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Ready and rarin’ to run in the rain. (Elizabeth Bitting photos)

“Bring on the liquid sunshine!”

Rain and mud never stopped a Wolf.

Attacking a soaking-wet course which came complete with “two-inch deep puddles” and “one big, muddy, slippery hill,” the Coupeville Middle School cross country team shined brightly in the gloom Thursday afternoon.

The Wolves were competing at a multi-team event in Granite Falls which attracted 118 runners and probably needed a different name this time around.

“Granite Gallop? You mean Granite Galoshing!,” CMS coach Elizabeth Bitting said with a laugh.

“Historically this is our wettest and flattest course of the season! As soon as we arrived the rain began! As soon as the last race finished the rain stopped and rainbows started appearing.

“It was a fun, muddy mess of a run, and all had a great time.”

Despite being soaked, many of the Wolf runners set PR’s, and the girls team finished second in the team race out of six squads, trailing just powerhouse King’s.

Coupeville also made a very positive impression on rival coaches.

“There were athletes smiling as they ran through the puddles,” Bitting said. “A coach from another school even commented to me, ‘Your team ran so well today, coach! Their smiles when you cheer for them is everything!!’

“Compliments like that make a coach proud.”


Complete Thursday results (1.7 miles):



Noelle Western (7th) 12:51 *PR*
Ivy Rudat (14th) 14:30
Aleksia Jump (16th) 14:32
Mikayla Wagner (19th) 14:46
Laken Simpson (20th) 14:50 *PR*
Marin Winger (25th) 15:56
Emma McFadden (33rd) 17:50 *PR*
Devon Wyman (35th) 17:57
Mary Western (42nd) 19:58 *PR*



Easton Green (13th) 11:39 *PR*
Beckett Green (19th) 12:27
Wyatt Fitch-Marron (23rd) 13:01
Axel Marshall (35th) 14:01
Zack Blitch (52nd) 16:52 *PR*

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Wolves (l to r) Ivy Rudat, Mikayla Wagner, and Noelle Western celebrate making the medal stand Saturday in Shoreline. (Elizabeth Bitting photos)

The Wolves went 15 strong.

The weather was hot, the times hotter.

Running on the “most difficult course of the season” Saturday in Shoreline, eight of 15 Coupeville Middle School cross country runners set PR’s.

The event was the King’s Roller Coaster Trail Run, which sent harriers across a 1.6-mile course in a race which featured 74 middle school racers.

There were another 155 high school runners taking part in their own races, though Coupeville’s team was not present.

It wasn’t missed, however, as the CMS squad was ready to own the spotlight.

The Wolves sent three runners to the awards podium, with Mikayla Wagner (6th), Ivy Rudat (9th), and Noelle Western (10th) all earning medals for their performances.

On the boys side, Easton Green just missed, finishing in 12th.

Bear Creek won the boys team race, while host King’s came out on top in the girls competition.

CMS was fourth, and third, respectively.

Wolf coach Elizabeth Bitting headed back to Whidbey feeling good about her young athletes, and how they handled the day.

“The sun was out, and it was hot, hot, hot, but not as hot as the eight athletes that PR’D on a hilly, hilly course!,” she said.

“It was glorious!!!”

Making the day better were the Wolf faithful who made the trek to the big city with the team.

“Thank you to all the parents and grandparents who made it out to cheer the team on!,” Bitting said. “We appreciate your support and you!”


Complete Saturday results:



Mikayla Wagner (6th) 12:59.48 *PR*
Ivy Rudat (9th) 13:17.95 *PR*
Noelle Western (10th) 13:24.14
Aleksia Jump (14th) 13:55.66 *PR*
Marin Winger (23rd) 15:53.88 *PR*
Liza Zustiak (24th) 16:21.70
Laken Simpson (26th) 16:52.89
Devon Wyman (27th) 17:17.18 *PR*
Emma McFadden (31st) 18:39.70 *PR*
Mary Western (33rd) 20:14.89



Easton Green (12th) 11:53.48
Beckett Green (17th) 12:24.14
Wyatt Fitch-Marron (21st) 13:07.79
Axel Marshall (24th) 13:26.54 *PR*
Zack Blitch (39th) 18:09.23 *PR*

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Ready to rumble. (Elizabeth Bitting photos)

Coupeville sent a strong pack of nine girls to the line Wednesday in Lakewood.

A Wolf heads into the passing lane. (Amber Wyman photo)

A pack of Wolves were on the prowl.

The Coupeville Middle School cross country squad sent 12 runners to the line Wednesday in Lakewood at the LMS Cougar Challenge, with every single one of them hitting a PR.

That brought a huge smile to CMS coach Elizabeth Bitting’s face.

“A PR is a big deal!,” she said.

The course was full, with six schools competing on a 1.60-mile course.

Granite Falls, Langley, King’s, and Northshore Christian joined the Wolves and the meet hosts.

Overall, there were 113 runners involved, with Langley’s Reed Atwood and Rowan Jung winning the girls and boys races, respectively.


Complete CMS results:



Noelle Western (9th) 13:09.03
Ivy Rudat (14th) 13:52.84
Mikayla Wagner (15th) 13:58.66
Aleksia Jump (18th) 14:43.14
Liza Zustiak (22nd) 15:18.98
Laken Simpson (23rd) 15:27.33
Devon Wyman (29th) 17:19.97
Emma McFadden (39th) 19:37.35
Mary Western (41st) 20:08.11



Easton Green (17th) 11:40.27
Beckett Green (25th) 12:09.47
Wyatt Fitch-Marron (27th) 12:38.85

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