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Larry and Sylvia Hurlburt ran this year’s Ragnar Relays to honor the memory of mom Kristin.

It’s a party, with some running tossed in to keep things interesting.

Now, I’ll admit it — I’ve never felt the urge to join the Ragnar Relays and be part of a group which runs from Blaine to the southern tip of Whidbey Island.

In fact, my enduring memory of the event comes from a few years back, when I was jolted awake at 4:57 AM by support crew folks letting rip with air horns as runners straggled past my duplex at the corner of Madrona and Sherman.

That being said, the 2022 edition featured support crews more in touch with their softer side — no air horns in my neighborhood until after 10 AM this time around.

Though, from the photos scattered across Facebook — several of which I’ve poached, thanks to the generous natures of Sylvia Hurlburt, Helene Lhamon, Amanda Fabrizi, and James Steller — it looks like the party was still in full swing.

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Coupeville High School students prep food for sale to hungry Ragnar Relay runners. (Photos courtesy Dina Guay)

Many hands make light the work.

The runners are coming, and so are the fundraising opportunities.

The annual Ragnar Relay, which sends teams from Blaine to Langley over the course of two days and a night, kicks off today.

As the runners descend like locusts on Whidbey, the Coupeville High School Class of 2023 is taking advantage.

Students, parents, and other volunteers will be selling breakfast to participants, with profits going to post-graduation festivities.

The Class of 2023 is also helping flag traffic in Langley from 1:30-8:30 PM Saturday and is still in need of more volunteers.

Completing that task will garner an $850 donation for the CHS students.

If interested, pop over to:


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Helene Lhamon and her crew enjoy Ragnar 2021.

The runners returned.

Whidbey Island once again became a hub for people getting out and putting one foot in front of another Saturday, as the Ragnar Road Northwest Passage 2021 capped its two-day, one-night event.

The trek, featuring teams of runners, started near the Canadian border in Blaine and finished in the wilds of Langley.

The photos above and below are poached from Wolf mom Helene Lhamon, and feature a crew of Coupeville athletes who tore up the course.

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   CHS runners (l to r) Danny Conlisk, Lauren Bayne, Jacob Smith and Lucy Sandahl get ready for Ragnar. (Photos courtesy Deb Smith)

Smith conserves his energy, pre-run.

The team banner flies proudly.

Bayne shows her selfie stick game is strong.

Sandahl dreams of PRs.

A rare moment to sit down.

Conlisk (sporting green shoes) moves through the pack.

It’s the ferry life for them.

Running season never ends.

Somewhere, right now, there’s a Ragnar event going on, of that I’m sure.

The distance relay events, which draw a wide range of runners, spring up every time you turn around.

Generally the way you notice is when you hear the Viking horns outside your bedroom window at 6 AM on a Saturday … but I digress.

Packs of Coupeville runners are off at Crystal Mountain Ski Resort Friday and Saturday for the Ragnar Trail-Rainier event.

One such team, featuring CHS runners Lauren Bayne, Jacob Smith, Lucy Sandahl, Abby Parker and Danny Conlisk as well as CMS coach Bob Martin and Wolf mom Deb Smith, is seen in the photos above.

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Sylvia Hurlburt

   Sylvia Hurlburt takes selfies while Larry Hurlburt (left) and Jacob Smith rest between runs. (Sylvia Hurlburt photos)


The artfully-crafted support vehicle.




Hurlburt is joined by CMS track coach (and fellow runner) Elizabeth Bitting.

Well, sleeping in was apparently not an option.

With another Ragnar Relay Series run barreling right past my front porch, bringing with it early morning whooping and yelling the likes of which haven’t been heard since a Pokemon Go-addled idiot ran across an interstate highway in pursuit of Mewtwo, I’m up.

So, I’ll use my time well, which basically means poaching pics from Sylvia Hurlburt.

It’s kind of our thing.

So, thanks to the ever-industrious Miss Hurlburt, I present a smattering of Ragnar pics for your perusal.

Now, to the rest of you, shut up and get off my lawn.

But maybe don’t go play in traffic like the Pokezombies.

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