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Cristina McGrath is one of many Coupeville cross country runners working hard this summer. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

Tate (grey hoodie) and Ayden Wyman put in some miles. (Photos courtesy Wyman family)

Pandemic or not, Coupeville’s cross country runners continue to burn up the prairie.

Wolf harrier coach Elizabeth Bitting had 14 runners submit mileage stats this week, with nine completing the first of four virtual competitions.

All combined, Coupeville’s fleet-footed young guns piled up 119.3 miles, bringing the team’s summer total to 372 miles.

The first virtual race was a 1.98 mile workout tabbed as “The Super Sherman Run.”




High School:

Tate Wyman (1st) 13:33
Alex Wasik (2nd) 13:41
Helen Strelow (3rd) 13:43
Hank Milnes (4th) 14:05
Cristina McGrath (5th) 16:42
Erica McGrath (6th) 17:17


Middle School:

Thomas Strelow (1st) 13:39
Nic Wasik (2nd) 14:12
Ayden Wyman (3rd) 14:59

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Wolf cross country runners put in summer work. (Photos courtesy Elizabeth Bitting)

Cross country endures in the age of COVID-19.

As things are currently shaping up, runners may be the only prep athletes allowed to compete this fall.

But, September’s still a long way off, and much can change.

Either way, neither the coronavirus or Whidbey’s spotty summer weather have slowed down the harriers.

While Coupeville High School looks for a new cross country coach, CMS running guru Elizabeth Bitting is keeping Wolf runners of every age busy flying across the prairie.

In week two of summer work, which just ended, Coupeville had eight runners submit mileage reports, with the group ringing up 86.6 miles.

That gives the Wolves a combined total of 201.4 miles so far.

Things get a new twist starting this week, as Bitting and Co. launch a virtual four-race series.

The Wolf coach sends out a set route to her runners, who then compete on their own and submit their times.

The deadline for race one is Saturday, July 11, with the results announced the next day.

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Brionna Blouin (left) and Allison Nastali would have been part of the Coupeville Middle School track team this spring. (Elizabeth Bitting photo)

It was gonna be ginormous.

There were 50(!) athletes ready to turn out for track and field at Coupeville Middle School this spring, much to the delight of their coaches.

But, before the Wolves could get going, the COVID-19 pandemic shut down schools, then erased the season before it could begin.

It’s a bittersweet moment for CMS coach Elizabeth Bitting, who would have been joined by fellow track guru Jon Gabelein.

“Very disappointing, but so understandable,” Bitting said.

“And our (high school) senior volunteer coach, Coach Kenji (Jaylen Nitta), was looking forward to coaching this season as well. He is very disappointed.”

While the trio of Wolf coaches won’t be working with their athletes at the track, Bitting, who also coaches in the fall, is already looking ahead with the hope prep sports will return.

“So I figure in the next few weeks I’ll send out an email for cross country!!!” she said with a note of conviction in her voice.


The 2020 CMS track team would have been:


6th grade:

Cody Badger
Teagan Calkins
Aleksia Jump
Jeann Nitta
Brynn Parker
Malichi Somes
George Spear
Liza Zustiak


7th grade:

Chase Anderson
Edie Bittner
Preston Epp
Mia Farris
Oktober Frost
Isabella Gaspio
Tavan Hughes
Katie Marti
Chloe Marzocca
Candace Meek
Jack Porter
Johnny Porter
Landon Roberts
Lyla Stuurmans
Nicholas Wasik
Savina Wells
Laila Wenzel


8th grade:

Brielle Armstrong
Brionna Blouin
Ryan Blouin
Alex Clark
Jackie Contreras
William Davidson
Logan Downes
Nick Guay
Issabel Johnson
Lauren Marrs
Erica McGrath
Hank Milnes
Ava Mitten
Allison Nastali
Timothy Nitta
Zane Oldenstadt
Alena Osborne
Skylar Parker
Desi Ramirez
Mikey Robinett
Olivia Schaffeld
Isabella Schooley
Ethan Smith
Cole White
Reese Wilkinson

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Coupeville 6th grader Teagan Calkins zips through the leaves Wednesday at the last middle school cross country race of the season. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

The Wolf boys break from the line.

CMS coach Elizabeth Bitting and her ready-to-rumble girls team.

Gunnin’ it for the finish line.

A deep, and dangerous pack of Wolves.

On the attack.

Everyone ran down to South Whidbey.

From the Coupeville Middle School harriers, who closed out their season Wednesday at the Cascade League Championships, to photographer John Fisken, Langley was the place to be.

The pics seen above are a mix of Wolf girls and boys at work, but there’s a lot more to see.

To take a gander at everything Fisken’s cameras caught, pop over to:


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The voters have spoken, and BreAnna Boon is your Top Coach of the Fall. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

The bigger school is back on top.

Breaking a run of three straight polls won by Coupeville Middle School coaches, CHS cheer guru BreAnna Boon has claimed the title of Top Coach of the Fall.

Boon, who finished second last year, held off CMS cross country coach, and defending champion, Elizabeth Bitting, to win a slug-fest which drew 8,000+ votes over the past 50 hours.

While there’s no physical award, the internet fame, and resulting warm glow in the chest of the winner, is undeniable.

Boon, who led most of the way, then put the hammer down early Monday, finished with 3,081 votes to Bitting’s 2,219.

Rounding out the top five were three newcomers to the world of Coupeville Sports coaching polls.

CHS C-Team volleyball coach Krimson Rector (995 votes), CHS cross country coach Luke Samford (341), and CMS boys soccer coach Reese Cernick (254) all had strong showings in a field of 21 coaches.

While she didn’t win, CMS volleyball coach Jenna Vester had the biggest climb in the waning hours, jumping from 19th to 6th as the contest wore down.

With Top Coach of the Fall voting in the books, there have been six coaching polls run by Coupeville Sports, with CHS and CMS now having split at 3-3.

Past winners include Ryan King (CHS football), Randy King (CHS track), Bitting (CMS cross country), Dante and DeAndre Mitchell (CMS basketball), and Jon Gabelein (CMS track).

Now, it’s on to Top Coach of the Winter in a few months, when Boon will have a chance to go back-to-back, if she can best the combined forces of CHS and CMS basketball.

Time to get in some training now.

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