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Katie Marti would like a word with the manager. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

The squeak of shoes mixed with the click of the camera.

Three of Coupeville High School’s four basketball teams played Wednesday, with wanderin’ photo clicker John Fisken in attendance to record events.

The pics above and below are courtesy him, but there’s a lot more to see.

To view everything Fisken shot, and possibly purchase some glossies for gram and gramps, pop over to:







The Marauding Murdy boys, Xavier (left) and Alex, team up to play lock-down defense.

Brooklyn Thayer lines up a shot.

Quinten Simpson-Pilgrim finds an opening in the defense.

Jada Heaton prepares to pull the trigger.

Desi Ramirez-Vasquez has the inside track on a loose ball.

Hurlee Bronec powers his way to the paint.

Wolf seniors (l to r) Logan Martin, Caleb Meyer, Xavier Murdy, Grady Rickner, and Miles Davidson enjoy a moment together.

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Jonathan Valenzuela (left) and Logan Downes get fired up during player introductions. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

Back in action, making the cameras click.

The Coupeville High School boys basketball teams swept two games from visiting La Conner Tuesday, with wanderin’ paparazzi John Fisken working the sidelines.

The pics above and below are courtesy him.

To see much more, and possibly purchase some glossies for the grandparents, pop over to:



Hurlee Bronec goes airborne to save a loose ball.

Dominic Coffman calmly knocks down a free throw.

Quinten Simpson-Pilgrim clamps down on defense.

Downes muscles his way to the basket.

Mikey Robinett slices ‘n dices the defense.

Alex Murdy comes flying in for a game-busting bucket.

The support crew gets loud and proud.

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With two wins Saturday, Coupeville’s SWISH basketball squad finished 8-2. (Photo courtesy Jon Roberts)

“It was a very successful season!”

The future of Coupeville High School boys basketball made a strong statement this season, rolling to an 8-2 record against off-Island competition.

The eight-man Wolf SWISH boys basketball team is a mix of guys who do the dirty work in the paint, and guys who pop shots from outside.

They are also, at least in the case of Landon Roberts (#3 in the photo above), rockin’ some serious ’80s mullets.

Whether it was the power of their flowing locks, or just their superior hardwood skill set, the Wolves closed the season Saturday with a bang.

Sweeping games from Mount Baker and Stanwood, Coupeville’s rising hoops stars put smiles on the faces of the brain trust — coaches Sean O’Neill, Craig Anderson, and Jon Roberts — with the latter delivering the quote which kicked off this tale.

How Saturday played out:


Game 1:

Coupeville’s heart overcame Mount Baker’s height advantage, with the Wolves running away for a 23-16 win.

With the game knotted at 9-9 at the half, the Wolves unleashed a blistering defense in the second half to pull away for the win.

Johnny Porter and Landon Roberts — hair flowing in the (indoor) wind — were wheeling and dealing, with Coupeville’s guards combining to dish out seven assists in the game, warming the heart of old-school hoops legend (and master statistician) Sandy Roberts.


Game 2:

Hunter Bronec had the hot hand as Coupeville bounced dangerous Stanwood 28-21 to put a cap on things.

The Bronec twin not named Hurlee showcased “mad foot skills acquired while watching Gonzaga’s Drew Timme,” leading the Wolves with a game-high 10 points.

Chase Anderson popped for eight in support, with Johnny Porter (4), Aiden O’Neill (3), Jack Porter (2), and Hurlee Bronec (1) also tallying points.

While they didn’t score, Camden Glover and Landon Roberts brought significant defensive heat during their on-court shifts.

Coupeville busted open a close game, turning a 13-12 halftime lead into a much-more comfortable final margin.

Its breakthrough came courtesy “a combination of good, quick passing, spacing and dumps into the posts, coupled with running floaters and heavy slashing to the hoop by the guards.”

Employing heavy back court defensive traps and pressure from O’Neill, Anderson, and Landon Roberts, the Wolves flustered Stanwood, then converted turnovers into easy scores.

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