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Nick Guay leads off a final collection of CMS boys basketball pics. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

William Davidson

Hunter Bronec

Zane Oldenstadt

Cole White

Landon Roberts

Time to put the basketballs away and clean out the photo file.

With the Coupeville Middle School boys hoops season closing Thursday, here’s six Wolf portraits I never got around to using.

They come to us from John Fisken, and are seeing the light of the internet for the first time.

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William Davidson rolls to the hoop. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

Logan Downes leads CMS hoops players in scoring, averaging a tick over 15 a night. (Morgan White photo)

They’re filling up the hoop.

Four games into a 10-game schedule, 21 Coupeville Middle School boys basketball players have chucked the rock through the net.

The Wolves are off for a few days over the Thanksgiving holidays, but are back in action this Monday, when they travel to Lakewood.

After that, they play four of their final five games at home, starting with a match-up Dec. 4 against King’s.

The scoring race through Nov. 29:

Logan Downes – 61
Timothy Nitta – 27
Cole White – 22
Hunter Bronec – 20
Mikey Robinett – 15
Justin Jansen – 14
Johnny Porter – 12
Nathan Ginnings – 11
JP Edoukou – 10
Hurlee Bronec – 8
William Davidson – 8
Zane Oldenstadt – 7
Carson Fields – 6
Nick Guay – 6
Quinten Simpson-Pilgrim – 6
Ryan Blouin – 4
Harlan Mouw – 4
Jack Porter – 4
Alex Clark – 2
Landon Roberts – 2
Chris Villarreal – 2

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Brynn Parker slashed two minutes off her best time Wednesday, as CMS cross country finished a successful season under coach Elizabeth Bitting. (Corinn Parker photo)

“Wowza!!! Look at those improvements!”

Coupeville Middle School cross country coach Elizabeth Bitting was beaming Wednesday after most of her runners PR’d at the Cascade League Championships in South Whidbey.

The Wolves wrapped a very-successful seven-meet season with their final race in Langley, which covered a 1.7 mile course.


Complete Wednesday results:


7th/8th graders:


Ayden Wyman (16th) 12:34.08
Marlen Montiel (22nd) 13:01.71
Edie Bittner (25th) 13:40.18
Sofia Milasich (26th) 13:46.38
Lillian Stanwood (27th) 13:52.19
Sam McMahon (28th) 13:57.73
Erica McGrath (31st) 14:02.17
Aubrey Blitch (41st) 15:55.80


Jack Porter (16th) 10:29.91
Landon Roberts (17th) 10:30.98
Hank Milnes 
(19th) 10:43.03
Jayden Moses (47th) 11:49.37
Johnny Porter
(55th) 12:12.11
Thomas Strelow
(60th) 12:29.99
Alex Clark 
(68th) 12:51.14
Alex Bowder 
(74th) 13:14.22
Gabe Reed 
(85th) 17:50.83


6th graders (Times recorded, but don’t count in standings):


Teagan Calkins 12:15
Aleksia Jump 
Brynn Parker
Liza Zustiak
Dianne Brown


Cody Badger 11:18
George Spear
Malichi Somes
Adrian Cunningham

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Alex Bowder fears not your puny rain. (Elizabeth Bitting photos)

The end result of running in the October mud.

Cole White is crowned as the Fall King.

It was messy. It was weird. But it was fun, too.

Running for the final time during the regular season, the Coupeville Middle School cross country team and coach Elizabeth Bitting survived a wild trip Thursday to Sultan.

The Wolves didn’t get lost on the 1.7 mile trail at Osprey Park — that was a different school, thanks to “high school hooligans removing signs on the course, and causing a 30 minute delay.”

Once the missing team was found, and everyone was assured no one had resorted to cannibalism while lost in the wilds, the weather took front stage.

October rain dumped in buckets, turning the course into a wet, muddy, slippery obstacle course.

But all of the Wolves endured, plus they got to see salmon spawn on the trip (and no cannibals), so win-win.

“It was a very eventful afternoon!,” Bitting said. “Both boys and girls ran amazingly!

“Goals were met, mud was all over runners legs, runner were drenched, and on the bus ride to Granite all I hear is laughter!,” she added. “This coach is content!”

Bitting also added a big shout-out to bus driver Kathy Bennett, who had to haul two cross country teams to different towns Thursday.

