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So all these folks (and a few3 billion more) showed up at my duplex for Thanksgiving.

One man. One Roku. One recliner. 24 hours.

Thanksgiving ain’t Thanksgiving until you’ve watched back-to-back-to-back Wham! videos at 2:30 AM, then immediately skidded off into a showing of Airplane vs Volcano starring former TV Superman Dean Cain.

I regret nothing!!!!!

I regret everything…

But I stuck the landing, so that’s … something.

I’ve made decent runs at abusing my eyeballs before (I once watched 13 movies in just a hair over 19 hours), but until 7:03 AM Friday morning, I had never delivered the full-on, continuous, 24-hour viewing festival.

Never say never.

Home alone for Turkey day (I’m seeing my nephews at Christmas and Skyped them the night before), I listened to the words of wisdom once warbled by Whitesnake’s David Coverdale:

Here I go again on my own
Goin’ down the only road I’ve ever known
Like a drifter I was born to walk alone
An’ I’ve made up my mind, I ain’t wasting no more time

Armed with a Roku (the best $45 I have ever spent), plenty of water (proper hydration is key to sitting on your butt for a day, a night and the next day), a soft recliner and my blankies (I’m no savage), I disappeared into a strange land from which no man returns un-scarred, popping out just long enough to feed the landlord’s cats.

Nothing comes between those cats and their food. Nothing. I’ve learned that lesson.

24 hours later, haunted, haggard and forever changed (nah, not really, but it sounds better that way), I stumbled to my bed as a new day dawned.

Somewhere, children sang and scampered across the fresh frost, and all I wished for was one thing — for said kids to SHUT THE HECK UP cause both of my eyes were twitching.

My head hit the pillow and … crap … back up to feed the cats, who were pacing under my bedroom window like prison guards.

Yowling, hissing prison guards who looked into my eyes, and then looked away, shaking their heads in silent disgust with me.

They knew.

They knew I had watched not one, but two Wang Chung music videos, a fan movie starring kindergartners as Batman, Robin and the Joker, Bugs Bunny in a bra and that five-minute zombie film from Bangladesh that didn’t even have any subtitles.

Well, I could live with that and … oh no, what if they knew I had sat through the entire video for Warrant’s “Heaven Isn’t Too Far Away?!?!?”

Oh, they knew. And they judged. Oh, did they judge.

To which I say, who hasn’t watched a Thompson Twins video at 4:47 AM in the morning while eating English muffins, chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream and cranberry sauce and wondering where it all started to go wrong?

Me. Just me? Well then…

As I crawled off to bed, the strains from an encore of Chumbawamba’s “Tubthumping” still echoing in my ears, I thrust my hand to the sky, “Rocky“-style.

And somewhere a cat snickered (the little jerk).

My “adventure:”

7:01 AM Thursday, Nov. 26 to 7:03 AM Friday, Nov. 27

14 channels, five movies, 16 TV episodes, 55 music videos, six cartoons, two short documentaries, seven short films, one sports special and one stand-up comedy special.

