Sights like this — a young soccer player learning the game in Coupeville — may be going away. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

Barring a miracle, there will be no organized youth soccer in Coupeville this fall.

With its Board of Directors reduced to one member, Central Whidbey Soccer Club President Robert Wood announced Monday the club will shut down operations in a month.

In a letter he issued to the youth soccer community, he implored others to step up, while admitting he has asked for the same thing for two years, with little response.

Wood’s letter:

It is with great sorrow I must inform you that our Club is going to close as of July 1, 2018.

For the past two years I have eagerly invited community enthusiasts and soccer parents to join our Board of Directors, and no one has stepped forward.

As of Sunday, May 20th, I am the final CWSC Board Member — all others have either resigned or are engaged with family affairs which take priority.

In order for the club to survive we have just over 30 days to install a new Board of Directors in all positions as listed below.

If we do not, then the fall season is canceled for all age groups, all equipment will be donated appropriately, and all funds will be distributed to Coupeville High School as a donation to its soccer teams.

A small fund will be kept in our bank account to maintain the Club’s domain name and structure should anyone wish to revive it in the near future.

What is needed:

PRESIDENT: direct the operations of the Club; plan for future growth

VICE-PRESIDENT: perform all duties of the President in his/her absence; assist all other BOD positions with issues they have; provide leadership and guidance for the current or upcoming soccer season to allow the President to focus on future events

SECRETARY: schedule and attend meetings and record minutes for archive and legal purposes; assist Treasurer and Registrar in their duties

TREASURER: manage all financial endeavors for the Club; create and maintain current expense budget and plan for future events/budgets; pay all invoices according to the Club’s operating procedures

REGISTRAR: manage and maintain registration capabilities on the CWSC website; create and manage teams and player assignments; assist the Treasurer and the Secretary in the performance of their duties

SPONSORSHIP: acquire financial sponsorships for the Club; assist the Secretary and Registrar in the performance of their duties

EQUIPMENT: determine equipment requirements for the current and future season; working with Treasurer develop an equipment-budget; assist all other BOD positions in the performance of their duties

Tasks that require special attention:

Financial management and Electronic Bill Pay with Heritage Bank (local)

Management and upkeep of the club’s Google for Non-Profit accounts and electronic files

Management and upkeep of the club’s website — http://www.centralwhidbeysoccer.com/

I’m sorry that this situation has arrived.

I wish I had the leadership and strength to gain a new BOD in the shortest possible time and allow the Club to continue operations and provide an opportunity to learn the beautiful game.

Should a group of you wish to serve the Club and community and continue operations I am happy to remain on as an adviser to assist in the transition.

I wish you all well and hope to see you on the pitch sometime soon.

Robert Wood
CWSC President

   Coupeville’s Sage Renninger (left), Ken Stange and Payton Aparicio are off to Yakima this weekend for the 1A state girls tennis tourney. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

Well, at least no one gets to play in their backyard.

When Payton Aparicio and Sage Renninger pile into a van with Coupeville High School tennis coach Ken Stange and head off to the state tourney this weekend, they’ll have a long drive.

It’s 192.4 miles from Cow Town to Yakima, and the duo will be the first Wolf girls double team to make the trek in a decade.

But, at the least, their first-round foes in the double-elimination draw, Sierra Rothlisberger and Madeline Peebles of Chelan, have to travel 138.6 miles.

Win or lose, Aparicio and Renninger are guaranteed a second match Friday, and it will be against either defending state champs Amanda Lin and Maria Russinovich of Overlake or Kaylee Schow and Ally Vestal of Tenino.

Those duos are trekking 141.2 and 165.7 miles one-way, respectively, so no one can really fall back on the excuse of tired legs.

What the Wolves will face is temps expected to be in the 90’s and unfamiliar foes.

The duos headed to state whom Aparicio and Renninger have played — Mary Zisette and Alison Papritz of South Whidbey and Grace and Kate Jung of Cascade Christian — are on the other side of the 16-team draw.

In an intriguing twist, the Falcon duo will also face a Chelan team, made up of Elle Rothlisberger (younger sister of Sierra) and Bella Gatzemier.

The Mountain Goats (yes, that is Chelan’s mascot, and yes, it’s awesome) hail from the 1A Caribou Trail League and the Rothlisberger sisters are coached by dad Marty.

