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Learn to swim long distances.

That might help you to get from Coupeville to Port Townsend, or vice versa, quicker than the ferries will.

As we head towards the start of peak season, Washington State Ferries officials said Tuesday that they will NOT add a second boat to the Coupeville/Port Townsend run May 9, as previously announced.

The decision was made because “COVID-related crewing shortages have forced WSF to delay providing this additional service.”

The new target date is June 6, though that remains ever-flexible.

All reservations made on the #2 vessel through June 6 have been cancelled, and customers will need to secure new bookings.

To get help doing so, call (206) 464-6400 to speak with a customer service agent.

“We apologize for the inconvenience,” WSF officials said in a press release.

“Thank you for your patience and understanding while we continue to navigate this unique and challenging time.”

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The Salish, seen here in happier days, grounded itself Sunday, throwing a wrench into the Coupeville-Port Townsend ferry run. (Sarah Kirkconnell photo)

Willie Smith looks like even more of a genius.

The Coupeville High School Athletic Director made the call on bouncing from the Olympic League before this school year, ending a four-year run, and sending CHS to the new North Sound Conference.

One of the many benefits of the decision was reducing the number of times Wolf sports teams had to rely on the notoriously unpredictable Coupeville (Keystone)-Port Townsend ferry run.

After the Salish bit it Sunday, running aground and messing up its rudder, memories of earlier mishaps, when the entire run was put on hold for six months, surfaced.

The news got slightly better later in the day, as the Port Townsend Leader reported the Salish was freed from its grounding and a tug boat was on the way to tow the ferry away.

That will allow the Kennewick to slip in and give Washington State ferries at least one boat on a route which normally runs two.

Though there is still intrigue, as the Salish will have to be declared structurally safe to tow. Otherwise it sits in place and the ferry run is DOA for awhile.

But how does this affect Coupeville sports, is what you really want to know.

If the Wolves were still in the Olympic League, with frequent trips to Port Townsend ahead, there would be much gnashing of teeth.

Instead there is some slight angina.

CHS already played a non-league football game against Port Townsend, but the Wolves still have two non-league games against both Chimacum and the RedHawks scheduled this fall.

The first two arrive next Saturday, Sept. 15, when Coupeville is supposed to send boys tennis and girls soccer to play in Chimacum.

The other date in question is Oct. 4, when Port Townsend is scheduled to pop over to Whidbey for volleyball and soccer matches.

Any decision on Saturday’s events, since it’s CHS traveling, falls to Smith.

But, since the games are non-league, he’s not fretting too badly at the moment.

“If they are out of service, we will cancel,” he said. “But they are on a one-boat service now, so I will look at the schedules and see what’s available.

“Good thing we’re not dependent on that ferry now!!”

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