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Mitchell Hall was the fastest Wolf Saturday. (Jackie Saia photo)

Massive in every way.

The Nike Hole in the Wall Cross Country Invitational takes two days to run, with middle school harriers up on day one, and high school runners toeing the line the next morning.

Saturday, when Coupeville’s older athletes arrived, they represented just one of 137 high schools, hailing from multiple states, in attendance.

With CHS coach Paige Spangler in Chicago to run a marathon, middle school running guru Elizabeth Bitting did double duty, shepherding two packs of Wolves to Lakewood High School in as many days.

Friday Bitting had 30 CMS runners in tow, while Saturday she showed up with 14 CHS harriers.

Along for the ride was her faithful support crew.

“Gotta give a great big shout out and THANK YOU to Amber Wyman for accompanying me both yesterday and today!” Bitting said. “She’s a rock star!!”

The CHS runners traversed a 5,000-meter course, while helping to form a vast caravan of humanity.

“The sound of a stampede of the runners blowing dust all around was an amazing sight!” Bitting said. “Gave me chills each time a race ran past me.

“I love cross country!!”

Even though the weather was a bit compromised by residue from forest fires, the Wolves stood tall (and ran fast) at the biggest event on the annual schedule.

“They ran AMAZING!!” Bitting said. “Again, the weather was warm, dusty, and some residual haze/smoke, but look at those times!

“Hole in the Wall never disappoints!!”

Coupeville has a gap on its schedule, not returning to competition until Oct. 20, when the Wolves head to Mount Vernon for the Northwest 2B/1B League Championships.

Wolf senior Helen Strelow was not able to run Saturday but spent the day snapping photos of her teammates and painting watercolors. (Elizabeth Bitting photo)


Saturday’s results:


GIRLS – Varsity:

Noelle Western 23:51.6
Claire Mayne 24:06.8
Erica McGrath 28:47.3
Reagan Callahan 31:43.3


BOYS – Varsity:

Mitchell Hall 18:41.5
Carson Field
George Spear
Landon Roberts
Thomas Strelow 21:05.7
Tate Wyman 21:18.4
Nic Wasik 22:35.1



Ezekiel Allen 22:45.4
Preston Howard 22:57.1
Easton Green 22:57.9

Coupeville coach Paige Spangler was out of state, but not forgotten. (Elizabeth Bitting photo)

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CMS cross country runners fuel up Wednesday at the league championship meet. (Elizabeth Bitting photos)

Noelle Western delivered Coupeville’s best performance.

The circle is complete.

Ending the season where it also began, the Coupeville Middle School cross country squad competed Wednesday at the Cascade League Championships.

Meet host Langley swept both team titles during the 140-runner event, while Coupeville claimed fourth in the girls race, and sixth in the boys.

Individual titles went to Reed Atwood of Langley and Caleb Greenland of Lakewood.

Coupeville placed a runner on the awards stand, with 8th grader Noelle Western claiming 9th place in the girls race.

The Wolves sent 15 runners to the line, with eight of the nine who competed in the season opener coming back around to set a PR on the same course.

“It’s always nice to finish where we first started the season,” said CMS coach Elizabeth Bitting. “So many PR’s, and so many happy faces!

“I am very proud of these athletes,” she added.

“I wish the 8th graders the best of luck in high school and I hope to see everybody else return in the fall! GO WOLVES!!!”


Complete Wednesday results (3000 meters):



Noelle Western (9th) 14:15.92
Mikayla Wagner (14th) 15:08.47
Ivy Rudat (15th) 15:08.80
Aleksia Jump (17th) 15:43.16
Laken Simpson (23rd) 16:03.25
Marin Winger (24th) 16:15.42
Liza Zustiak (28th) 16:38.59
Devon Wyman (36th) 18:58.47
Emma McFadden (38th) 19:12.79
Mary Western (41st) 19:36.61



Beckett Green (24th) 13:38.54
Wyatt Fitch-Marron (29th) 13:54.79
Joshua Stockdale (33rd) 14:21.70
Axel Marshall (41st) 14:54.58
Zack Blitch (61st) 17:50.91

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Coupeville Middle School runners, ready to rumble in Sultan. (Elizabeth Bitting photo)

They roared in pink.

Wearing colored wrist bands to show support for the battle against breast cancer, Coupeville Middle School cross country runners came up big Thursday at a meet in Sultan.

The Wolf girls stunned perennial powerhouse Langley, winning a team title in a tight race to the finish.

Coupeville, which put five runners in the top 20, finished with 48 points to their next door neighbor’s 52.

On the boys side, Lakewood ran away with the team title, with Coupeville finishing fifth.

Langley did win both individual titles, with Sienna Nissen and Rowan Jung topping the girls and boys, respectively.

The meet drew 122 runners in all.

CMS coach Elizabeth Bitting was thrilled with the team win, and her runners got to enjoy a wild time along the way.

“They had an adventurous afternoon,” she said. “The course was wet and muddy. They crossed many bridges, and saw lots of salmon swimming in the streams.”


Complete Thursday results (1.7 miles):



Noelle Western (10th) 13:47
Ivy Rudat (12th) 13:51
Aleksia Jump (15th) 14:27
Laken Simpson (18th) 15:10
Mikayla Wagner (19th) 15:10
Marin Winger (26th) 15:50
Liza Zustiak (27th) 16:00
Mary Western (35th) 19:22



Easton Green (20th) 12:42
Beckett Green 
(26th) 13:28
Wyatt Fitch-Marron (30th) 13:40
Joshua Stockdale (35th) 14:15
Axel Marshall (38th) 14:25
Zack Blitch (51st) 14:25

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Noelle Western was Coupeville’s fastest girl Saturday at the Westling Invitational. (Elizabeth Bitting photo)

“They did awesome! We may be small in numbers but we’re large in heart!!!”

A new season of Coupeville Middle School cross country dawned Saturday, and brought all the joy back to Wolf coach Elizabeth Bitting’s heart.

A day after rain and wind (mostly wind) buffeted Whidbey Island, the weather cooperated, and 10 CMS runners got their first chance to step to the line at a real competition.

The event was the Carl Westling Invitational in Langley, the 42nd edition of Whidbey’s premier gathering of harriers.

“What a beautiful day for the first race of the Coupeville Middle School cross country season!,” Bitting said. “No rain, no wind, and we had power!

“There were nerves, anxious feet, lots of questions, and loads of PR’s!!!”

The Wolf girls were up first, and her runners immediately made Bitting proud.

“Once that starting gun went off all nerves, doubts and fears faded, and all we saw were some determined runners!,” she said.

“I am so proud of what each of these runners accomplished at this, their first race,” Bitting added. “I cannot wait to see what the season brings! GO WOLVES!!!”


Complete CMS results (3,000 meters):



Noelle Western (10th) 15:00.10
Mikayla Wagner (11th) 15:04.80
Aleksia Jump (20th) 17:22.70
Marin Winger (21st) 17:43.50
Laken Simpson (22nd) 17:45.90
Emma McFadden (27th) 21:04.90
Mary Western (31st) 22:45.80



Easton Green (9th) 13:48.20
Beckett Green (11th) 14:06.00
Wyatt Fitch-Marron (17th) 15:22.40

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