Depending on how they do, Aparicio and Renninger will play between 2-3 matches Friday. Make it to Saturday and they are guaranteed a top-eight finish, and the medals that come with that.

As the duo prepare for their final run as prep netters, a look at the pertinent details:



1B/2B/1A girls tennis state tournament



Yakima Tennis Club
2505 Fruitvale Blvd



May 25-26


Ticket prices:

It’s FREE … if you go all the way to Yakima.


WIAA tournament central site:





Coupeville senior Jacob Smith is set to run in four events at his final high school state track meet. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

Track and field is all about the numbers.

Every tenth-of-a-second, every inch, is the difference between nabbing another PR and exiting the stadium with a little extra skip in your step.

But now, as we enter the final week of the season, the game has changed a bit for the last 16 Coupeville High School track stars still standing.

Nine Wolf boys and seven girls are off to Cheney this weekend for the state tourney. When they get there, they’ll still want PR’s, but the hunt is also on for medals, and, possibly, state titles.

It’s been eight long years since a Coupeville athlete won top honors.

You have to go back to the spring of 2010, when Tyler King stood atop the podium in the 1600 and 3200 to find a Wolf state champ.

That performance came in his junior season, and he followed it up by winning a state title in cross country to kick off his senior year.

From that moment on, no CHS athlete has achieved nirvana, not even King himself, as he finished second in the 800, 1600 and 3200 as a senior.

But once again, as a new state meet approaches, there is hope.

And it’s real hope, as Wolf senior Jacob Smith is among the fastest in all of 1A in the 100 and 200, while junior Lindsey Roberts is just a step or two off in the 100 hurdles.

Smith qualified for state in four events (100, 200, 4 x 1, 4 x 2), matching what Maya Toomey-Stout accomplished last season.

If he were to medal in all of his events, he would join Jon Chittim as the only Wolves to earn four competitive medals in one state meet.

Chittim won state titles in the 200, 400 and 4 x 4, while finishing seventh in the 100 that season.

Five of Coupeville’s 16 state-bound athletes will arrive in Cheney with at least one competitive state track meet medal already in their collection, and all can make a move up the all-time list for Wolf track stars.

Roberts has claimed four medals in her first two seasons, while Smith (2), Danny Conlisk (1), Mallory Kortuem (1) and Maya Toomey-Stout (1) have also earned previous honors.

In the history of CHS track, there are 21 athletes who have captured three or more medals in competition.

They are:

Tyler King (11)
Kyle King (10)
Makana Stone (7)
Natasha Bamberger (6)
Chad Gale (6)
Bill Carstensen (5)
Jon Chittim (5)
Yashmeen Knox (5)
Jeff Fielding (4)
Lauren Grove (4)
Sylvia Hurlburt (4)
Dalton Martin (4)
Brian Miller (4)
Lindsey Roberts (4)
Madison Tisa-McPhee (4)
Ed Cook (3)
Hunter Hammer (3)
Kyra Ilyankoff (3)
Janiece Jenkins (3)
Amy Mouw (3)
Pete Rosenkranz (3)

As we wait for Roberts, Smith and Co. to make a run at history in the blazing inferno that is Eastern Washington in late May, a look at the particulars.



1B/2B/1A Track and Field State Championships



Eastern Washington University in Cheney



May 24-26 (no Coupeville athletes compete Thursday)


Ticket prices:

Adults – $6 Thursday, $10 Friday or Saturday, or $24 for entire meet
Senior (62+) – $5, $8, $19
Students (5-11 and 12+ with ASB) – $5, $8, $19
Children (Under 5) – FREE


WIAA tournament central site:



Schedule for CHS competitors:



