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“Whose house? Our house!!” (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

They’re starting to notice us.

First came some respect from the computers, and now the Washington Interscholastic Activities Association is chiming in when it comes to high school football on The Rock.

Both 2B Coupeville (4-1 on the season) and 1A South Whidbey (5-0) are ranked #7 in their respective classifications in the latest RPI rankings from the WIAA.

That’s big, as the Rating Percentage Index is a key component used by seeding committees when they set up first round bracket pairings for the state tourney.

Coupeville, whose only loss came to South Whidbey, is 2-0 against fellow 2B schools, and 2-1 when playing up against 1A programs.

The Wolves host 2A Bellingham Thursday, then travel to Leavenworth the next Friday to play 1A Cascade, which is currently ranked #8 on the RPI chart.

The final two regular-season games are against 2B league rivals La Conner and Friday Harbor.

The current RPI rankings have Okanogan, Raymond-South Bend, and Napavine atop 2B, followed by Liberty (Spangle), Lind-Ritzville/Sprague, and Columbia (Burbank).

Coupeville slots in at #7, with Lake Roosevelt, Adna, and Jenkins (Chewelah) rounding out the top 10.

While Whidbey’s smaller schools are ruling the gridiron, things are not as fancy in the big city.

Oak Harbor, a 3A program, is 0-5 this season and not allowed anywhere near the RPI rankings.

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Coupeville High School boys hoops assistant coach Greg White lays it on the line. “Just win, baby! The rest will take care of itself.” (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

Well, we get some respect, just not all the respect.

Despite being the only unbeaten 2B boys team left in the state, Coupeville High School has yet to top any of the state-wide rankings this season.

But the Wolves, now 13-0 after road wins at Mount Vernon Christian and Granite Falls this past week, have bumped back up.

So, it’s a start.

Evans Rankings, which uses “an unbiased ranking system using a formula of my creation,” according to well-respected writer/numbers cruncher Matt Evans, has the CHS boys #6 as of Sunday night.

Coupeville trails Kalama (12-1), Chief Leschi (13-1), Ilwaco (14-1), Okanogan (16-2), and Napavine (13-2), but does rise four slots from last week, when they were tabbed at #10.

Meanwhile, the Wolves also sit at #6 in the RPI rankings posted by the Washington Interscholastic Activities Association, trailing the same five schools, just in a slightly different order.

The WIAA goes Kalama, Ilwaco, Okanogan, Chief Leschi, and Napavine currently.

While there is a lot of (often well-deserved) carping about the WIAA’s system, that’s the one which directly affects where and who Coupeville would play if it advances to the state tourney.

Meanwhile, new “Top 10 power rankings” from SB Live should be out in the next day or two.

In the last one, posted on Jan. 25, Okanogan was #1 in 2B, and Coupeville was on the outside looking in, considered one of “the next three teams up.”

Finally, there’s last week’s Associated Press poll, where pampered Seattle and Tacoma newspaper people sit around eating caviar and bonbons while ignoring the outer kingdoms.

I kid, I kid.

With the newspaper industry crashing to Earth like the Hindenburg, it’s more like a dented bottle of off-brand bottled water and an out-of-date pack of Ho Ho’s, am I right?

Honestly, it’s not surprising the Wolves get no love (or a single vote) from the AP, as the Coupeville boys haven’t been to the state tourney since 1988.

That means most voters haven’t seen CHS play in years and have no base of reference to draw from.

Out of sight, completely out of mind.

A few years back Makana Stone averaged 20+ points and 20+ rebounds a night while leading the Coupeville girls to a third-straight Olympic League title — a stretch where no conference rival came within single digits of the Wolves.

Local voters handed her another unanimous league MVP, but, when AP voters tabbed All-State teams, they ignored Kana.

Instead, they voted in favor of a girl from Klahowya who wasn’t the first option on a team which finished at the bottom of the league.

Why did they do that?

Because the Klahowya girl was one of the best soccer players in the state, the anchor of a state-title winning team.

