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Ja’Kenya Hoskins roars out of the blocks. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

The third-fastest 4 x 1 relay team in 2B is comprised of (l to r) Reiley Araceley, Aidan Wilson, Caleb Meyer, and Dominic Coffman.

The meets get bigger, the battle gets more intense.

Saturday marked the district championships for Coupeville High School track and field, leaving just bi-districts and state still ahead.

The Wolves responded with a strong showing at their home stadium and made a few more inroads on the top 10 performance list for 2B athletes.

Aidan Wilson cracked the code in both the 400 and triple jump, while the CHS boys 4 x 100 relay unit also moves up a slot in the rankings this week.

With two meets to go, 12 Wolves have at least a share of a top 10 time, distance, or height, led by Logan Martin, Caleb Meyer, and Wilson, who appear three times apiece.

Through May 16:



400 — Lyla Stuurmans (8th) 1:04.73

4 x 100 Relay — Ava Mitten, Claire Mayne, Carolyn Lhamon, Ja’Kenya Hoskins (10th) 54.70

High Jump — Ryanne Knoblich (8th-tie) 4-10



100 — Caleb Meyer (7th) 11.57

400 — Meyer (3rd) 52.68, Aidan Wilson (8th) 53.36

1500 — Mitchell Hall (8th) 5:07.85

4 x 100 Relay — Meyer, Reiley Araceley, WilsonDominic Coffman (3rd) 45.43

Shot Put — Logan Martin (2nd) 46-10

Discus — Martin (3rd) 149-06

Hammer — Martin (2nd) 175-00

High Jump — Coffman (10th-tie) 5-10

Triple Jump — Wilson (10th) 38-08.75

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Coupeville freshman Lyla Stuurmans shows off some new hardware Saturday after competing in the District 1 Track and Field Championships. (Photo courtesy Sarah Stuurmans)

The concession stand is hopping. (Renae Mulholland photo)

Saturday started dank and dark but ended in bright sunshine and Gatorade bath celebrations.

Competing in their home stadium, the Coupeville High School track and field team dominated at the District 1 Championships, claiming 15 wins and setting 37 PR’s.

The cherry on top was a team title for the Wolf boys, as they crushed La Conner and Friday Harbor to finish first among 2B schools.

CHS coaches get a victory shower. (Mitchell Hall photo)

Coupeville’s girls were nipped by La Conner, while Mount Vernon Christian won both the boys and girls team titles on the 1B side of things.

Aidan Wilson (400, 800, triple jump) claimed three individual titles, topping all Wolves, while Logan Martin (shot put, discus) and Caleb Meyer (100, 200) also made multiple trips to the top of the podium.

Other CHS winners included Lyla Stuurmans (400), Cameron Epp (3200), Carolyn Lhamon (discus), Dominic Coffman (high jump), Mitchell Hall (1600), and Ryanne Knoblich (high jump).

Both of Coupeville’s 4 x 100 relay units won as well.

After a strong showing Saturday, Ava Mitten is on her way to Bi-Districts. (Helene Lhamon photo)

Everyone who finished in first Saturday clinched a trip to Bi-Districts May 20 at W.F. West High School in Chehalis, the last stop before the state meet.

The Wolves will also be sending other competitors as well, but the total number is in flux as three different leagues finalize their results.

For now, Coupeville athletes, coaches, and fans can bask in the afterglow of Saturday’s performance.

“It was a beautiful day! So many awesome moments!” said CHS girls coach Elizabeth Bitting.

Mitchell breaking five minutes in the mile!! Aidan winning the triple jump and the 400!! The relay teams PR’ing!!! I can go on and on!!

“They did amazing! We are so proud of the team!”

