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Behind the scenes in pie-baking country. (Bruce Stevens photos)

Roll, pumpkin, roll.

Roll, pumpkin, roll.

It’s pie season.

Don’t even pretend you don’t know what I’m talkin’ about, Willis.

With Thanksgiving less than two weeks away, now is the perfect time to take a little bit of holiday stress off your shoulders and dump it onto a professional.

Emily’s Sweets and Treats, which celebrated its one-year anniversary at the end of October, is branching out into the pie business, as co-owner Bruce Stevens gets busy in the back.

In between talk of origami, Corgis and football, the local chef/baker is hard at work.

Sunday he was decorating a 75th birthday cake for delivery under the watchful eye of wife Emily (which is where Corgis and their large Instagram following came into the discussion), while still having an eye on the explosion of pies about to flow from their oven.

The duo, who have been crafting cupcakes, brownies, scones and other sweet treats, are adding pie to the menu — at least for a bit.

Customers can swing by the shop (located down on Front Street in Coupeville right across from Front Street Grill) or check in by email — emilysweetsandtreats@gmail.com — and reserve their pies right now.

Orders will be taken from Nov. 15-23 and pies can be picked up Tuesday, Nov. 24, when the store will be open 10-6.

Stevens is offering four taste sensations — pumpkin, cherry, apple and pecan — and each pie is made on location with fresh ingredients and, dare I say it, a dollop of holiday joy.

The store will have two sizes, with five-inch “personal” pies and nine-inch “family” size.

Pumpkin and cherry are priced at $10 and $19, while apple and pecan come in at $12 and $21.

Or, if you’re in the mood for a seasonal twist, Emily’s will also feature a pumpkin roll log for the holiday season.

Crafted with spiced cream cheese frosting, the log, which can be expected to serve 10, retails for a sweet $20.

Full disclosure: I was going to write this story anyway, as it’s a nice lil’ business feature to fill the slow time between fall and winter sports.

That being said, I was given a “review” scone, which was delicious.

I was not, however, given any pumpkin roll, because none was available. I’ll be in the back, crying, for a bit…

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“I am not amused by the absence of pie on this table!” (Matthew Kirkconnell photo)

“Much better!!” (Matthew Kirkconnell photo)

Boston Creme pie (Sarah Kirkconnell photo)

Pecan pie (with boozy-woozy flavor). (Sarah Kirkconnell photo)

Chickpea tart (from the Martha Stewart of Maple Valley). (Sarah Kirkconnell photo)

And there was pie.

Pumpkin pie. Pecan pie. Chickpea Tart (which isn’t a pie, but looks like one). Boston Creme pie (and yes, I know it’s a cake, and no, that didn’t slow me down).

The key is to get in good (and get a few childhood blackmail photos) with a future top-level chef — in this case Sarah Kirkconnell. If you like the photos (and secretly wish you had been able to eat the real deal) check out my sister’s blogs — http://gazingin.com/ and http://www.trailcooking.com/— both featured on the right side of this blog.

If she gets some hits off of my web site, who knows what wonders she might be willing to whip up for Christmas in Maple Valley?

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