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Today’s Wolf hoop stars, back in earlier days. (Contributed photo)

The female athletes in the Coupeville High School Class of 2025 are already stars.

As a group, and as individuals, they have been achieving success since the first day they picked up a basketball, or a softball, or popped into a gym.

After a strong start with fall sports, the Wolves of 2025 are getting ready for their freshman season of CHS hoops.

So, a perfect time to jump into the Wayback Machine and trip the light fantastic back to when these athletes were in first grade. Or, somewhere close to that.

Back row, left to right, it’s Chloe Marzocca, Candace Meek, Jada Heaton, Katie Marti, Savina Wells, and Lyla Stuurmans.

Front row brings us Taylor Brotemarkle, Edie Bittner, Mia Farris, Leela Burdge, and Shayla Towne.

Stars, one and all.

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   Sean Dillon (22) goes airborne, but the basketball refuses to make the trip with him.

   Randy Keefe knows when you’re the #3 scorer in school history, somebody, somewhere, is always going to be taking your photo.

   The rough-and-tumble hoops legends of the early ’50s look ready to start a back alley brawl.

Wolf coach Bob Barker rocks legendary pants.

   Praying to the hardwood Gods. Oh wait, they could be just looking for Marc Bissett’s lost contacts lens…

Foster Faris cuts down the nets.

Trophy in hand, Keefe waits for his post-game radio interview.

Old-school or new-school. Short shorts or long shorts. Layups or three-balls. All-League or bench warmers.

Doesn’t matter what decade you played, what style you used or how much floor time you got.

If you wore the Wolf uniform, or coached, or kept stats, or managed, or cheered at any point during the 101 years Coupeville High School boys basketball has been active, this Friday is for you.

CHS is throwing an anniversary shindig centered around its home game with Chimacum (JV 3:30, varsity 5:15), and everyone is invited back.

The school, with a lot of help from tech whiz kid Katey Wilson, is producing a snazzy collectible game program, which will feature info on the first CHS hoops game in 1917, the immortal ’69-’70 team and the Top 15 career scorers.

There will be festivities at halftime, then every former Wolf in attendance can be part of an epic “team” photo after the game.

Finally, current Wolf basketball moms are providing refreshments (cake!!) for a post-game reception in the health room, which is right outside the entrance to the gym, inside the same building.

As we head towards anniversary day, we’ve been dropping vintage photos left and right here on Coupeville Sports, and today’s come to us courtesy Renae (Keefe) Mulholland and Kimberly (Stuurmans) Bepler.

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   Future Wolf stars (l to r) Steve Konek, Todd Pedlar, Scott Losey, Mitch Aparicio, Bill Carstensen, Brandy Ambrose and Rusty Bailey. (Photo courtesy Aparicio)

Future gridiron stars, basketball hot shots and track record holders — all wearing prime early ’80s short shorts.

The pic above, which comes to us courtesy Coupeville Sports Hall o’ Famer Mitch Aparicio, captures the junior high version of the Wolves, circa the 1981-1982 season.

As we count down towards Jan. 19, when CHS will celebrate the 101st anniversary of the first hoops game in school history, we’re collecting and posting as many basketball pics as possible.

Have one? Have 100? Send them my way, to davidsvien@hotmail.com.

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   Current senior Payton Aparicio leads off a look at what this year’s volleyball team was up to in 2004, the last time Wolf spikers made it to the state tourney.

Senior Kyla Briscoe

Senior Mikayla Elfrank

   Assistant coach Ashley Herndon, then a high school senior.

Senior Hope Lodell

Sophomore Emma Mathusek

Senior Katrina McGranahan

Junior Ashley Menges

Freshman Chelsea Prescott

Senior Lauren Rose

Assistant coach Chris Smith

Junior Emma Smith

Sophomore Scout Smith

Sophomore Maya Toomey-Stout

Senior Allison Wenzel (left) and big sis Rachel.