Mitchell Hall set a PR while winning the 1600. (Helene Lhamon photo)


Complete Saturday results:



100 — Issabel Johnson (4th) 15.01 *PR*; Taygin Jump (7th) 15.13 *PR*

200 — Ja’Kenya Hoskins (2nd) 28.73; Ava Mitten (4th) 30.44 *PR*; Johnson (6th) 31.73 *PR*

400 — Lyla Stuurmans (1st) 1:07.45

800 — Cristina McGrath (3rd) 3:19.16

1600 — Ayden Wyman (2nd) 7:08.32

3200 — C. McGrath (2nd) 16:32.41

100 Hurdles — Claire Mayne (2nd) 19.85 *PR*

300 Hurdles — Mayne (4th) 1:00.69

4 x 100 Relay — Mitten, Mayne, Carolyn Lhamon, Hoskins (1st) 54.70

4 x 200 Relay — A. Wyman, Stuurmans, Ryanne Knoblich, Hoskins (2nd) 1:59.81

Shot Put — Lhamon (2nd) 30-11.50 *PR*; Reese Wilkinson (4th) 26-02.75 *PR*; Erica McGrath (5th) 23-00.50 *PR*

Discus — Lhamom (1st) 94-09; Wilkinson (3rd) 82-05 *PR*; Jump (4th) 76-07 *PR*; E. McGrath (6th) 71-02; Aby Wood (7th) 54-11 *PR*

Javelin — Jump (3rd) 76-09; Johnson (5th) 70-09

High Jump — Knoblich (1st) 4-10; Mercedes Kalwies-Anderson (4th) 4-04 *PR*

Long Jump — Knoblich (2nd) 15-00 *PR*; Hoskins (3rd) 14-03.50

Triple Jump — C. McGrath (3rd) 28-06 *PR*

Wolf throwers Carolyn Lhamon (left) and Reese Wilkinson enjoy their day. (Helene Lhamon photo)



100 — Caleb Meyer (1st) 11.63; Dominic Coffman (2nd) 11.72 *PR*; Nehemiah Myles (6th) 12.39 *PR*

200 — Meyer (1st) 24.27 *PR*; Nick Guay (3rd) 24.88 *PR*; Reiley Araceley (4th) 25.42 *PR*

400 — Aidan Wilson (1st) 53.36 *PR*; Meyer (2nd) 53.67; Hank Milnes (5th) 1:02.17

800 — A. Wilson (1st) 2:11.86; Thomas Strelow (5th) 2:29.15 *PR*; Alex Merino-Martinez (6th) 2:29.24 *PR*; Milnes (7th) 2:37.12

1600 — Mitchell Hall (1st) 4:56.51 *PR*; Carson Field (3rd) 5:12.71; Strelow (4th) 5:36.10 *PR*; Merino-Martinez (6th) 5:44.78 *PR*; Tate Wyman (7th) 5:57.04 *PR*

3200 — Cameron Epp (1st) 12:29.39; Mikey Robinett (3rd) 12:37.40 *PR*

110 Hurdles — Araceley (2nd) 18.79 *PR*; Cael Wilson (3rd) 20.07

300 Hurdles — Araceley (3rd) 48.50 *PR*; C. Wilson (4th) 49.72 *PR*; T. Wyman (6th) 53.22 *PR*

4 x 100 Relay — Meyer, Araceley, A. Wilson, Coffman (1st) 45.43

4 x 400 Relay — Preston Epp, Milnes, Field, Hall (2nd) 4:01.60

Shot Put — Logan Martin (1st) 40-02.25; Zac Tackett (3rd) 31-03.50; Zane Oldenstadt (4th) 30-00.75

Discus — Martin (1st) 149-06; Tackett (3rd) 98-10; Oldenstadt (4th) 97-04 *PR*; Josh Guay (7th) 73-10

Javelin — Hall (2nd) 118-03 *PR*; Tackett (4th) 103-00 *PR*; C. Epp (6th) 90-03; Field (8th) 71-02

High Jump — Coffman (1st) 5-10; N. Guay (2nd) 5-02; C. Wilson (4th) 5-02 *PR*

Long Jump — Coffman (2nd) 17-10 *PR*; Robinett (4th) 16-02.50; N. Guay (6th) 14-11

Triple Jump — A. Wilson (1st) 38-08.75 *PR*; Milnes (7th) 31-11

Senior studs Logan Martin (left) and Caleb Meyer combined for five first-place finishes. (Abbie Martin photo)

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Freshman Ayden Wyman set a PR in the 1600 Thursday at an 11-team track meet in Mount Vernon. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

Their time will come.

Facing off with a long-established track and field powerhouse Thursday, the Coupeville High School boys team came within one first-place performance of upending host Mount Vernon Christian.