While the middle school harriers hopped off in Sultan, the high school runners stayed on the bus until it reached Granite Falls.

“For this race, I felt for our wonderful bus driver,” Bitting said. “THANK YOU, Kathy!!”

With the regular season ending Thursday, the CMS runners have one meet left, but it’s a big one.

The Wolves head off to South Whidbey Oct. 23 for the Cascade League Championships.


Complete Thursday results:


7th/8th graders:


Ayden Wyman (16th) 13:22.6
Marlen Montiel (18th) 13:58.7
Lillian Stanwood (19th) 13:58.9
Sofia Milasich (21st) 14:07.6
Edie Bittner (22nd) 14:19.0
Sam McMahon (26th) 14:42.5
Erica McGrath (30th) 14:57.7
Aubrey Blitch (31st) 15:23.8


Cole White (5th) 10:42.6
Jack Porter (7th) 10:46.4
Landon Roberts (11th) 10:54.3
Hank Milnes
(12th) 10:55.5
Hayden Harry
(28th) 11:43.5
Jayden Moses
(32nd) 11:48.7
Thomas Strelow
(48th) 12:30.4
Johnny Porter
(52nd) 12:40.9
Alex Clark
(65th) 14:51.6
Alex Bowder
(66th) 14:54.4
Gabe Reed
(70th) 18:18.3


6th graders (Times recorded, but not standings):


Teagan Calkins 13:17
Aleksia Jump
Dianne Brown
Brynn Parker
Liza Zustiak


Cody Badger 11:40
Malichi Somes
George Spear
Adrian Cunningham

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Liza Zustiak, seen in an earlier race, was one of 24 CMS harriers to hit the trail Saturday morning. (Morgan White photo)

Off at the crack of dawn, the Wolves drive into the sunrise. (Elizabeth Bitting photos)

In Lakewood and ready to rumble at a meet which drew nearly 250 middle school runners.

But first, a photo op.

They went for an early morning run with a few of their friends.

Departing Whidbey early enough to watch the sun rise in front of its bus Saturday, the Coupeville Middle School cross country squad trekked to Lakewood for one of the biggest races of the season.

Once there, the Wolves contributed 24 harriers to a Nike Hole in the Wall Cross Country Invitational field which stretched out to nearly 250 middle school competitors.

Led by top finishers Ayden Wyman and Cole White, the CMS harriers impressed coach Elizabeth Bitting.

“These runners make me so proud, watching them push themselves during races and working hard during the week!,” she said.

The Wolf girls were the first to hit the course, and let others know they were coming by the freight train-like sound of their shoes hitting grass.

“Again with the pack-like mentality they moved as one,” Bitting said. “The ladies fought hard on this brisk fall morning.”

Coupeville’s boys squad was next up and had an especially strong showing, placing 6th out of 11 schools.

“We had a few mishaps; shoes untied during the race, on more than one of our runners!,” Bitting said with a smile. “Some pushing occurred out on the course on a corner the runners took.

“But all finished with a smile on their faces knowing they ran The Hole in the Wall with so many other runners.”

CMS has two more races on its schedule, heading to Sultan Oct. 17, before competing Oct. 23 at the league championships in South Whidbey.

“Keep it up!,” Bitting said. “Two more weeks to go! GO WOLVES!!!!!!”


Complete Saturday results:


Ayden Wyman (43rd) 12:46.1
Teagan Calkins (49th) 12:51.9
Marlen Montiel (50th) 12:53.0
Sofia Milasich (70th) 13:53.6
Aleksia Jump (74th) 14:17.5
Erica McGrath (80th) 14:50.7
Sam McMahon (81st) 14:55.7
Liza Zustiak (84th) 15:04.1
Edie Bittner (85th) 15:07.6
Brynn Parker (87th) 15:11.1
Aubrey Blitch (90th) 15:40.0


Cole White (25th) 10:26.9
Jack Porter (33rd) 10:43.7
Landon Roberts (34th) 10:45.3
Hank Milnes (41st) 11:02.0
George Spear (60th) 11:28.5
Cody Badger (62nd) 11:30.4
Hayden Harry (86th) 12:04.4
Malichi Somes (91st) 12:15.3
Johnny Porter (123rd) 13:19.8
Thomas Strelow (125th) 13:29.4
Alex Bowder (135th) 14:09.5
Alex Clark (136th) 14:13.3
Adrian Cunningham (146th) 16:27.5

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