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Coupeville’s James Steller finished 13th in the main event at Sunday’s Whidbey Island Marathon.

The 2022 edition of the Whidbey Island Marathon brought out 860 runners across four races Sunday morning.

But we’re only here to talk about 16 of them.

If you listed Oak Harbor, or Mukilteo, or some random city in West Virginia as your hometown, good on you for lacing up your running shoes.

But here, on a blog called Coupeville Sports, the only people to get their names published are those who actually listed Cow Town as their residence.

Want to see the other 844 names? Pop over to:



And now, our Coupeville results:



Amaya Schaffeld (55th) 33:32
Rebecca Roberts (85th) 36:17
Amanda Schaffeld (95th) 38:15
Lauren Belfor (129th) 43:59
Marilyn Ferguson (158th) 50:34
Carolyn Horning (177th) 55:59



Kendall Parrett (125th) 1:11:31
Patricia Hernandez (195th) 1:36:58
Anthony Hernandez (196th) 1:36:58
Terri Eggers (204th) 1:43:06
John Eggers (205th) 1:43:09


Half Marathon:

Samuel Spanovich (93rd) 1:59:08
Samuel Perry (155th) 2:09:33
Daria Higman (216th) 2:19:32
Kay Babst (335th) 3:28:55



James Steller (13th) 3:37:17

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Charlie and Tammy Smith

Enjoy the outdoors and help one of Coupeville’s favorite Wolf Moms.

As Tammy Smith fights breast cancer, daughters Ciara and Ema have launched a number of fundraisers to help their mom.

Their primary goal has been to give her a professionally crafted wig — using their own hair — as her body battles through chemotherapy.

A GoFundMe — https://www.gofundme.com/f/help-tamtam-save-the-tatas?qid=1a74bcca7e65e30bde2db1bb489b0aae —¬†has received 50 donations.

And now the Smith sisters are holding a Color Run 5K Saturday, Apr. 30.

The event will start at 9 AM at Coupeville’s Living Hope Foursquare Church (105 NW Broadway).

Kids, dogs, scooters, and strollers are welcome, and suggested donations are $10 for individuals and $25 for a group of four.

To sign up, email your names to run4tamtam@gmail.com.

To donate, use this QR code:

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Registration is open for this year’s edition of Race the Reserve.

The annual running event, which features a 5K, 10K, and half marathon, is set to go down Saturday, Aug. 13.

Or, if you can’t make it to Ebey’s National Historical Reserve that day, you can sign up and run a virtual race at your convenience.

Money raised by the fundraiser goes to support a safe and sober graduation night celebration for the Coupeville High School Class of 2023.


To sign up:



For more info on Race the Reserve:


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International superstar Bree Daigneault waves to her many fans. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

The prairie was alive with the sound of runners.

The 2021 edition of Race the Reserve, the largest fundraiser for Coupeville High School’s graduating class, went off Saturday morning.

As runners, and tons o’ volunteers, navigated things, wanderin’ photographer John Fisken snapped pics galore.

To see much more, and possibly purchase some memories, pop over to:



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Jacquelyn and Jacob McCormick are up bright and early for Race the Reserve. (Photos courtesy Wendy McCormick)

Katelin McCormick (left) and Mary Milnes prep swag bags for racers.

Later than normal, but still on time.

With Covid throwing things asunder, the 10th edition of Coupeville’s Race the Reserve moved to Oct. from its customary late-summer date, with runners hitting the trails Saturday morning.

Andy Wyman of Oak Harbor claimed top honors in the half marathon, breaking the tape in one hour, 24 minutes, 37.7 seconds.

He was joined by 10K winner Nicole Moore of Kenmore (40:13.5) and 5K champ Cole White of Coupeville (20:10.3) in bringing home first place.

The event is the primary fundraiser for the Coupeville High School Class of 2022, with money raised going to fund graduation week events.

Below we have local finishers.

So, if you listed Coupeville as your home town, you’re here. If you didn’t, well you should have.


Half Marathon:

James Stellar (5th) 1:37:11.4
Hannah Teminsky (7th) 1:44:45.0
Goose Gordon (12th) 1:51:10.5
Desi Greene (20th) 2:12:43.1
Lark Gustafson (22nd) 2:21:10.8
Amanda Fabrizi (23rd) 2:21:11.6
Lincoln Kelley (27th) 2:40:08.2



Henry Milnes (7th) 48:37.3
Helene Lhamon (9th) 50:36.2
Sean O’Neill (10th) 50:45.4
Elizabeth Bitting (13th) 53:16.1
Christina Jump (17th) 1:00:58.7
Guadalupe Eagleton (25th) 1:10:09.5
Heather Nastali (29th) 1:13:52.5
Jeannie Sandahl (31st) 1:19:51.1
Halston Crites (32nd) 1:21:22.6
Connie Lippo (39th) 1:47:30.8
Justine McGranahan (40th) 1:47:32.5
Katrina McGranahan (41st) 1:47:34.1



Cole White (1st) 20:10.3
Landon Roberts (2nd) 20:47.3
Paige Spangler (12th) 29:25.6
Alana Mihill (14th) 29:52.4
Bree Daigneault (23rd) 33:15.4
John Hughes (24th) 33:18.6
Jonathan Carroll (31st) 36:51.4
Jacquelyn McCormick (38th) 40:37.0
Jacob McCormick (39th) 40:38.1
J. Dotson (40th) 40:46.6
Travis Dotson (41st) 40:47.2
Theresa Sanders (42nd) 40:56.3
Joanne Martinis (43rd) 41:37.4
Rachel Martinez (46th) 42:14.9
Janelle Boer (47th) 43:47.6
Jim Boer (48th) 43:53.9
Dante Muthee (53rd) 55:34.4
Carrie Muthee (55th) 55:48.4
Marisa Croucher (59th) 1:00:03.2
Bianca Terado (60th) 1:00:03.3
Betty Dehaven (61st) 1:00:55.9
Sheila O’Rourke (63rd) 1:06:25.7
Emily Richards (67th) 1:07:37.0
Gaye Rodriguey (68th) 1:07:37.0


For complete results, pop over to:

Race Photos & Results

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