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Jessica Caselden (second from right), a vital part of a strong group of life-long female friends who came out of Coupeville schools and are now giving back. (Photo courtesy Kassie O’Neil)

Support for Jessica Caselden continues to roll in.

As Coupeville Schools administrators debate proposed budget cuts — including removing Caselden’s Athletic Trainer position — public debate is at a fever pitch.

The following is a letter from Michelle Armstrong, a Wolf Mom who is highly active in community work with the Brandon Graham Foundation.


Coupeville School Board and Mr. Steve King,

I am writing this letter regarding the proposed cut to the athletic training position and what a negative impact this could have on the student athletes, parents, and community, if you cut her position as the athletic trainer.

Jessica Caselden plays a vital role not only in the classroom but also on the sidelines.

I am grateful to have her at Coupeville.

I have been at the school while my girls were practicing and seen Ms. Caselden in the weight room wrapping athletes ankles before practice and games.

Also working with athletes on strengthening exercises to help with their ankle injury or knee injury.

Having the athletes do the exercises is key to their recovery.

I am grateful for her because I know what it is like to miss work to go to physical therapy.

Physical therapy twice a week, times that by 4-6 weeks, adds up.

Also adds up when you have co-pays and take time off work to take your child to physical therapy appointments.

With Jessica at the school, she has made sure to follow up with the students and their injury.

Over this past school year my daughter was able to go to Ms. Caselden to get her ankles wrapped before games and asked for different exercises for her ankles and hamstrings.

Ms. Caselden has not only helped my daughter, but I know she has helped so many others.

Parents who have had injured children I am sure are thankful their child had Jessica to help with their recovery.

Having sports for my child has helped her keep her grades up and gives her motivation to keep pushing forward.

Thank you, Jessica, teachers, and coaches who have played a vital role for these student athletes.

I promise you they will remember 20 years from now who believed in them and kept pushing them to do those exercises and fighting to keep positions.

Board members and Mr. King, my proposal to you, can you educate the parents more about where your funding comes from?

Some may not know that filling out the free and reduced lunch forms are vital to school districts, or the military forms are vital to the budget.

Thank you,

Mrs. Armstrong

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