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Nick Wasik ran 134.8 miles this summer, most of any Coupeville cross country harrier. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

They blazed their own trail.

Even with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Coupeville High School and Middle School cross country runners piled up the mileage this summer.

Under the watchful eye (from a distance) of CMS coach Elizabeth Bitting, the Wolves racked up 891.96 miles on local trails.

Along the way, there were a series of virtual summer fun runs, with the fleet-footed Ayden Wyman and Hank Milnes leading the way.

“Thank you to all who participated in any or all of the virtual races!,” Bitting said. “Some were easier than others, but I hope you all enjoyed navigating them first virtually, then on foot.

“Congratulations to Hank and Ayden! You ran the miles, conquered the races and came out as our top racers!!!

“The both of you will be receiving a tennis shoe keychain as a remembrance of the races you ran. Nice job!!!”

Bitting also doled out Kapaw’s Ice Cream gift certificates to the Wolf runners who racked up the most mileage, honoring the top three at both the middle school and high school levels.


Summer mileage totals:

High School:

Hank Milnes – 100.5 miles
Alex Wasik – 86.0
Tate Wyman – 75.7
Reiley Araceley – 61.1
Helen Strelow – 50.5
Cristina McGrath – 22.5
Erica McGrath – 12.5
Catherine Lhamon – 11.5
James Hall – 9.3
Skylar Parker – 8.1
Josh Guay – 2.6


Middle School:

Nick Wasik – 134.8 miles
Ayden Wyman – 82.8
Lillian Stanwood – 59.9
Thomas Strelow – 52.5
Jack Porter – 44.48
Johnny Porter – 41.98
Jack Ferrell – 21.8
Brynn Parker – 8.1
Cody Badger – 4.0
Dian Amago – 3.1
Teagan Calkins – 3.1
Sophia Mayne – 3.0
Reilly White – 2.1

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Hank Milnes recorded the fastest time of any runner in Coupeville’s third virtual cross country meet. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

The open trail calls to runners of all ages. (Photos courtesy Porter and Ferrell families)

The official summer workout season is coming to a close for Coupeville cross country runners, but the Wolves continue to pile up the miles.

CMS coach Elizabeth Bitting, who is currently overseeing things for both high school and middle school harriers, has to step away, by WIAA rule, between August 17 and September 27.

With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the regular school cross country season has been moved from the fall to next March, as well.

None of that means the Wolves can’t keep up their summer activity on their own, however.

With Bitting still able to keep an eye on things, nine Coupeville runners teamed up to record 98.62 miles this past week, pushing the team summer total to 793.41 miles.

Included in that was the third of four virtual races, as the Wolves participated in the 2.89-mile “Don’t Get Lost in the Kettles Run.”

The official summer season wraps up this coming week with “The Pretty Pratt Run,” a 1.89-mile trek, which will take them up around the cemetery.

Runners have until next Saturday, Aug. 15 to record their best times and submit them to Bitting, who will release the results to the media the following day.


Results of the Kettles Run:


High School:

Hank Milnes (1st) 18:43
Reiley Araceley (2nd) 18:44

“Though the participants in the high school race were a smaller group this week what a great race I can envision in my mind!!!,” Bitting said.

“Running a race virtually is hard enough, but these runners had no idea how close they were to one another.

“Impressive race Hank and Reiley!!! Great job!!!! Woot! Woot!!”


Middle School:

Jack Porter (1st) 20:15
Nic Wasik (2nd) 21:47
Ayden Wyman (3rd) 23:53
Johnny Porter (4th) 24:30
Lillian Stanwood (5th) 25:18

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Cole White had the fastest time of any Coupeville Middle School cross country runner Wednesday in Lakewood. (Morgan White photo)

Strength in numbers, strength in talent.

The Coupeville Middle School cross country squad trekked to Lakewood Wednesday for a seven-team meet, bringing along a full team and placing eight runners in the top 20, four girls and four boys.

Ayden Wyman claimed top honors for the Wolf girls during the 1.7 mile race, notching 11th place, while Cole White led the CMS boys, hitting the tape in 14th place.

That capped a busy day in which the Wolf harriers shared a bus with the CMS boys soccer squad, then arrived to find the course in Lakewood had been altered from last year.

Whether they were familiar with the course or not, the Coupeville runners made their coach proud.

“The boys ran beautifully … that number five spot is still up for grabs,” CMS cross country guru Elizabeth Bitting said. “The girls had a few new faces run. They all ran very strong!”

While she’s always tracking times and places, the Wolf coach especially enjoys seeing her young athletes make a mark in society, as well.

“The highlight of the day was being told that one of our runners (Gabe Reed), after he finished, he turned around, ran back on the course and started cheering on the runner behind him!,” Bitting said.

“Sportsmanship at its finest!!!”


Wednesday results (7th/8th graders):



Ayden Wyman (11th) 12:24.18
Erica McGrath (15th) 13:09.06
Marlen Montiel (16th) 13:18.36
Edie Bittner (17th) 13:26.65
Sofia Milasich (25th) 13:59.58
Aubrey Blitch (32nd) 15:05.93



Cole White (14th) 10:34.67
Landon Roberts (16th) 10:35.19
Jack Porter (18th) 10:38.15
Hank Milnes (19th) 10:42.81
Hayden Harry (42nd) 12:00.64
Johnny Porter (57th) 12:51.21
Thomas Strelow (60th) 13:00.76
Gabe Reed (76th) 18:48.78


**6th graders were allowed to run in the race, but no times/places were recorded.**

Cody Badger
Dianne Brown
Teagan Calkins
Aleksia Jump
Brynn Parker
Malachi Somes
George Spear

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