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Lauren Grove

Lauren Grove always impressed me.

Go back, before she set records, before she was one of the few Wolves to play a sport in every one of their 12 high school seasons, and there was a young girl just entering high school.

Standing behind me in the entrance to the Coupeville High School gym, Lauren pointed over my shoulder at the CHS track and field record board.

“I’m going to be up there. I promise you.”

Then she smiled and walked away.

And you know what? Lauren didn’t lie.

By the time she graduated in 2017, sure enough, her name was up on the big board, multiple times.

She also had four state track meet medals, one of just seven Wolf girls to reach that number in school history.

Along the way, Lauren was also an accomplished volleyball, soccer, and basketball athlete, a strong student, a great big sister, and a much-loved baby sitter.

Three years later, she faces the biggest challenge of her life, and I hope she knows how much support she has.

Lauren suffered severe burns this weekend in a grease fire, and is at Harborview Medical Center in Seattle.

She had extensive surgery Monday, and a second surgery is scheduled for Friday.

Lauren’s mother, Mindy, is posting updates on an online journal, which you can find here:


If you have a moment, consider leaving a message for Lauren, or for her family.

This is a rough situation, made worse by the ongoing pandemic restricting access for loved ones at hospitals.

Miss Grove, know that you are not alone. Ever.

You have a (Wolf) Nation behind you, and we are here for you, in mind and spirit.

I have seen the intensity in your eyes, and witnessed your accomplishments. I know the size of your heart.

Ask me what I believe in, and the answer is simple – I believe in you, Lauren.


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