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Coupeville Middle School runners catch a quick photo op before competing Saturday in Shoreline. (Elizabeth Bitting photo)

Truly one team, one dream.

Competing Saturday at the King’s Roller Coaster Trail Run in Shoreline, the Coupeville Middle School harriers faced a larger-than-normal starting line.

That’s because this time out, both the girls and boys competed together, covering the 1.6-mile course in one teeming mass of humanity.

While it was a bit unusual, the Wolves rose to the occasion.

“There were some nerves but they all powered through,” said CMS coach Elizabeth Bitting. “The course was VERY HILLY and all appreciate the hills around Coupeville for helping them make it up and pass others on the hills.”

The race also gave the young harriers an opportunity to cheer on and hang out with their older compatriots from CHS, who were taking part in the same meet.

“It is a powerful moment when you see two of your middle school runners walk up to a high school runner and congratulate them on a great run,” Bitting said. “Plus cheering on our high school counterparts was so much fun!”


Complete results:



Claire Mayne (11th) 12:26
Cristina McGrath (24th) 14:09
Erica McGrath (30th) 14:45
Allison Nastali (31st) 14:45
Sam McMahon (37th) 16:08



Hank Milnes (14th) 11:38
Aiden Anderson (28th) 12:32
Hayden Harry (33rd) 12:58
Andrew Williams (38th) 13:23
Alex Clark (53rd) 14:52

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TJ Rickner and his fellow CHS harriers ran Saturday at a 14-team meet in Shoreline. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

The trail was littered with PR’s.

Running Saturday at the 14-team King’s Roller Coaster Trail Run in Shoreline, Coupeville High School’s cross country runners brought great joy to their coach.

“Super excited about the team today!,” said Natasha Bamberger. “All the way down the list Coupeville runners getting their personal bests today.

“The team has been working very hard and they are starting to see the results of their hard work pay off,” she added. “It was an exciting day! I could not be happier with their results!”

While Coupeville’s top runner, Danny Conlisk, was missing in action as he recovers from a bout with illness, two Wolf sophomore shone brightly.

Zinging across the three-mile course, Catherine Lhamon dropped nearly a minute from her previous best, while Sam Wynn shaved almost 50 seconds off his PR.

Both are putting in the work during practices, and it’s paying off big time.

Catherine’s goal is to break 20 minutes and she is well on her way to achieving that goal,” Bamberger said. “Sam crushed his PR; this is really good for him to be hitting his PR this early in the season.

“On Thursday we were running hill repeats, and Sam missed his PR last week by three seconds,” she added. “I could tell all week he was working extra hard because he really wants that PR.

“When everyone was done with their seven hill repeats, Sam said, you know what, I’m doing an extra!!”


Complete results:



Catherine Lhamon (13th) 22:02
Alana Mihill (34th) 24:34



Sam Wynn (37th) 19:39



Uriah Kastner (40th) 22:53
Kyle Burnett 
(50th) 23:43
TJ Rickner 
(51st) 23:45
Chris Ruck 
(57th) 24:07


**Coupeville Middle School runners also competed in Shoreline, but times haven’t been posted due to technical issues. A separate story will run here on Coupeville Sports when times are released.**

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Coupeville Middle School runners go in for a team cheer before competing Thursday in Arlington. (Elizabeth Bitting photos)

The Wolf girls, ready to hit the trail.

Warm-ups? We don’t need no stinkin’ warm-ups.

Thanks to their bus driver being given the wrong destination Thursday, the Coupeville Middle School cross country team arrived for its meet in Arlington with mere minutes left until the first gun.

That forced CMS coach Elizabeth Bitting and her runners to play catch-up, but it worked out fine in the end.

“Unfortunately there was no time to walk the course, but our Wolves didn’t let that dampen their race strategy,” Bitting said. “They all ran strong! They all ran hard! They all finished tired.

“They were amazed with how many runners they passed on the one long hill,” she added. “And once they hit the track they were flying!!!”

The race featured harriers from seven schools, with Langley, Granite Falls, Lakewood, King’s, Sultan and Northshore Christian Academy joining Coupeville on the 1.71-mile course.

While the late arrival left everyone a bit frazzled, the Wolves (backed by their faithful traveling fans) still managed to pull off a superb performance in their second meet of the young season.

