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Keaton Farris

Keaton Farris

Keaton as a baby. (Photo courtesy Julie Williams)

Keaton as a baby. (Photo courtesy Julie Williams)

Keaton Farris died in the town where he once played for the local team’s high school.

A young man who once flew around the track oval at CHS departed too early, and his death at the Island County Jail continues to rock Whidbey Island.

With suspensions of jail officials already handed down  (http://www.whidbeynewstimes.com/news/308290421.html) the fallout will continue.

But, in this moment of anger, there is also a chance for hope, for remembering a troubled, often brilliant young man and for using his memory to raise the issue of proper hydration for jail inmates.

Farris’s friends and family will be leading a show of solidarity 10 AM Sunday, June 21st, outside the jail in Coupeville and they are inviting all to join them.

The plan is for a peaceful demonstration, and participants are asked to wear black t-shirts and meet up next to the town library (788 NW Alexander).

From there, everyone will march together to the jail.

Water bottles with Keaton’s face and the URL for a website that has been set up to keep his story alive, will be handed out.

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