Bob’s Burgers: Season 3, Episode 13 — “My Fuzzy Valentine” (Netflix)
Bob’s Burgers: S-3, E-14 — “Lindapendent Woman”
LL Cool J — “Jinglin Baby” (Flashback ’80s)
The Call — “Everywhere I Go”
Debbie Gibson — “Lost in Your Eyes”
“The Galaxy Invader” (B-Movie TV)
Journey — “Send Her My Love” (Flashback ’80s)
Hall and Oates — “No Can Do”
Madonna — “True Blue”
The Geto Boys — “Mind Playing Tricks On Me”
The Cure — “Just Like Heaven”
DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince — “Parents Just Don’t Understand”
America — “You Can Do Magic”
Poison — “Every Rose Has Its Thorn”
“My Homie Sells Homies” (VICE)
“Mr. Cherry: The Buttcracker”
“The Tuba Tooter” (Viki)
“Living in Seduced Circumstances” (Asian Crush)
Bob’s Burgers: S-3, E-15 “O.T. The Outside Toilet” (Netflix)
Bob’s Burgers: S-3, E-16 “Topsy”
Bob Burgers’s: S-3, E-17 “Two for Tina”
Survivor — “The Search is Over” (’80s Flashback)
Billy Idol — “Eyes Without a Face”
Darryl Hall — “One on One”
Madonna — “Express Yourself”
Warrant — “Heaven Isn’t Too Far Away”
Dexy’s Midnight Runners — “Come On Eileen”
“Duran Duran: Unstaged” (Netflix)
“Hyde and Hare” (Looney Tunes Network)
“The Big Bad Wolf”
“Tortoise Wins by a Hare”
“The Brave Tin Soldier”
“Corny Concerto”
Guns ‘n Roses — “Sweet Child ‘o Mine” (VEVO)
Adele — “Hello”
Def Leppard — “Armageddon It”
Whitesnake — “Here I Go Again”
Aqua — “Barbie Girl”
OMC — “How Bizarre”
George Strait — “Amarillo by Morning”
Night Ranger — “Sister Christian”
The Tick: S-1, E-1 “The Pilot” (Crackle)
All in the Family: S-1, E-1 “Meet the Bunkers”
Haloo Helsinki — “Pulp Fiction” (VEVO)
George Strait — “The Seashores of Old Mexico”
George Canyon — “Ring of Fire”
The Statler Brothers — “I’ll go to My Grave Loving You”
Alabama — “Song of the South”
Juice Newton — “Angel of the Morning”
Chumbawamba — “Tubthumping”
Brooke Forman — “Crazy”
Joan Osborne — “Right Hand Man”
Nicole Atkins — “Maybe Tonight”
Nicole Atkins — “The Way It Is”
“American Ultra” (Vudu)
Brett Favre retirement ceremony (NBC Sports Extra)
“Genius Directors in 3 Minutes: Quentin Tarantino” (IndieWire)
“Paul Thomas Anderson: From a Distance”
Super Mansion: “Babes in the Wood” (Crackle)
The Walking Dead: S-6, E-7 “Heads Up” (Vudu)
Planet P Project — “Why Me” (’80s Flashback)
Tommy Tutone — “867-5309/Jenny”
Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson — “Say Say Say”
Bob’s Burgers: S-3, E-18 “It Takes a Village” (Netflix)
Bob’s Burgers: S-3, E-19 “Family Fracas”
Bob’s Burgers: S-3, E-20: “Kids Run the Restaurant”
Louis C.K.: Live at the Beacon Theater
REO Speedwagon — “Can’t Fight This Feeling” (VEVO)
Joan Osborne — “St. Teresa”
Wham! — “Bad Boys”
Wham! — “Wake Me Up Before You Go Go”
Wham! — “Freedom”
“Indiana Jones and the Search for the Lost Idol” (Fydo)
“The Amazing Adventures of Little Batman”
“Airplane vs. Volcano” (Netflix)
Bob’s Burgers: S-3, E-21 “Boys 4 Now”
Bob’s Burgers: S-3, E-22 “Carpe Museum”
Bob’s Burgers: S-3, E-23 “The Unnatural”
Guns ‘n Roses — “Welcome to the Jungle” (Vevo)
Wang Chung — “Dance Hall Days”
The Thompson Twins — “Hold Me Now”
Wang Chung — “Everyone Have Fun Tonight”
Journey — “Wheel in the Sky”
The Beatles — “Penny Lane”
Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee: Jim Carrey (Crackle)
“Cheddar” (Gustafer Yellowgold: Minnesota Chronicles)
“Question Marks”
Robson and Jerome — “What Becomes of the Broken Hearted” (VEVO)
Tears for Fears — “Everyone Wants to Rule the World”
Mr. Mister — “Is it Love”
Def Leppard — “Hysteria”
Chumbawamba — “Tubthumping”

P.S. — Glenn surviving by crawling under the dumpster? Pure and utter bull-pucky.

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Behind the scenes in pie-baking country. (Bruce Stevens photos)

Roll, pumpkin, roll.

Roll, pumpkin, roll.

It’s pie season.

Don’t even pretend you don’t know what I’m talkin’ about, Willis.

With Thanksgiving less than two weeks away, now is the perfect time to take a little bit of holiday stress off your shoulders and dump it onto a professional.

