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Zane Oldenstadt (left) and William Davidson, seen here during track season, will help anchor the new Coupeville Middle School soccer program. (Morgan White photo)

The trailblazers have arrived.

Coupeville Middle School’s brand-new boys soccer program has 15 players on its roster two days into practice.

The Wolf booters, led by coach Reese Cernick, open their inaugural 10-game schedule with a home match against Northshore Christian Academy Sept. 23.

CMS will see a lot of the same opponents in year one, with four games against Northshore, and three each with Lakewood and Granite Falls.

The boys soccer program replaces football at the school, after the gridiron program was shut down last season due to a rapidly-declining number of athletes.

Your up-to-the-moment Wolf roster:

7th grade:

Mason Butler
Preston Epp
Dane Hadsall
Tavan Hughes
Alexander Smith
Nick Wasik

8th grade:

Ryan Blouin
William Davidson
Logan Downes
Nathan Ginnings
Nick Guay
Zane Oldenstadt
Mikey Robinett
Quinten Simpson-Pilgrim
Andrew Williams

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Reese Cernick will be the first Coupeville Middle School boys soccer coach. (Autumn Cernick photo)

Reese Cernick will be a trailblazer.

Coupeville Middle School is launching its first-ever boys soccer team this fall, replacing a football program which was shuttered due to a lack of players.

Cernick, who has worked extensively with youth soccer programs in Central Whidbey, as both a coach and administrator, has been tabbed to lead the newest Wolf team.

His hiring as head coach will be official once approved by the school board at its Aug. 26 meeting.

CMS soccer joins cross country and volleyball, with all three fall programs kicking off practices Sept. 9.

The Wolf booters have a 10-game schedule for their inaugural season, one in which they will see the same opponents on a regular basis.

Coupeville faces Northshore Christian four times, while squaring off three times apiece with Lakewood and Granite Falls.

The first game in program history goes down Monday, Sept. 23 at home, when the Wolves welcome NSC to town.

Cernick owns and operates Whidbey Pest Control, but spends a fair amount of time around the soccer pitch.

He and wife Michelle, who will be assisting him with the CMS team, have coached U-15 coed squads for 10 seasons over a five-year period.

Before that they guided girls U-12 and U-13 programs, while also being instrumental in keeping the Central Whidbey Soccer Club operating in recent years.

Reese Cernick is the current president of CWSC, and he and his wife have three children who attend Coupeville High School – Chris, Autumn, and Aurora.

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Ethan Spark celebrates a well-timed three-ball. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

A superb passer and a dangerous scorer, Spark was electrifying on the soccer pitch.

“Just give me the dang ball!”

Splash. Splash. Splash.

It’s the sound of a high-arcing three-point bomb dropping back to Earth and gently snapping the bottom of the net while knifing the collective heart of five rivals.

It’s the sound a soccer ball makes after it travels half the length of the field, exploding off the toes of a marksman, then whistling past defenders and the goalie to bury itself, improbably but wonderfully, in the back of the net.

It’s the sound Ethan Spark made when he worked.

The 2018 Coupeville High School grad was a cold-blooded killer and thriller during his time in a Wolf uniform, and it’s for that we induct him today into the Coupeville Sports Hall o’ Fame.

After this, when you look at the top of the blog, up under the Legends tab, you’ll find Spark hanging out with big sis Jenn, as both of Kali Barrio’s children take up residence in our little digital hall o’ wonders.

During his time on the pitch and hard-court, Ethan was Coupeville’s answer to Scottie Pippen, and I mean that with a deep amount of respect.

Michael Jordan was Michael Jordan, but never forget Pippen was an NBA Hall of Fame player, a six-time champ, and one of the best to ever pick up a basketball.

Spark played alongside Hunter Smith on the basketball court, and the Leyva cousins (Abraham, Aram, and Derek) plus Will Nelson, on the soccer pitch, some of the most electrifying athletes CHS has witnessed.

But they, like Jordan, became better because they had Pippen running alongside them.

On the basketball court, Spark was a fearless shooter, one who lived to gut other team’s with three-balls a-droppin’.

He fully believed he could hit any shot, from any angle on the floor, at any point of the game, and he backed that up more often than not.

And every time Spark elevated, slight smirk on his face, and drilled the bottom out of the net, he opened things up for Smith, and made it tougher for other teams to focus on the high-scoring rampager.

Across two varsity hoops seasons, Spark dropped in 352 points, which puts him #68 on the CHS boys career scoring list, a chart which covers 102 seasons of Wolf basketball.

He could have finished higher if he had been more selfish, but Spark was also a strong, and willing, passer who often delighted in sucking the defense to him, then dishing it to a suddenly wide-open Smith, Joey Lippo, or Gabe Wynn.

Ethan was also fond of teaming up with Hunter Downes as the duo burrowed deep into their rival’s heads.

Not afraid to exchange elbows with larger players, both played with nice lil’ chips on their shoulders, provoking their opponents into lapses in judgement, then strolling away, smirks intact, as the refs punished the other guy.

That carried onto the soccer pitch, where Spark played rough ‘n ready, while also showcasing one of the best scoring touches in the game.

Like his older sister and her bionic leg, Ethan was the guy the Wolves went to when they needed someone to crush a ball from deep in his own territory.

He could air the ball out, but also showed a sometimes uncanny touch, using his long shots as weapons, and not just as a way to clear the ball from his own side of the field.