10 AM – Girls Javelin (Finals) — Lauren Bayne
10 AM – Girls 4 x 200 (Prelims) — Lindsey Roberts, Ashlie Shank, Mallory Kortuem, Maya Toomey-Stout
11:20 AM – Girls 100 Hurdles (Prelims) — Roberts
11:55 AM – Boys 100 (Prelims) — Jacob Smith
12:30 PM – Boys Discus (Finals) — Chris Battaglia
12:45 PM – Girls Long Jump (Finals) — Cassidy Moody
1:00 – Boys 4 x 100 (Prelims) — Cameron Toomey-Stout, Smith, Sean Toomey-Stout, Jean Lund-Olsen
1:45 PM – Girls 4 x 100 (Prelims) — Shank, Kortuem, M. Toomey-Stout, Roberts
2:30 PM – Boys 400 (Prelims) — Danny Conlisk
3:10 PM – Boys Triple Jump (Finals) — Ariah Bepler, C. Toomey-Stout
4:30 PM – Boys 200 (Prelims) — Smith
5:35 PM – Boys 4 x 400 (Prelims) – Smith, Henry Wynn, S. Toomey-Stout, Conlisk



9:15 AM – Opening ceremonies
10:00 AM – Girls 4 x 200 (Finals)
10:15 AM – Boys Long Jump (Finals) — C. Toomey-Stout, S. Toomey-Stout
11:25 AM – Girls 100 Hurdles (Finals)
11:45 AM – Boys 100 (Finals)
12:30 PM – Boys Shot Put (Finals) — Ryan Labrador
1:00 PM – Boys 4 x 100 (Finals)
1:20 PM – Girls 4 x 100 (Finals)
1:40 PM – Boys 400 (Finals)
3:00 PM – Girls Discus (Finals) — Allison Wenzel
3:05 PM – Boys High Jump (Finals) — Bepler
3:35 PM – Boys 200 (Finals)
4:50 PM – Boys 4 x 400 (Finals)

Justine McGranahan, the final word on softball stats. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

The games ended Saturday, but the stats-perusing will go on for awhile.

With the season having come to an end for the Coupeville High School softball squad, the focus turns from the field to the agate, with every last walk and stolen base totaled up.

Wolf senior Katrina McGranahan finished atop the heap, leading her team in six of 11 offensive categories and all 11 pitching categories.

Also landing atop at least one offensive category were senior Lauren Rose, juniors Veronica Crownover and Sarah Wright and freshman Chelsea Prescott.

A final look at season-to-date stats, as compiled by CHS coaches and posted on MaxPreps:



Player AB Runs Hits 2B 3B HR SB BB RBI Avg. OBP
C. Caveness 44 10 11 4 3 7 .250 .298
H. Lodell 61 11 18 4 1 3 5 4 .295 .358
E. Mathusek 43 8 11 3 5 8 .256 .347
S. Smith 74 23 24 3 3 4 17 .324 .367
L. Rose 52 21 15 2 1 6 11 5 .288 .413
C. Prescott 61 22 15 2 2 5 6 13 .246 .313
M. Davis 23 4 4 2 3 3 .174 .296
K. McGranahan 70 30 30 1 4 1 14 9 16 .429 .518
M. Bailey 21 8 6 1 1 4 5 .286 .400
V. Crownover 69 15 28 7 3 4 19 .406 .438
S. Wright 76 24 27 5 3 2 1 1 27 .355 .364
N. Laxton 20 2 4 1 5 .200 .273



Player W/L ERA Gms CG SO Hits Runs BB K IP BF
K. McGranahan 10-6 3.37 19 13 3 89 92 42 103 108 516
S. Smith 2-3 9.00 6 1 31 40 9 6 21 120
C. Prescott 0-0 3.50 1 3 1 2 2 12

Lauren Rose is one of three Wolf seniors who will play in an All-Star fastpitch softball game. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

She’ll be joined by slugging sensation Katrina McGranahan.

Hope Lodell, here dropping a bunt, rounds out the terrific trio.

One more day on the diamond as teammates.

Coupeville High School seniors Lauren Rose, Katrina McGranahan and Hope Lodell have been invited to play in an annual All-Star fastpitch softball game hosted by the Kitsap Athletic Roundtable.

The game is set for May 30 at the Kitsap Fairgrounds and will be a nine-inning affair, with first pitch at 4 PM.

The Wolf trio, who were four-year starters and perennial All-Conference players for CHS, will wear their school uniforms.

McGranahan has been Coupeville’s primary pitcher the past four years, while Lodell patrolled center field.

Rose was a jack of all trades, catching as a freshman, doing duty at third-base as a sophomore and junior and closing her prep career at shortstop.

Coupeville won 47 games and an Olympic League title during their run, twice coming within a game of advancing to the state tournament.