But while the Wolves came up just short, with the Hurricanes edging them 152-146.5 at an 11-team meet, a statement was made.

Slice a few seconds here, get an inch or two higher there, have an athlete or two nail a PR, and the tables will turn.

Maybe not today, but soon, very soon.

At the league championship meet, at districts, at state, perhaps?

The suspense builds as the Wolves get right back to work.

The strong showing from the CHS boys was the highlight of the day, but a Wolf girls squad which wasn’t quite as deep in numbers also came away looking pretty good, as well.

Coupeville’s girls claimed a pair of individual wins en route to finishing third in the team standings with 88 points, trailing just La Conner (144) and MVC (137).

The meet, held at Mount Vernon High School, featured athletes from four Northwest 2B/1B League schools, with Friday Harbor joining Coupeville, MVC, and La Conner.

Non-league rivals Grace Academy, Lopez Island, Crescent, Shoreline Christian, Fellowship Christian, Cedar Park Christian-Mountlake Terrace, and Lummi Nation rounded out the competitors.

Coupeville finished with 35 PR’s on the day, with Ryanne Knoblich (high jump), Ja’Kenya Hoskins (long jump), and Aidan Wilson (800) finishing atop the trophy stand.

The Wolves have a break in their competition schedule, as they don’t compete again until April 16, when they travel to North Kitsap for the Lil Norway Invitational.

Dominic Coffman finished 2nd in the high jump Thursday as the Wolf boys battled powerhouse Mount Vernon Christian to the very end in the team standings.



Complete Thursday results:



100 — Ava Mitten (11th) 15.16; Mercedes Kalwies-Anderson (27th) 17.15

400 — Lyla Stuurmans (2nd) 1:07.24

800 — Cristina McGrath (8th) 3:24.94

1600 — Ayden Wyman (5th) 6:45.89 *PR*

100 Hurdles — Ryanne Knoblich (8th) 22.86 *PR*; Claire Mayne (11th) 25.14

300 Hurdles — C. McGrath (8th) 1:13.08

4 x 100 Relay — Mayne, Taygin Jump, Issabel Johnson, Mitten (3rd) 57:50

4 x 200 Relay — A. Wyman, Knoblich, Stuurmans, Ja’Kenya Hoskins (3rd) 2:01.22

4 x 400 Relay — Mitten, Carolyn Lhamon, Hoskins, Mayne (3rd) 5:10.04

Shot Put — Lhamon (3rd) 28-02; Reese Wilkinson (7th) 22-09; Erica McGrath (10th) 19-01 *PR*

Discus — Lhamon (2nd) 74-06; Wilkinson (4th) 69-02.50 *PR*; E. McGrath (11th) 58-02; Aby Wood (15th) 38-05

Javelin — Wood (8th) 55-09 *PR*; E. McGrath (9th) 57-00; Wilkinson (11th) 55-03; Mayne (12th) 54-05 *PR*

High Jump — Knoblich (1st) 4-10

Long Jump — Hoskins (1st) 13-08; Knoblich (4th) 13-04; A. Wyman (7th) 11-09

Triple Jump — Stuurmans (4th) 27-01; C. McGrath (7th) 26-01 *PR*



100 — Dominic Coffman (3rd) 12.30; Nehemiah Myles (15th) 13.18 *PR*; Preston Epp (29th) 13.91 *PR*; Alex Bowder (37th) 15.97

200 — Caleb Meyer (2nd) 24.38 *PR*; Nick Guay (6th) 25.38 *PR*; Cael Wilson (18th) 27.92 *PR*; P. Epp (19th) 27.95 *PR*; Myles (21st) 28.29

400 — Meyer (2nd) 54.49; Hank Milnes (5th) 1:03.81 *PR*

800 — Aidan Wilson (1st) 2:15.95; Alex Merino-Martinez (6th)

1600 — Mitchell Hall (3rd) 5:14.80; Thomas Strelow (6th) 5:38.48 *PR*; Merino-Martinez (8th) 5:54.26 *PR*; Tate Wyman (12th) 6:36.36

3200 — Cameron Epp (2nd) 12:35.32 *PR*; Mikey Robinett (4th) 13:24.54 *PR*; Nick Shelly (9th) 13:52.10 *PR*; Bowder (11th) 15:38.39 *PR*