Emily’s Sweets and Treats, which celebrated its one-year anniversary at the end of October, is branching out into the pie business, as co-owner Bruce Stevens gets busy in the back.

In between talk of origami, Corgis and football, the local chef/baker is hard at work.

Sunday he was decorating a 75th birthday cake for delivery under the watchful eye of wife Emily (which is where Corgis and their large Instagram following came into the discussion), while still having an eye on the explosion of pies about to flow from their oven.

The duo, who have been crafting cupcakes, brownies, scones and other sweet treats, are adding pie to the menu — at least for a bit.

Customers can swing by the shop (located down on Front Street in Coupeville right across from Front Street Grill) or check in by email — emilysweetsandtreats@gmail.com — and reserve their pies right now.

Orders will be taken from Nov. 15-23 and pies can be picked up Tuesday, Nov. 24, when the store will be open 10-6.

Stevens is offering four taste sensations — pumpkin, cherry, apple and pecan — and each pie is made on location with fresh ingredients and, dare I say it, a dollop of holiday joy.

The store will have two sizes, with five-inch “personal” pies and nine-inch “family” size.

Pumpkin and cherry are priced at $10 and $19, while apple and pecan come in at $12 and $21.

Or, if you’re in the mood for a seasonal twist, Emily’s will also feature a pumpkin roll log for the holiday season.

Crafted with spiced cream cheese frosting, the log, which can be expected to serve 10, retails for a sweet $20.

Full disclosure: I was going to write this story anyway, as it’s a nice lil’ business feature to fill the slow time between fall and winter sports.

That being said, I was given a “review” scone, which was delicious.

I was not, however, given any pumpkin roll, because none was available. I’ll be in the back, crying, for a bit…

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Coaches like Wolf boys' hoops guru Anthony Smith (John Fisken photo)

  Coaches like CHS boys’ hoops guru Anthony Smith have agreed to sacrifice time and work their schedules around a season. When athletes (and parents) don’t want to do the same, why expect a free ride? (John Fisken photo)

High school sports can be tough.

Not everyone can play them. Not everyone should.

But, if you, as a player, and you, as a parent, make the decision to do so, realize you’re going to have to occasionally step out of your entitled world and face off with reality.

Not every kid makes varsity. Not every kid gets the same playing time.

Right there, sports just introduced you to the cold, hard reality of the real world.

Those with internal fortitude will press on and work harder, and, possibly, hopefully, be rewarded for the time, effort and sweat they put in.

Sports teach tough lessons, but they also show reward can come (sometimes, not always) when effort is put in.

But then you have parents such as Kimberly DeJesus, who just had a letter to the editor published in The Whidbey News-Times.

In the letter, which I have linked to below, she cries (a lot) about coaches having practices during holidays.

Her main point:

I, as a parent who had children in school, would not allow my children to practice on holiday break, especially if we were traveling out of town to visit relatives.

And then if the coach(es) wouldn’t let my kids play because they missed practice, oh my.

You would not want to take me there, as it would be my decision that we left town, not my kids’.

Let’s go through this, shall we?

1) In the state of Washington, athletes have to have a certain number of practices in to be eligible to play in games.

With barely two weeks from the first official day of practice to the first basketball game (and athletes needing 10 practices to be eligible), coaches have little choice but to have practices AROUND the holiday (none that I know of had day-of-Thanksgiving practices).

So, while you scream at the coach, you ignore the WIAA, which set the practice requirements.

2) When you signed your kid(s) up, you saw a schedule. You knew, in advance, when the practice and games were. It is your choice if you want to have them play or go on vacation.

You don’t always get to have it both ways.

The coaches, who have committed to the season and agreed to work THEIR schedules around the holidays, certainly don’t.

3) So, we’ll say your child is not at practice. Other players are.

Fine. Your choice to make, as a parent. No one disputes that.

Yet you want them to be rewarded the same as the players who sacrificed, who scrapped, who committed heart and soul to the program. Who actually showed up.

Or else you will throw a snit fit.

Thereby teaching your children that if you’re not given everything you want, regardless of whether you worked for it and deserve it, the only way to solve the problem is to scream and cry and pretend to be abused.

And we wonder why so many high school coaches burn out and walk away after just a few years.

The letter:


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