   And head coach Cory Whitmore, back when he was tearing up the court as a 14-year-old.

A lot has changed in 13 years.

When Coupeville High School’s volleyball squad heads to Yakima Thursday, it’ll be the first time the Wolf spikers have made it to the state tourney since 2004.

Back then, Toni Crebbin was calling the shots on the sideline for CHS and all-timers like Taniel Lamb, Mindy Horr and Kirsty Croghan were roaming the floor, mixing thunderous spikes with silky sets and sizzlin’ service aces.

As the 2004 Wolves romped through a season in which they were ranked #1 in the state at one point, the next generation was quietly going about its own business.

Spread across Coupeville and several other towns (and states), the 13 girls and three coaches who comprise this year’s state team had no idea they would one day unite in the spotlight.

While they wait for the bus to gas up for the long trip East, let’s take a ramble down memory lane and see just what they were all up to back in those lazy, hazy days of 2004.

You know, when OutKast was singing “Hey Ya!” and I was busy at Videoville, trying to make people rent the criminally-underrated “13 Going on 30.”

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Clay Hughes

   Clay Hughes plays through the blood and churns for yardage back in 2006. (Photos courtesy Willie Smith’s spring cleaning)


Concrete’s defenders are already too late.


Hughes was also an accomplished ballet dancer in his spare time…

Who knows what lurks in the back rooms at the Coupeville High School gym complex?

Go digging through old boxes, like I’ve done recently after Athletic Director Willie Smith went on a spring cleaning binge, and I’ve found treats galore.

Old stat sheets, middle school basketball photos and a lot of rosters from rival schools (Tom Roehl liked to horde them).

Buried in one box were a couple of discs containing photos from the 2006 CHS football season.

Who the photographer was, I have no clue.

And, to my great disappointment, no incriminating photos of any Wolf coaches taking Bellevue-style payoffs or players involved in raging keggers.

Come on man, where’s my decade-old scandal?!?!?, he said with a grin.

Anyways … back in reality, the one thing that popped out from the photos was the frequent image of Clay Hughes, gridiron stud extraordinaire, hard at work.

Mr. Hughes, now a wildly successful businessman, was a junior during the ’06 gridiron campaign and the Wolves primary rusher.

Working in tandem with Casey Larson and Trevor Tucker, he led Coupeville’s ground game in a season in which they churned out 2,042 yards over a 4-6 season.

Larson had the biggest single game of the year, ripping South Whidbey for 182 yards and four touchdowns in a 27-8 Wolf win.

But it was Hughes who carried the brunt of the offense, piling up 907 yards in the nine games he played, while Larson tallied 784 yards in 10 games.

Twice the duo combined to smash the 300-yard barrier that season.

South Whidbey, of course, where Hughes tacked on 119 yards as the Wolves battered the Falcon defense silly.

Their best game, though, came in an 18-7 win over Concrete in week two, in which Larson went for 165 and Hughes 164.

Coupeville gained an astonishing 411 yards that day — Sept. 8, 2006 — on 58 carries, allowing quarterback James Smith to throw the ball just twice.

Larson and Smith are already in the Coupeville Sports Hall o’ Fame, and Hughes will likely join them one day soon.

Until then, as we approach the 10-year anniversary of the Concrete Massacre, let’s look back at some photos of Hughes in action and reflect on one of the best seasons ever thrown down by a Wolf rusher.

La Conner — 17 carries for 69 yards
Concrete — 28-164
ATM — 13-38
Sultan — 28-159
Granite Falls — OUT
South Whidbey — 19-119
King’s — 29-158
Lakewood — 18-85
Cedarcrest — 12-42
Friday Harbor — 27-74

Totals: 192-907 with 5 TDs; averaged 4.7 yards a carry and 100.8 yards a game.

Also had 26 tackles on defense.

PS — He added 675 yards and another 9 TDs as a senior.

So, a tip of the hat, Clay. Once a beast, always a beast.

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