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Gentlemen, get your matches ready.

Island County Sheriff Rick Felici, who doubles as the Fire Marshal, is allowing us to once again craft responsible mounds o’ flame.

Due to “the increase in fuel moisture levels and a return to more typical seasonal weather patterns,” the county burn ban vanishes at midnight, Friday, October 2.

All yard debris and land-clearing burning require a permit where open burning is allowed, with permits issued through the Island County Health Department.

To obtain a verbal permit for residential fires less than four feet in diameter, call (360) 240-5526 or (360) 428-1617, EXT 4.

For a written permit for fires over four feet in diameter, call (360) 679-7350 (North and Central Whidbey), (360) 321-5111, EXT 7350 (South Whidbey), or (360) 387-3443, EXT 228 (Camano Island).

Recreational fires less than three feet in diameter and two feet high do not require a permit.

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But we can have one more fire to honor Beavis before Island County’s burn ban starts.

The great fire God, Beavis, demands our tributes.

But if you live in Island County, better get crackin’ with the cracklin’, as a Type 1 Outdoor Burn Ban goes into effect at 12 PM Friday, July 24.

While the ban was expected, it comes a bit later than in recent years, thanks to the fairly-frequent rain we’ve had this spring and summer.

Once the ban is in effect, no outdoor burning of natural debris, even with a permit, is allowed.

Recreational fires in an approved fire pit are still kosher, however.

Those fires are limited to three feet in diameter and two feet high within enclosures and when safety precautions are followed.

Recreational or cooking fires can consist only of charcoal, seasoned firewood or propane-fueled firepits and must meet the following requirements:

**Enclosures must be AT LEAST 14 inches high, no wider than three feet, and made of cement blocks, stones or #10 gauge steel.

**Burned material must be kept BELOW the top of the enclosure.

**There must ALWAYS be a charged garden hose OR two 5-gallon buckets of water OR a 5-gallon Class A fire extinguisher and shovel present.

**Fires MUST BE 15 feet from combustibles, standing timber or overhanging tree branches.

**Someone 16 years old or older must ALWAYS be present to monitor and/or extinguish the fire.


For more info or questions:

Island County Health Department (360-679-7350)
Northwest Clean Air Agency (360-428-1617)

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