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Emma Puharic (right), with aunt Beth Tristao.

Always be humble and kind.

And passionate, and committed, and hard-working, and brave, and smart, and an overall truly lovely human being.

In short, be like Emma Puharic.

The Coupeville High School grad, who was a four-year player for the Wolf softball program before heading out into the adult world, is a bright, shining example of the best of what Cow Town can offer.

I worked with Emma for several years at Christopher’s on Whidbey, and knew her from before through my days at Videoville.

Waitressing in a high-volume, sometimes high-stress restaurant environment is one of the tougher jobs you will find.

With Christopher’s smack-dab in the heart of festival land, be it mussels, water, or arts ‘n crafts being celebrated, Emma was on the front line.

What is remarkable is she never bent, never broke, the rare person who could still be humming to herself, smile intact, after brutal shifts.

If people were kind to her, she was kind back to them.

But, if they were rude to her, she was … kind back to them.

Regardless of age, attitude, or the size of the possible tip, Emma listened, she had a kind word for all, and she hustled her rear off, never letting them see her sweat (or get pissed in public).

Almost universally, even the toughest customer left the restaurant with a smile after encountering her.

Then, after closing, when most of her coworkers would sit around and (rightfully) complain about the indignities of restaurant life, Emma would flash the ol’ megawatt smile, say “See you tomorrow,” and head out with a bounce in her step.

She had things to do, and places to be, and marinating in self-pity was never high on her list.

It is an attitude which has carried her far in her 28+ years on the planet.

Beloved by her CHS classmates, Wolf teammates, and anyone who ever worked with her, Emma has gone on to spread joy to every place she visits.

Her greatest impact may be on the students she taught while working in the Federal Way school system.

Back in 2016, Emma popped this up on Facebook and it remains one of the best posts to ever grace that social network:

I just got through to the toughest kid at my school, who every teacher and administrator dreads.

He now knows division and LIKES it.

I’d say today is a success.

Emma Puharic, changing lives and putting a smile on the face of the world since 1992.

That’s carried over to all aspects of her life, where she has been one of the most deeply-committed former Wolves when it comes to fighting for the equality of all.

Now, this is a sports blog (mostly), so when we induct Emma into the Coupeville Sports Hall o’ Fame today, it will officially be as a softball player.

Puharic, fourth from left in back row, during her senior season at CHS. (Shelli Trumbull photo)

She was an outfielder, one who brought a good bat and mitt to the game, but, more importantly, a great attitude.

Emma enjoyed her four years in the red and black, something captured when I interviewed her a few years after graduation for a “where are they now?” story she insisted didn’t really need to be written.

She agreed only after I told her the story was mainly for her former teammates, the young women who she played with, and held dear.

“I enjoyed being around my friends and getting the chance to get off-Island and travel with my teammates,” she said at the time. “I also liked meeting the younger girls each season that I am still friends with today.

“I’ve learned that it’s important to remember the friendships you’ve made through sports and high school.

“I still talk to most of my friends that I had in school and I’m so glad that we are all still close.”

As I mentioned above, Emma enters our Hall of Fame today, inducted as a softball player, but really for being a remarkable human being who just happened to play some ball back in the day.

After this, you’ll find her hanging around up at the top of the blog under the Legends tab.

Emma deserves far more — all the positive recognition in the world — and I hope she gets it every day from those around her.

For the moment, though, let’s be at the front of the line when it comes to telling her how awesome she is in our eyes.

Thank you, Emma, for being bold, for protecting others, for always looking for the positive in a flawed world.

You make the universe a better place.

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Emma Puharic

Emma Puharic

Puharic (back row, fourth from left) during her days as a CHS softball sensation.

Puharic (back row, fourth from left) during her days as a CHS softball sensation.

She’s like a freakin’ ray of sunshine, she is.

Former CHS softball player Emma Puharic hits the big 2-2 today, and, while she might be a tad older and wiser, she’s still one of the most genuinely likable people you’ll ever meet.

Bubbly and vivacious, Puharic, who splits her time these days between working at Christopher’s on Whidbey and building her own Isagenix empire, is an ever-smiling force of nature.

There is little she can’t do, and much she will accomplish, with her giddy laugh trailing along behind her.

Emma is now, and has always been, a winner. More importantly, she’s just a wonderful person through and through.

Her heart is epic.

I hope her day is incredible, and truly worthy of her. Cause she deserves the best.

Happy birthday, Miss Puharic. Don’t stop ’till you rule the world (even more than you already do.)

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