AP voters mindlessly voted for a name they recognized, exposed an epic blind spot, then went back to hustling to keep their industry from vanishing from the face of the Earth.

And thus it has ever been so.


Evans Rankings:





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Coupeville’s Dominic Coffman gets crunchy with a South Whidbey runner. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

The disrespect.

The Washington Interscholastic Activities Association released its first RPI numbers for high school football Thursday, and it’s not so much what they did to Coupeville, as what they did to other teams.

The Wolves are 0-2 on the young season after a 42-39 loss to Klahowya and a 33-7 defeat to South Whidbey in a game which was 7-7 until three minutes before halftime.

Coupeville, a 2B school, was playing up in those non-conference games, with both opponents hailing from the 1A classification.

Heading into Friday’s home game against La Conner, the Wolves are ranked #37 out of 43 schools in 2B, with the Braves headed to Whidbey ranked #41.

Friday Harbor, which beat La Conner 63-0 last week, sits at #31, putting all three 2B schools in the Northwest 2B/1B League down near the bottom quarter of the rankings.

With two games against each of their league rivals on the schedule, none of the three are likely to make a major move upward in RPI, even if they run their conference schedule.

Which is fine and dandy, as RPI — Ratings Percentage Index — doesn’t mean a whole lot.

It’s one of the factors the state’s seeding committees will take into consideration when they set the brackets for the state playoffs.

And, if you’re one of the final 16 teams in your classification, you really won’t care what your RPI was. You just care you’re still playing.

But, with the first football rankings out, and volleyball and soccer coming next week, it is kind of funny to look at a couple of things.

My alma mater, defending 2A state champ Tumwater, is currently ranked #13, and, if you believe there are 12 better teams than the T-Birds, you might want to have your head examined.

THS is being punished, somewhat, because its most recent game was an OT thriller against Oregon’s defending 6A champs, and the WIAA’s RPI doesn’t give full credit for out-of-state foes.

On a note which hits closer to home, I’m sure Klahowya will be thrilled to note it is listed in the RPI as Central Kitsap Middle School.

I mean, back when Coupeville and Klahowya played together in the 1A Olympic League, I was sorta, kinda disrespectful of the Eagles sometimes. Or so their fans were quick to tell me.

But come on man, I never once referred to them as a middle school.

Such disrespect…


To see the complete first edition of the WIAA’s RPI rankings, pop over to:


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CHS senior Tia Wurzrainer plays for the #17 girls basketball team in 1A. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

The basketball overlords like us, sort of.

With the Washington Interscholastic Activities Association now posting RPI numbers, the Coupeville High School girls basketball team is trending upwards.

The Wolf boys, however, are still looking for their fair share of love.

As of Monday morning, the CHS girls sit at #17 out of 65 schools in 1A, while the boys are #57 among 63 teams.

RPI, or Rating Percentage Index, is used by the WIAA to seed teams in the postseason, beginning when the final 16 teams in each classification advance to regionals – the first round of the state tourney.

You still have to make it to regionals on your own, advancing through districts and/or bi-districts, and finishing the regular season in the top 16 in the RPI rankings guarantees nothing.

But, advance to regionals, as the Wolf girls last did in 2016, and then the WIAA takes the survivors and plugs them into games based on where the system has them ranked.

Until we get to that level of play, RPI is just for bragging rights.

The system looks at each team’s winning percentage, their opponents winning percentage, and their opponents’ opponents winning percentage.

It does not take into consideration whether a school played against opponents from higher or lower classifications, and puts no emphasis on point differential.

The biggest stumbling block to RPI is it depends on schools accurately reporting scores to MaxPreps, which … think of something tactful to say … has been … problematic at best.

But ignore all that! Cause the WIAA would like you to do just that.

So, under this flawed, but improving, system, the Coupeville girls, who boast a 6-2 record, are holding up well.

Cashmere (9-0) holds the #1 spot on the girls side, with Warden (9-0), Lynden Christian (8-1), Connell (8-0), and Freeman (7-2) rounding out the current top five.

