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Back Wolf Nation today. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

You (yes, you) have the power to help make Coupeville sports soar to new heights.

With a simple, yet deeply significant move — joining the school’s Booster Club — you can help finance and fuel the mission of helping the Wolf sports programs thrive.

But I don’t want to do a lot of work, you say. No problem.

Membership in the Booster Club doesn’t mean you need to participate or volunteer in their activities or fundraisers, or even attend meetings, though the more that do that, the lighter the load for all involved.

But whether you want to go full-time hard-core, or just write a check and feel a warm glow in your chest, the options are many.

The Booster Club is an independent 501c3 organization which supports the athletes and athletic activities of the Coupeville School District.

Working with the players, coaches, Athletic Director, administrators and local businesses and fans, the club provides financial support for items and activities the school district doesn’t cover.

This includes providing athletes with varsity letters and emblems, buying roses for Senior Night festivities, organizing the Homecoming parade, awarding scholarships, holding athlete appreciation dinners and covering ASB fees for those in financial needs.

The club also runs an annual sports physical program, and funds specific requests for equipment or team-building activities from CHS and CMS coaches.

In recent months, this has meant purchasing items such as a high jump mat, weight room equipment, football headsets, soccer goals, HUDL memberships, specialized volleyball and basketball equipment, and baseball and softball bats and helmets.

The Booster Club also paid for the purchase and updating of the record boards for CHS football and volleyball, and was an invaluable ally in the creation, installation and updating of the Wall of Fame in the high school gym.

To make this all possible, to keep the circle of life going for Wolf Nation, the Booster Club raises funds through memberships, fundraisers (such as the annual Crab Feed in Nov.), apparel sales, and private donations.

Which brings us back to how a simple act, buying an annual membership, whether you want to be involved in the day-to-day activities or not, is invaluable.

The club offers four tiers, and a membership is good from Sept. 1 to Aug. 31 of the next year:

$125 — Business membership (includes a Wolf banner)

$75 — Family membership

$50 — Individual membership

$25 — Wolf Backer

The Individual, Family, and Business levels also include signage acknowledging you in the entrance way to the CHS gym.

Of course, you can also make special monetary gifts and donations, if you’re feeling especially flush with Wolf pride.

For more info, and to sign up today, pop over to:


See, you can already feel that warm glow in your chest developing.

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