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Hayley Fiedler gets the crowd fired up. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

The gym was alive.

Cheerleaders and fans provided the background noise Tuesday, as the Coupeville High School boys’ basketball team raced to a playoff win on its home court.

In between the cheers, the sound of camera clicks could be heard as well, and the pics seen above and below come to us courtesy John Fisken.

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Cael Wilson ponders his place in the universe during a break in the action. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

Sometimes a photo is just a photo.

There’s no deep significance in the group of pics seen above and below — they’re merely a collection of behind-the-scenes images from recent track and field meets.

In other words, a gentle, two-minute coast through your Tuesday, requiring little reading and a little light gazing.

You’re welcome.

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Spring, when a young woman’s heart turns to playing outdoors. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

While this spring has featured more than its fair share of rain, wind, and typically chilly prairie temps, there have been a few sunrays in between.

When he’s not snapping pics of in-game action, photo whiz kid John Fisken has also turned his cameras to the side to document Coupeville fans.

The photos above and below are courtesy him.

To see much more, pop over to:



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(Photo courtesy Moose Moran)

The 1984 fightin’ Wolves. (Photo courtesy Moose Moran)

The Wayback Machine continues to find treasures from the past.

As we bop around through Coupeville High School’s athletic history, we find a bit here, a bit there.

Some stats, a handful of memories, and, once in awhile, a pristine photo of what once was.

That’s what we’ve got for you today, as we present an unearthed snapshot of the 1984 CHS girls’ hoops squad.


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So much going on in one photo.

   So much going on in the life of Emma Smith (seated). Ashlie Shank shows her a photo, Ally Roberts does her hair and Lauren Rose uses her forehead as a target. (John Fisken photos)


Kailey Kellner (left) and Tiffany Briscoe ain’t afraid of no cameras.


   She’s a soccer player. She’s a cheerleader. She’s a classroom juggernaut and a superhero. She’s Videoville alumni McKenzie Meyer.


Allison Wenzel holds a clinic on proper hitting technique.

Jimmy Myers

   Fall and a young man’s thoughts turn to mixing ballet with tennis. It’s Jimmy Myers, Renaissance man.


   How do we know this is staged? High school kids don’t read newspapers anymore. Ooh, zing, “Evil” Canadian corporate newspaper overlords.


   CHS cheerleader Sylvia Hurlburt (left) and super fan Kristi Etzell are animated (if cold) during a Wolf soccer game.


Not all fans embrace the photo op in the same way…


Aimee Bishop, eternally thrilled to see the paparazzi.

We’re going to find every last one of them. Maybe.

As we twiddle our thumbs a bit in the period between fall and winter sports, it’s been a good time to go through all the pics from the previous season and look for some interesting ones which fell through the cracks.

John Fisken clicks hard for the money (or Diet Coke, as it were), so let’s not let too many of them get away.

To the photo vault, boys!

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