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   Chelsea Randall, woman of 1,001 talents (and soon, some Emmy awards … or maybe a Tony. Yeah, probably a Tony). (Kelsey Simmons photo)

   Karla Crouch (center) and crew mates on the set of “The Adventures of Captain Callie.” (WhidbeyTV photo)

There are a lot of people in this world who can do one thing, and some of those have a fair amount of talent in their chosen field.

But it’s rare, truly rare, when one person can do five, six, maybe 20 different things — all at once — and excel at each and every one of them.

Chelsea Randall, who put up with me for three years back when we worked together in the restaurant biz, is flat out the most talented person I know on a personal basis.

She always deserved so much more than what she was getting, and that makes it even sweeter to see her being rewarded, finally, for her talent, her drive and her genius.

Chelsea’s new TV show, The Adventures of Captain Callie, a musical, nautical-themed children’s adventure which she created, wrote, choreographed and composed, hits the airwaves next Wednesday, Aug. 16.

Starring Karla Crouch as the titular character, the series follows Captain Callie and her young crew mates as they explore Whidbey Island, a song on their lips and adventure in their hearts.

The show will play at 8 AM and 4 PM on WhidbeyTV, channel 501, or if you’re not in their broadcast area, pop over and stream it at http://whidbeytv.com/

To get a feel of what the show will look and sound like, take a gander at the preview:

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Look out, Dora. Ship Ahoy is coming for your throne. (Logo courtesy WhidbeyTV)

Look out, Dora. Ship Ahoy is coming for your throne. (Logo courtesy WhidbeyTV)

Hollywood is calling.

Or at least the local version of Tinseltown is, as Freeland-based WhidbeyTV is holding auditions Monday, May 2 for Ship Ahoy, a new scripted children’s television show.

The jobs up for grabs are paid, non-union roles.

Ship Ahoy is described as a “nautical-themed, whimsical, musical children’s series” which will follow along as Captain Callie and her crew embark on a series of adventures.

Auditions will be held from 2-6 PM at the Whidbey Island Center for the Arts (WICA) in Langley, with call-backs at a later date.

The show will be shot in July and August, with some time commitment required in May and June.

Those planning to audition will need a head-shot, a resume and 16 bars of an upbeat song.

An accompanist will be provided, and you should be prepared to also read from sides.

Roles available include:

Joe — Male, age range 14-16 to play younger. Must sing and dance.

Mariah — Female, age range 14-16 to play younger. Must sing and dance.

Both Joe and Mariah are energetic, positive kids who love to sing, dance and use their imaginations.

Russell (Puppet) — Male, vocal age range 20-40.

Captain Callie’s first mate. Must be able to do an Australian accent, sing and puppeteer.

Penny (Puppet) — Female, vocal age range 20-50.

Penny is the jolly postmistress. Some singing required. Must be able to puppeteer.

Iris (a GPS-like machine) — Female, vocal age range 20-50. Voice acting only.

There is a possibility the same person could handle the roles of both Penny and Iris.

If you’re interested in getting in on the ground floor of the next landmark kid’s TV show, drop a line to shipahoyproductions@gmail.com for an audition time slot and sides.

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