110 Hurdles — Reiley Araceley (4th) 19.11 *PR*; C. Wilson (7th) 20.58

300 Hurdles — T. Wyman (11th) 55.22 *PR*; Milnes (12th) 58.52 *PR*

4 x 100 Relay — Araceley, Meyer, A. Wilson, Coffman (2nd) 46.55; Myles, P. Epp, N. Guay, Robinett (4th) 49.99

4 x 400 Relay — Hall, C. Epp, Araceley, A. Wilson (3rd) 4:07.33

Shot Put — Logan Martin (3rd) 34-08; Zac Tackett (10th) 30-05; Josh Guay (19th) 18-11 *PR*

Discus — Tackett (3rd) 108-01.50 *PR*; C. Epp (12th) 72-09 *PR*; J. Guay (15th) 62-04 *PR*; Shelly (17th) 61-01 *PR*

Javelin — Hall (3rd) 110-04 *PR*; Tackett (6th) 100-05 *PR*; C. Epp (10th) 88-07; Shelly (16th) 72-09 *PR*; J. Guay (24th) 54-09 *PR*

High Jump — Coffman (2nd) 5-08; N. Guay (3rd) 5-04; Meyer (3rd) 5-04; C. Wilson (6th) 5-00 *PR*

Long Jump — Coffman (2nd) 16-11.50; A. Wilson (5th) 16-06.50; Robinett (10th) 15-09.50 *PR*; Araceley (11th) 15-05.50; Milnes (17th) 14-06; Bowder (28th) 8-07; Merino-Martinez (29th) 7-11

Triple Jump — Milnes (7th) 30-07.50; Hall (11th) 28-04.50 *PR*

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Aidan Wilson, seen on the soccer pitch, won three events in a season-opening track meet. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

Aidan Wilson was in fine form.

The Coupeville High School junior kicked off a new track and field season Wednesday in La Conner by claiming victory in three different events.

Competing in a nine-team meet at Jack Whitaker Field, Wilson captured titles in the 800 and long jump, while joining Reiley Araceley, Caleb Meyer, and Dominic Coffman on a victorious 4 x 100 relay squad.

Carolyn Lhamon (shot put) and Logan Martin (discus) also earned titles in the season opener, with both Wolf teams finishing second in the team standings.

The La Conner girls edged Coupeville 137.5-109.5, while the Mount Vernon Christian boys held off the Wolves 163.5-132.5.

Friday Harbor, Grace Academy, Lopez Island, Shoreline Christian, Lummi Nation, and Cedar Park Christian-Mountlake Terrace also competed.

Coupeville was strong across the board, recording 62 PR’s on the day.

“It was an amazing (long) day!,” said CHS girls coach Elizabeth Bitting. “These athletes now know where they stand and where they want to be.

“So much determination in them. So proud of them all!!!! SO PROUD!”


Complete Wednesday results:


100 — Taygin Jump (10th) 15.61 *PR*; Ava Mitten (11th) 15.65; Issabel Johnson (15th) 16.16 *PR*; Mercedes Kalwies-Anderson (24th) 17.23 *PR*

200 — Ja’Kenya Hoskins (3rd) 29.04; Lyla Stuurmans (4th) 29.19 *PR*; Mitten (7th) 32.39; Ayden Wyman (9th) 33.18 *PR*; Johnson (12th) 33.37 *PR*; Jump (14th) 33.82 *PR*

400 — Stuurmans (3rd) 1:08.24 *PR*

800 — Cristina McGrath (11th) 3:29.86 *PR*

1600 — Wyman (4th) 6:53.38 *PR*

100 Hurdles — Claire Mayne (7th) 25.54 *PR*

300 Hurdles — Mayne (9th) 1:08.09 *PR*; C. McGrath (11th) 1:12.16

4 x 100 Relay — Mayne, Jump, Mitten, Johnson (5th) 59.40

4 x 200 Relay — Stuurmans, Wyman, Ryanne Knoblich, Hoskins (2nd) 2:01.20

Shot Put — Carolyn Lhamon (1st) 29-08.50; Reese Wilkinson (7th) 20-10.75 *PR*; Erica McGrath (9th) 18-11.25 *PR*