“Afterwards they (the runners) said it was actually better because they didn’t have time to get nervous,” Bitting said.

“We had a great parent turnout. It’s so nice to hear cheers for our athletes!,” she added. “They appreciate it and I appreciate it. It helps fuel their adrenaline.”


Complete results:



Carolyn Lhamon (7th) 11:45.26
Claire Mayne (8th) 11:48.58
Helen Strelow (22nd) 13:23.70
Cristina McGrath (23rd) 13:27.15
Erica McGrath (27th) 13:59.36
Allison Nastali (30th) 14:06.38
Sam McMahan (37th) 14:50.00



Cole White (8th) 10:34.00
Aiden Anderson (26th) 11:40.00
Tate Wyman (32nd) 12:08.00
Hayden Harry (47th) 12:59.18
Andrew Williams (48th) 13:01.81
Alex Clark (56th) 13:49.04

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CHS sophomore Sam Wynn was part of a pack of Wolves who ran Saturday at the Carl Westling Invitational in Langley. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

Middle School runners Cole White, Carolyn Lhamon (center) and Claire Mayne nabbed medals for a top 15 finish. (Elizabeth Bitting photo)

The cross country revival is operating at full force.

Coupeville relaunched its program this fall after a two-decade absence, and Saturday marked the first time both the high school and middle school teams competed together.

The place to be was Langley, where the 40th annual Carl Westling Invitational attracted hundreds of harriers.

While the Wolf high school runners were competing in their third meet, it was the debut for their younger counterparts.

And it went off very well, as three CMS runners — Carolyn Lhamon, Cole White and Claire Mayne — brought home medals for placing in the top 15 finishers.

“OH MY GOODNESS IT WAS SO FUN!!!!!,” said slightly-excited CMS coach Elizabeth Bitting. “They all did amazing!!! Great attitudes!! I am SO PROUD of each of them!

“They ran so strong, all finished hard, this is one happy, super impressed, super proud coach!!!!!! They are all truly amazing!”


Complete Saturday results:


High School – GIRLS (5000 meters):

Catherine Lhamon (35th) 23:01.57
Alana Mihill (70th) 25:10.71


High School – BOYS (5000 meters):

Danny Conlisk (75th) 19:18.45
Sam Wynn (107th) 20:21.86
Uriah Kastner (134th) 25:07.79
Kyle Burnett (135th) 25:08.54
Chris Ruck (137th) 25:39.46


Middle School – GIRLS (1.7 miles):

Carolyn Lhamon (12th) 13:26.18
Claire Mayne (13th) 13:26.74
Helen Strelow (22nd) 14:40.13
Cristina McGrath (24th) 15:12.42
Erica McGrath (25th) 15:18.73
Allison Nastali (30th) 16:08.33
Samantha McMahan (31st) 16:10.62


Middle School – BOYS (1.7 miles):

Cole White (8th) 11:48.02
Tate Wyman (25th) 12:52.92
Aiden Anderson (28th) 13:02.76
Hayden Harry (41st) 14:24.36
Andrew Williams (42nd) 14:25.86

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Catherine Lhamon finished 15th out of 121 sophomore girls at Saturday’s Sehome Invitational. (Helene Lhamon photo)

Catherine Lhamon is on the attack.

Running in just her second high school cross country meet Saturday, the Coupeville sophomore sparkled at the epic 36-team Sehome Invitational.

With so many teams in attendance, the event broke its races down by classes, and yet almost every one of the eight varsity heats featured 100 or more runners.

Lhamon came pounding down the back stretch, picking off 10 runners over the final mile of her two-mile race to claim 15th out of 121 runners.

The speedy Wolf hit the tape in 13 minutes, 59.95 seconds.

The massive meet drew in teams from every classification in Washington state, with all three Whidbey Island schools making the trip.

Other Coupeville results:

Freshman girls — Alana Mihill (33rd) 15:42.79

Sophomore boys — Sam Wynn (72nd) 12:48.23; TJ Rickner (120th) 14:10.90

Junior boys — Chris Ruck (117th) 15:52.05

Senior boys — Danny Conlisk (53rd) 12:26.31; Kyle Burnett (91st) 16:30.07

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