Coupeville’s fellow North Sound Conference teams sit at #7 (King’s), #19 (Cedar Park Christian), #49 (Sultan), #50 (South Whidbey), and #58 (Granite Falls).

Nooksack Valley, the only 1A school to beat the Wolves (their other loss was to 3A Oak Harbor), is nestled in at #8.

On the boys side, where the Wolves are 3-5, big-timers Seattle Academy (8-1), Medical Lake (8-1), Zillah (10-0), Meridian (7-1), and Cashmere (5-2) are the current top five.

NSC teams King’s (#23), South Whidbey (#25), Cedar Park Christian (#28), Granite Falls (#51), and Sultan (#58) get a mixed reaction.

The Knights benefit a bit from the whole “inaccurate reporting to MaxPreps” issue, as they’re currently ranked on a 5-5 record, yet are really 5-7.

Add in those two losses, which came at a tournament in Arizona, and it’s quite possible King’s dips, and South Whidbey, at 8-2, gets a boost.

Either way, it’s just RPI – a good way to start an argument and give bloggers something to ramble on about, if nothing else.

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Kailey Kellner

   Kailey Kellner (42) and the Coupeville girls have fought their way to a strong start in the state’s first RPI rankings. (John Fisken photo)

There are six varsity high school basketball teams on Whidbey Island, and one is getting a lot more respect than the other five today.

The Coupeville High School girls, who carry a 7-3 record into a game at Chimacum tonight, are ranked #15 in 1A in the first RPI rankings released by the Washington Interscholastic Activities Association.

That puts them a solid 13 slots ahead of any other Whidbey hoops squad.

But wait, what is the RPI and why do we care, you ask?

After years of being ridiculed for the way it conducted the draw for the state basketball tourneys (spoiler: they basically pulled names out of a hat most of the time), the WIAA decided to take a step into the future.

The RPI, which is a complicated formula, which we shall (sort of) explain in a second, is supposed to fix that.

When we get down to the final 16 teams in each classification — the teams that are state-bound, like the Coupeville girls last year — the RPI rankings will be used to pair teams off for the tourney.

With 1 vs 16 and 8 vs 9, for example, the hope is to stop what has become a bad trend in recent years, where the blind draw often ended up putting 1 vs 2 or 1 vs 3 in the round of 16.

So, essentially, it’s only going to matter if you make it to state. Otherwise, it’s just another number to brag about (or not) as the season unwinds.

And, as always, playoff upsets will mean teams that finish in the top 16 don’t make it to state, while teams outside the “elite” will still earn their way to the big dance.

How do they get the rankings?

The formula uses a team’s winning percentage (25 percent), opponents winning percentage (50 percent) and opponents’ opponents winning percentage (25 percent).

You don’t get extra credit for beating teams in bigger classifications or from out of state, and the RPI is frozen at the end of the regular season.

So, you go on a run in the playoffs, it’ll punch your ticket to state, but you’ll carry in your regular season ranking with you.

The first rankings were released Friday, and from here on out will be updated daily through the end of the season.

Of course, there are going to be complaints about the RPI rankings, and one huge one centers around the WIAA getting its results from MaxPreps.

The web site, which “covers” the entire USA, is notorious for errors.

Case in point, they currently give the Coupeville boys two identical 48-37 losses to Klahowya on Dec. 9, even though only one game was obviously played.

That lowers the Wolves winning percentage, while inflating the Eagles winning percentage, both of which affect the two team’s RPI.

While it’s not as bad as earlier this year, when MaxPreps had a football score (Coupeville beating Chimacum) listed as a girls’ basketball result, it’s still irksome.

Where Whidbey’s teams sit on Day 1 of the Great RPI Experiment:


Coupeville (#15 in 1A)
South Whidbey (#28 in 1A)
Oak Harbor (#54 in 3A)


South Whidbey (#54 in 1A)
Coupeville (#63 in 1A)
Oak Harbor (#63 in 3A)

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