With 17 career goals, Spark stands #5 on the CHS boys soccer career scoring chart, though he’s being a bit short-changed.

Injuries took away much of his senior season, preventing him from keeping pace with Nelson, who tallied 20 scores across four seasons.

But, when he was healthy, Spark was Pippen, fully capable of roasting teams by himself, but also a highly-efficient set-up man, his passes slicing through defenses to set up the Leyva trio for a hail of goals.

And yet, with all the three-balls and the game-busting penalty kicks, the moment I will most remember from his career didn’t involve a single point.

It came during his freshman season, when he was a fast-rising JV hoops star intent on blowing up everyone in his sight.

Sometimes literally.

Chasing a loose ball as it careened towards the sideline, Spark reached the point where 99% of players would stop, then jammed the gas pedal through the floor.

Flinging his arm out at the last millisecond to redirect the ball back onto the court, he exploded through a wall of chairs.

CHS players and coaches flew through the air like bowling pins, as Spark spun towards the locker room door and completely, absolutely destroyed a large water jug that was minding its own business.

Complete devastation ruled the land. Referees stood with their mouths agape.

Bodies and chairs were everywhere, and in the middle of where the tornado touched down stood Spark, drenched head to toe in water.

From somewhere to his left, Wolf coach Dustin Van Velkinburgh plucked himself from the floor, shaking his head.

“You crazy man! You crazy… and I like it!!”

Slight nod, slight smirk, and Spark loped away to the other end of the court, having taken the first step on a rampage which would carry him to the Hall of Fame.

Scottie Pippen would have been proud.

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Cole White and fellow Coupeville Middle School athletes kick off fall sports in Sept. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

Lauren Marrs and Co. will compete in volleyball, cross country, and, for the first time, boys soccer.

The times, they are a-changin’.

Football is out, and soccer is in, when Coupeville Middle School sports teams return to action this fall.

The CMS gridiron program was cancelled – at least for now – due to increasingly smaller numbers. Last year, the Wolves only played three of the six games they had on the schedule.

Seeing little hope for roster growth, Athletic Director Willie Smith opted to go in a different direction.

Since schools have to offer an equal number of sport programs for male and female athletes, killing football meant CMS had to pick up another boys sport, and did so with soccer.

It was a straight swap (and actually soccer should be cheaper than football), so an already-depleted athletic budget didn’t take any additional hits.

The Wolves will field one girls sport (volleyball), one boys (soccer) and one co-ed (cross country) this fall, with all three programs competing in the Cascade League.

Schedules for each team are below, though changes can always happen.

To stay up to date as the fall plays out, keep an eye on league and school web sites.



Mon-Sept. 23 — Northshore Christian (3:30)
Wed-Sept. 25 — @Lakewood (3:30)
Mon-Sept. 30 — @Granite Falls (3:30)
Wed-Oct. 2 — @Northshore Christian (3:30)
Mon-Oct. 7 — Lakewood (3:30)
Wed-Oct. 9 — Granite Falls (3:30)
Mon-Oct. 14 — Northshore Christian (3:30)
Wed-Oct. 16 — @Lakewood (3:30)
Mon-Oct. 21 — @Granite Falls (3:30)
Wed-Oct. 23 — Northshore Christian (3:30)



Sat-Sept. 21 — @South Whidbey (TBA)
Wed-Sept. 25 — @Lakewood (3:30)
Sat-Sept. 28 — @King’s Invite (TBA)
Thur-Oct. 3 — @Granite Gallop (3:30)
Sat-Oct. 12 — @Hole in the Wall – Lakewood (9:00)
Thur-Oct. 17 — @Sultan (3:30)
Wed-Oct. 23 — @Cascade League Championships – S. Whidbey (3:30)



Mon-Sept. 23 — @Granite Falls (3:15)
Wed-Sept. 25 — King’s (3:15)
Mon-Sept. 30 — Northshore Christian (3:15)
Thur-Oct. 3 — @South Whidbey (3:15)
Mon-Oct. 7 — @Sultan (3:15)
Wed-Oct. 9 — Lakewood (3:15)
Mon-Oct. 14 — Granite Falls (3:15)
Wed-Oct. 16 — @Northshore Christian (3:15)
Mon-Oct. 21 — South Whidbey (3:15)
Thur-Oct. 24 — @Lakewood (3:15)

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Coupeville soccer ace Chayse Van Velkinburgh scored 15 goals in four games this weekend. (Photo courtesy Dustin Van Velkinburgh)

He’s come for all the goals. I said, all of them.

Coupeville soccer ace Chayse Van Velkinburgh had himself quite a weekend, smashing home 15 goals across four games as he and his Northwest United U9 squad finished second at a tournament in Issaquah.

The only team NWU fell to was the Bellevue Titans, and the championship game ended in confusion and much muddling by the refs.

A disputed final goal, set up by a questionable call on a free kick, allowed Bellevue to send the title tilt to penalty kicks, where they slipped away with the biggest trophy.

That couldn’t take the shine off of Van Velkinburgh, though, as he rattled home goals in every game.

After opening with a goal and an assist, the pitch artist, who will be a third grader at Coupeville Elementary School in the fall, ripped off three goals and three assists in game two.

That was just the set-up for total freakin’ domination, with Van Velkinburgh smashing home 10 goals (you read that right) and assisting on three others in a rout of Gig Harbor.

In the title game, the booter with the torrid toe added three more assists and one final goal.

At which point the entire field caught on fire. Most likely.

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