05.40; Milnes 3:07

1600 — Jaelyn Crebbin 6:41; Lhamon 6:44 *PR*; Alana Mihill 7:03

75 Hurdles — Kiara Contreras 16.60

200 hurdles — Bella Velasco 36.80 *PR*; A. Shaw 38.00

4 x 100 relay  — Mayne, Contreras, Velasco, Ramirez 1:03.40; Noelle Daigneault, Gebhard, Eryn Wood, Ella Colwell 1:04.90 *PR*

4 x 200 relay — Velasco, A. Shaw, Crebbin, Hoskins 2:05.70 *PR*; Daigneault, Gebhard, Mihill, Lhamon 2:18 *PR*

Shot Put — Daigneault 22-04; Wood 21-05; McGrath 13-3

Discus — Colwell 59-05 *PR*; McGrath 46-10 *PR*; Strelow 43-08

Turbo — Mihill 54-09 *PR*; Wood 43-08; Place 39-00 *PR*; Milnes 36-01; McGrath 35-08; Andrews 22-01

High Jump — Colwell 4-00; Gebhard 3-08

Long Jump — Hoskins 12-00; A. Shaw 11-04 *PR*; Strelow 10-03.50, Colwell 10-01; Mayne 9-01.50; Place 9-01 *PR*; Contreras 8-07



60 — Lucious Binning 8.53; Joven Light 8.90; Dominic Coffman 9.62; Ty Duddridge 10.60 *PR*; Brayden Coatney 10.70;  Connor Bachmann 10.81; Jesse Cowan 10.90

100 — DJ Stadler 12.60; Aiden Burdge 13.40; Rieley Araceley 13.84 *PR*; Light 14.80 *PR*; Lucas Salazar 14.90 *PR*; Coffman 15.00; Aiden Anderson 15.70; Duddridge 18.25

200 — Caleb Meyer 26.50; Stadler 27.40; Araceley 29.20

400 — Araceley 1:10.40; Coffman 1:25

1600 — Elijah Pepin 6:20 *PR*; Tate Wyman 6:57

4 x 100 relay — Ty Hamilton, Burdge, Binnings, Meyer 53.03 *PR*; Bachmann, Light, Salazar, Stadler 1:01 *PR*

Shot Put — Logan Martin 34-09; Gabe Shaw 27-01 *PR*, Wesley Cowan 18-00

Discus — Martin 84-04; G. Shaw 58-04; W. Cowan 44-09 *PR*; J. Cowan 42-00; Anderson 41-02

Turbo — Stadler 112-11; Martin 111-06 *PR*; Binnings 97-01; Salazar 73-03 *PR*; Bachmann 71-03 *PR*; G. Shaw 66-04 *PR*; Hamilton 66-00 *PR*; Light 65-00 *PR*, Duddridge 55-05 *PR*; Anderson 38-09 *PR*; W. Cowan 34-05

High Jump — Martin 4-08; Meyer 4-08; G. Shaw 4-04

Long Jump — Meyer 14-00; Hamilton 13-02 *PR*; Burdge 12-00; Araceley 11-07.50 *PR*; Duddridge 9-10.50 *PR*; Anderson 8-3; J. Cowan 8-02, Bachmann 7-09

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Emma Smith prepares to get legendary. (Photos by Logan Martin)

Chris Battaglia unleashes the ancient dance of the discus thrower.

Natalie Hollrigel flies down the back stretch.

The momentary quiet of the shot put…

   followed by the fury, as Ryan Labrador lets rip under the watchful gaze of Keahi Sorrows.

Smith and the paparazzi stare each other down.

Thane Peterson floats back to Earth.

   Sorrows, Labrador and CHS coach Bob Martin, AKA “The Wrecking Crew,” out for a Reservoir Dogs-style stroll.

Logan Martin is a master of many arts.

The Coupeville Middle School 8th grader is a standout three-sport athlete (football, basketball and track), but also one who just revealed a skillful touch with the camera.

Making his bid to move into the hotly-contested world of the paparazzi, Martin captured the images above when he was at the recent Lil’ Norway Track and Field Invitational with dad Bob, an assistant coach for CHS.

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