Discus — E. McGrath (5th) 59-04.25 *PR*; Lhamon (6th) 59-03.25 *PR*; Wilkinson (7th) 54-11 *PR*; Aby Wood (8th) 47-02.75 *PR*

Javelin — Jump (4th) 66-06 *PR*; Wilkinson (6th) 58-08 *PR*; E. McGrath (8th) 52-04; Wood (10th) 51-07 *PR*; Mayne (13th) 42-08 *PR*

High Jump — Knoblich (3rd) 4-04; Kalwies-Anderson (6th) 4-02 *PR*

Long Jump — Hoskins (2nd) 13-05.50; Knoblich (3rd) 13-01 *PR*; Wyman (5th) 12-04 *PR*; C. McGrath (8th) 11-10

Triple Jump — Stuurmans (2nd) 29-01.50 *PR*; C. McGrath (6th) 25-09 *PR*



100 — Dominic Coffman (4th) 12.67; Preston Epp (26th) 14.21 *PR*

200 — Caleb Meyer (4th) 24.76 *PR*; Nick Guay (7th) 25.87 *PR*; Nehemiah Myles (10th) 26.48 *PR*; Mikey Robinett (24th) 29.48; Alex Bowder (29th) 33.75 *PR*

400 — Meyer (2nd) 54.81 *PR*; Reiley Araceley (8th) 1:04.01 *PR*

800 — Aidan Wilson (1st) 2:17.17; Hank Milnes (8th) 2:48.40

1600 — Carson Field (3rd) 5:09.11 *PR*; Mitchell Hall (6th) 5:23.30; Alex Merino-Martinez (10th) 5:59.01 *PR*; Tate Wyman (15th) 6:58.37

3200 — Hall (2nd) 12:19.98 *PR*

110 Hurdles — Araceley (3rd) 20.85 *PR*; Cael Wilson (6th) 46.96 *PR*

4 x 100 Relay — Araceley, Meyer, A. Wilson, Coffman (1st) 48.46

4 x 400 Relay — Field, Cameron Epp, Hall, A. Wilson (3rd) 4:08.63

Shot Put — Logan Martin (2nd) 39-04.25; Zac Tackett (5th) 31-07 *PR*; Josh Guay (18th) 18-06 *PR*

Discus — Martin (1st) 143-06; Tackett (7th) 74-11.75 *PR*; C. Epp (13th) 55-01.50 *PR*; Robinett (14th) 54-00.50; J. Guay (16th) 52-01 *PR*

Javelin — Hall (5th) 102-02 *PR*; Tackett (9th) 89-095 *PR*; C. Epp (10th) 89-00 *PR*; Field (11th) 87-05 *PR*; J. Guay (23rd) 32-02 *PR*

High Jump — Coffman (2nd) 5-06; Meyer (4th) 5-02 *PR*; N. Guay (5th) 5-00 *PR*; C. Wilson (9th) 4-06 *PR*

Long Jump — A. Wilson (1st) 18-00.50; N. Guay (6th) 16-05.00 *PR*; Araceley (10th) 15-10 *PR*; Myles (12th) 15-08 *PR*; Coffman (13th) 15-05; Robinett (13th) 15-05 *PR*; Milnes (15th) 15-04 *PR*; Field (16th) 15-03 *PR*; Bowder (22nd) 13-04 *PR*; J. Guay (24th) 12-01 *PR*; Merino-Martinez (26th) 11-07 *PR*

Triple Jump — Milnes (8th) 28-02 *PR*

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Cameron Epp strikes a pose. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

The day was grey, but the action was bright.

Playing under overcast skies Saturday, the Coupeville High School boys soccer team gave highly-ranked Providence Classical Christian plenty to deal with.

Cruising along the sidelines, camera at the ready, was John Fisken, who delivers the pics seen above and below.

To see everything he snapped, and possibly purchase some glossies for the in-laws, pop over to:



Alex Murdy rampages.

Aidan Wilson protects his net.

Grant Steller gets up close and personal.

Cael Wilson achieves inner bliss.

Miguel Puente holds his ground.

Andrew Williams heads off on a jaunt.

Aby Wood (left) and Abby Mulholland, about two seconds away from tossing the pesky paparazzi over the fence.

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