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International superstar Bree Daigneault waves to her many fans. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

The prairie was alive with the sound of runners.

The 2021 edition of Race the Reserve, the largest fundraiser for Coupeville High School’s graduating class, went off Saturday morning.

As runners, and tons o’ volunteers, navigated things, wanderin’ photographer John Fisken snapped pics galore.

To see much more, and possibly purchase some memories, pop over to:



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Jacquelyn and Jacob McCormick are up bright and early for Race the Reserve. (Photos courtesy Wendy McCormick)

Katelin McCormick (left) and Mary Milnes prep swag bags for racers.

Later than normal, but still on time.

With Covid throwing things asunder, the 10th edition of Coupeville’s Race the Reserve moved to Oct. from its customary late-summer date, with runners hitting the trails Saturday morning.

Andy Wyman of Oak Harbor claimed top honors in the half marathon, breaking the tape in one hour, 24 minutes, 37.7 seconds.

He was joined by 10K winner Nicole Moore of Kenmore (40:13.5) and 5K champ Cole White of Coupeville (20:10.3) in bringing home first place.

The event is the primary fundraiser for the Coupeville High School Class of 2022, with money raised going to fund graduation week events.

Below we have local finishers.

So, if you listed Coupeville as your home town, you’re here. If you didn’t, well you should have.


Half Marathon:

James Stellar (5th) 1:37:11.4
Hannah Teminsky (7th) 1:44:45.0
Goose Gordon (12th) 1:51:10.5
Desi Greene (20th) 2:12:43.1
Lark Gustafson (22nd) 2:21:10.8
Amanda Fabrizi (23rd) 2:21:11.6
Lincoln Kelley (27th) 2:40:08.2



Henry Milnes (7th) 48:37.3
Helene Lhamon (9th) 50:36.2
Sean O’Neill (10th) 50:45.4
Elizabeth Bitting (13th) 53:16.1
Christina Jump (17th) 1:00:58.7
Guadalupe Eagleton (25th) 1:10:09.5
Heather Nastali (29th) 1:13:52.5
Jeannie Sandahl (31st) 1:19:51.1
Halston Crites (32nd) 1:21:22.6
Connie Lippo (39th) 1:47:30.8
Justine McGranahan (40th) 1:47:32.5
Katrina McGranahan (41st) 1:47:34.1



Cole White (1st) 20:10.3
Landon Roberts (2nd) 20:47.3
Paige Spangler (12th) 29:25.6
Alana Mihill (14th) 29:52.4
Bree Daigneault (23rd) 33:15.4
John Hughes (24th) 33:18.6
Jonathan Carroll (31st) 36:51.4
Jacquelyn McCormick (38th) 40:37.0
Jacob McCormick (39th) 40:38.1
J. Dotson (40th) 40:46.6
Travis Dotson (41st) 40:47.2
Theresa Sanders (42nd) 40:56.3
Joanne Martinis (43rd) 41:37.4
Rachel Martinez (46th) 42:14.9
Janelle Boer (47th) 43:47.6
Jim Boer (48th) 43:53.9
Dante Muthee (53rd) 55:34.4
Carrie Muthee (55th) 55:48.4
Marisa Croucher (59th) 1:00:03.2
Bianca Terado (60th) 1:00:03.3
Betty Dehaven (61st) 1:00:55.9
Sheila O’Rourke (63rd) 1:06:25.7
Emily Richards (67th) 1:07:37.0
Gaye Rodriguey (68th) 1:07:37.0


For complete results, pop over to:

Race Photos & Results

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The Dude abides.

If you know Kyle King, you know he had to wear a crop-top.

A five-time state track and field champion back in his Coupeville High School days, the middle of Randy and Laurie King’s three kids has always enjoyed being, um, we’ll call it fashion-forward.

And also really fast and always raring for a new challenge.

Though this time, all but the hardiest of folks might have blanched.

While he competed at the 2020 US Olympic Team Trials in the marathon, King has never been an ultra-runner.

Until, in his final days before being transferred from Colorado to Virginia, the Marine Corps captain decided to team up with running pal Charles Remillard and go for a leisurely run.

As in, the duo ran all 485 miles of the Colorado Trail … in 10 days.

And lived to tell the tale!

Check out the video below, which captures the highs and lows, the pain and the glory, and all the crop-tops and suspicious meat products.


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Participants in a previous Circumnavigate Whidbey fundraiser stop for a pic. (Photo courtesy James Steller)

Same fundraiser, different look.

After years of conducting “Circumnavigate Whidbey,” a 120-mile, two-day odyssey, organizers are going with a streamlined, easier-on-the-body event this time around.

The event, which raises money for the Community Foundation for Coupeville Public Schools, will be known this year as the “Coupeville Run & Ride (and Reunite).”

Held Sunday, September 5, the fundraiser features a six-mile run, an 11.5-mile bike, and a celebration in the town park afterwards.

It’s not a competitive race, as everyone participating sticks together.

Things kick off in the Coupeville Elementary School parking lot at 9:15 AM, with runners departing the track oval at 9:30.

“Lace up your shoes and join us for a leisurely 10K around the prairie,” said organizer James Steller. “Highlighted by Ebey’s Landing, the view of the prairie, the sound, and Rainier in the distance, it’s a painter’s delight and we get to enjoy this every day!”

After the run, participants will move to their bikes for a jaunt which will head back through Ebey’s Landing, go past Fort Casey and Crockett Lake, then finish back at the school.

“Ten-speeds, dirt bikes, E-Bikes — they are all welcome,” Steller said.

Things will finish with a casual celebration at Coupeville Town Park, with hot dogs, hamburgers, chips, and water for everyone.

Even if you’re not up to doing all three parts, you can join.

“You are welcome to do one or the other — i.e., you can just bike — or just hang out!,” Steller said.

Organizers are asking for everyone to use the event’s website to sign up, however, so they can get a feel for how many people are likely to be in attendance.

You can participate without donating, and you can donate to the fundraiser without participating.

For those who choose to donate, you get one raffle entry for each $100 pledged.

The raffle winner, who will be announced on Facebook Live during the celebration in the park, receives a 2-night stay at the Ocean Bluff Farm Guesthouse in Coupeville for two people.

Started in 2017, “Circumnavigate Whidbey” has raised over $100,000, with the money going for teacher grants for educational enrichment, college scholarships, and financial resources for students in need of equal access.

The Community Foundation for Coupeville Public Schools has been operating since 1997.

During the 2020-2021 school year, the foundation was able to provide key support for local schools as they dealt with the pandemic.

Scholastic enrichment, technology (WiFi hot spots and cameras), and social-emotional tools were funded with this support.


For more info, to donate, or to sign-up to participate in the event, pop over to:

Coupeville Run & Ride (and Reunite) (4coupevilleschools.org)

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Helene Lhamon and her crew enjoy Ragnar 2021.

The runners returned.

Whidbey Island once again became a hub for people getting out and putting one foot in front of another Saturday, as the Ragnar Road Northwest Passage 2021 capped its two-day, one-night event.

The trek, featuring teams of runners, started near the Canadian border in Blaine and finished in the wilds of Langley.

The photos above and below are poached from Wolf mom Helene Lhamon, and feature a crew of Coupeville athletes who tore up the course.

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