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Coupeville 6th grader Teagan Calkins zips through the leaves Wednesday at the last middle school cross country race of the season. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

The Wolf boys break from the line.

CMS coach Elizabeth Bitting and her ready-to-rumble girls team.

Gunnin’ it for the finish line.

A deep, and dangerous pack of Wolves.

On the attack.

Everyone ran down to South Whidbey.

From the Coupeville Middle School harriers, who closed out their season Wednesday at the Cascade League Championships, to photographer John Fisken, Langley was the place to be.

The pics seen above are a mix of Wolf girls and boys at work, but there’s a lot more to see.

To take a gander at everything Fisken’s cameras caught, pop over to:


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The voters have spoken, and BreAnna Boon is your Top Coach of the Fall. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

The bigger school is back on top.

Breaking a run of three straight polls won by Coupeville Middle School coaches, CHS cheer guru BreAnna Boon has claimed the title of Top Coach of the Fall.

Boon, who finished second last year, held off CMS cross country coach, and defending champion, Elizabeth Bitting, to win a slug-fest which drew 8,000+ votes over the past 50 hours.

While there’s no physical award, the internet fame, and resulting warm glow in the chest of the winner, is undeniable.

Boon, who led most of the way, then put the hammer down early Monday, finished with 3,081 votes to Bitting’s 2,219.

Rounding out the top five were three newcomers to the world of Coupeville Sports coaching polls.

CHS C-Team volleyball coach Krimson Rector (995 votes), CHS cross country coach Luke Samford (341), and CMS boys soccer coach Reese Cernick (254) all had strong showings in a field of 21 coaches.

While she didn’t win, CMS volleyball coach Jenna Vester had the biggest climb in the waning hours, jumping from 19th to 6th as the contest wore down.

With Top Coach of the Fall voting in the books, there have been six coaching polls run by Coupeville Sports, with CHS and CMS now having split at 3-3.

Past winners include Ryan King (CHS football), Randy King (CHS track), Bitting (CMS cross country), Dante and DeAndre Mitchell (CMS basketball), and Jon Gabelein (CMS track).

Now, it’s on to Top Coach of the Winter in a few months, when Boon will have a chance to go back-to-back, if she can best the combined forces of CHS and CMS basketball.

Time to get in some training now.

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Landon Roberts leads a pack of Wolves at Thursday’s Granite Gallop. (Morgan White photos)

Gabe Reed sports a fresh new look in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month.

Marlen Montiel is in a hurry to get where she’s going.

Momentarily out of the rain, the Wolves reflect on their day.

Cole White slices through the rain drops.

The very bright future of Coupeville cross country.

Weather? What weather?

Running through sideways rain in Granite Falls Thursday, the Coupeville Middle School cross country team kicked off October in style.

The Wolves were decked out in pink wrist bands (and some freshly-dyed pink hair for Gabe Reed) in honor of the first race during Breast Cancer Awareness month, then attacked the course at the Granite Gallop.

With several runners making their season debut, the Wolves were at full force, with 6th grader Teagan Calkins and 8th grader Cole White notching the top times for the CMS girls and boys, respectively.

“Bang went the gun and off the runners went along with a DOWNPOUR!!!,” said Coupeville coach Elizabeth Bitting. “It was a wet, wet, race!!!!

“These runners didn’t let Mother Nature rain on the parade … well, race!,” she added. “They went out with a vengeance and finished strong!!”


Complete Thursday results (2500 meters):


7th/8th grade-GIRLS:

Ayden Wyman (15th) 12:04
Marlen Montiel (16th) 12:14
Edie Bittner (19th) 12:25
Lillian Stanwood (20th) 12:26
Erica McGrath (22nd) 12:54
Sofia Milasich (25th) 13:01
Sam McMahon (29th) 13:31
Aubrey Blitch (37th) 14:48


7th/8th grade-BOYS:

Cole White (12th) 9:47
Landon Roberts (14th) 9:52
Jack Porter (16th) 9:53
Hank Milnes (17th) 9:55
Hayden Harry (34th) 10:42
Jayden Moses (46th) 11:00
Johnny Porter (62nd) 11:51
Thomas Strelow (64th) 12:04
Alex Clark (68th) 12:27
Alex Bowder (73rd) 12:52
Gabe Reed (85th) 18:13


**6th graders don’t count towards team point totals, and times are not recorded on Athletic.net, but runners are listed in the order of their finish.


6th grade-GIRLS:

Teagan Calkins
Dianne Brown
Aleksia Jump
Brynn Parker
Liza Zustiak


6th grade-BOYS:

George Spear
Malachi Somes
Cody Badger
Adrian Cunningham

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Through rain or sunshine (probably rain), the Coupeville Middle School cross country runners are ready for a new season. (Photo by Morgan White)

Cross country is booming.

A little over a week out from her team’s first meet, Coupeville Middle School coach Elizabeth Bitting has 27 runners on her roster, a group which includes a hardy mix of returning veterans and first-time competitors.

It’s an almost perfectly balanced roster as well, with 14 boys and 13 girls answering the call of the trail.

One new quirk is the addition of sixth-graders to the mix, as Washington state has opened cross country and track to them starting this school year.

The youngest members of the team won’t count towards point totals, but get a chance to discover the sport, which is invaluable.

“They will be attending all races with us and running in all races,” Bitting said. “They get to experience the whole adventure and get a sneak peak of their competition in the future. This is a good thing!

“Just last cross country season 6th grade athletes were not able to participate in any sport at the middle school level and now they can participate in cross country and track. Strides are being made.”

As the early practices have played out, Bitting has been thrilled to see how her runners are already embracing the sport.

“Week one has gone AMAZING!!!!,” she said. “All these students are incredible athletes. They have been working so hard and already showing so much dedication.

“I’ve even had to increase some of the runs because they were just up to it,” Bitting added. “For example, day one, I ran the route backwards and when I met up with the front pack I casually asked, “Up to running further?” Without a beat the leader answers, “Sure. Why not?” So they ran farther!”

The CMS harriers make their competitive debut Saturday, Sept. 21 at South Whidbey’s Carl Westling Invitational.


The roster:



Dianne Brown
Teagan Calkins
Aleksia Jump
Brynn Parker
Liza Zustiak


Edie Bittner
Aubrey Blitch
Lillian Stanwood
Ayden Wyman


Erica McGrath
Samantha McMahon
Sofia Milasich
Marlen Montiel




Cody Badger
Adrian Cunningham
Malachi Somes
George Spear


Jack Porter
Johnny Porter
Landon Roberts
Thomas Strelow


Alex Clark
Dayvon Donavon
Hayden Harry
Hank Milnes
Gabe Reed
Cole White

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Claire Mayne and her fellow CMS track and field stars are set to kick off a new season next month. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

On to the next sport!

Middle school girls basketball ended less than 24 hours ago, and already we’re looking ahead to the next season, as Coupeville’s 7th and 8th graders head outside in a few weeks.

CMS track and field kicks off practice Apr. 9, with the first meet set for five weeks from today.

The schedule, as it sits today:


Wed-Apr. 24 — @King’s (3:15)
Wed-May 1 — HOME vs. S. Whidbey, King’s (3:15)
Wed-May 8 — HOME vs. Sultan/Lakewood (3:15)
Thur-May 16 — @Sultan (3:30)
Wed-May 22 — @South Whidbey (3:15)
Tue-May 28 — @Lakewood (League Prelims) (3:15)
Thur-May 30 — @Lakewood (League Finals) (3:15)

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