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With Covid-19 cases on the rise across the country, Whidbey Island’s primary hospital is returning to limiting visitors.

The changes at WhidbeyHealth in Coupeville go into effect Monday, August 23.

In a press release, officials said both the West Wind Cafe and the hospital gift shop will re-close to the public.

WhidbeyHealth facilities are closed to visitors, though patients may have one adult support person accompany them when the patient:

*Is a minor child.

*Has a cognitive handicap or an emergency situation impairing their cognition, such as dementia, Alzheimer’s, Autism, or stroke-like symptoms.

*Has a physical handicap for which their support person provides assistance.

*Has a developmental delay.

*Has a communication barrier such as deafness, or needing a language translator.

*Is receiving end-of-life care.

Mothers in labor may have one support person and one certified doula.

Support persons must be free of respiratory illness symptoms and must not have been exposed to COVID-19. Anyone who develops symptoms will be asked to leave the facility.

When patients are admitted to the hospital under these circumstances, the support person may stay overnight.

Support persons are to remain in the patient’s room, and avoid trips in and out of the hospital.

For questions, email myhospital@whidbeyhealth.org.

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With two wins Saturday, Coupeville’s SWISH basketball squad finished 8-2. (Photo courtesy Jon Roberts)

“It was a very successful season!”

The future of Coupeville High School boys basketball made a strong statement this season, rolling to an 8-2 record against off-Island competition.

The eight-man Wolf SWISH boys basketball team is a mix of guys who do the dirty work in the paint, and guys who pop shots from outside.

They are also, at least in the case of Landon Roberts (#3 in the photo above), rockin’ some serious ’80s mullets.

Whether it was the power of their flowing locks, or just their superior hardwood skill set, the Wolves closed the season Saturday with a bang.

Sweeping games from Mount Baker and Stanwood, Coupeville’s rising hoops stars put smiles on the faces of the brain trust — coaches Sean O’Neill, Craig Anderson, and Jon Roberts — with the latter delivering the quote which kicked off this tale.

How Saturday played out:


Game 1:

Coupeville’s heart overcame Mount Baker’s height advantage, with the Wolves running away for a 23-16 win.

With the game knotted at 9-9 at the half, the Wolves unleashed a blistering defense in the second half to pull away for the win.

Johnny Porter and Landon Roberts — hair flowing in the (indoor) wind — were wheeling and dealing, with Coupeville’s guards combining to dish out seven assists in the game, warming the heart of old-school hoops legend (and master statistician) Sandy Roberts.


Game 2:

Hunter Bronec had the hot hand as Coupeville bounced dangerous Stanwood 28-21 to put a cap on things.

The Bronec twin not named Hurlee showcased “mad foot skills acquired while watching Gonzaga’s Drew Timme,” leading the Wolves with a game-high 10 points.

Chase Anderson popped for eight in support, with Johnny Porter (4), Aiden O’Neill (3), Jack Porter (2), and Hurlee Bronec (1) also tallying points.

While they didn’t score, Camden Glover and Landon Roberts brought significant defensive heat during their on-court shifts.

Coupeville busted open a close game, turning a 13-12 halftime lead into a much-more comfortable final margin.

Its breakthrough came courtesy “a combination of good, quick passing, spacing and dumps into the posts, coupled with running floaters and heavy slashing to the hoop by the guards.”

Employing heavy back court defensive traps and pressure from O’Neill, Anderson, and Landon Roberts, the Wolves flustered Stanwood, then converted turnovers into easy scores.

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Coupeville tackles Neah Bay Saturday, live on YouTube. (Deb Smith photo)

Ride the information superhighway to football nirvana.

With seating at Saturday’s Coupeville vs. Neah Bay football game in Forks limited to Red Devils fans, Coupeville pigskin aficionados can view the game from the comfort of their recliners and couches.

The non-conference tilt, which kicks off at 3 PM, pits the 2-1 Wolves against a 2-0 foe which has won four state titles in its prestigious gridiron history.

To watch (for free!), simply pop over to:

QVSD Athletics – YouTube

PS — When the game airs Saturday, it may say “Forks vs. Coupeville,” but it will be “Neah Bay vs. Coupeville.”

And for those who don’t know, why have Wolf fans been instructed not to travel to Bat Country for the game?

Because Forks High School, which is hosting the event, is limiting attendance only to home fans to meet pandemic seating limits.

Neah Bay is the home team, and this will be the only “home” game the Red Devils and their families get during the Age of Coronavirus.

Coupeville, by contrast, has already played a real home game against La Conner, and gets a second one Saturday, May 8, when it hosts Concrete for Senior Night.

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Coupeville runners (l to r) Beth Dion, Elizabeth Bitting, and Deb Smith celebrate after running Sunday’s Whidbey 1/2 Marathon. (Photo courtesy Smith)

They came, they saw, they ran.

Hundreds of athletes flooded the streets of Oak Harbor Sunday, taking part in the Whidbey 1/2 Marathon.

Dylan Hartono of Lynnwood won the race, covering 13.1 miles in one hour, 12 minutes, 14.2 seconds.

The top female finisher was Lucy Ramquist of Portland, who hit the line in 1:24:35.2.

But what of Coupeville, you ask?

Cow Town had 11 runners involved in the event, or at least 11 runners who listed Coupeville as their place of residence.

Four of those 11 finished in the top five in their respective age groups, led by CHS/CMS cross country guru Elizabeth Bitting, who claimed second-place among female runners 50-54.

Deb Smith (4th in 45-49), Abby Jermasek (5th in 30-34), and Kelly Ojala (5th in 45-49) also had strong finishes.

If you want to see every runner, pop over to The Whidbey 1/2 Results (runsignup.com).


For those who just want to see Coupeville names:

Abby Jermasek (67th) 1:55:12.21
Stig Carlson (84th) 2:00:13.09
Kelly Ojala
(85th) 2:00:14.09
Elizabeth Bitting
(96th) 2:01:44.84
Deb Smith
(116th) 2:04:52.61
Michael Schwab
(121st) 2:06:17.75
Beth Dion
(156th) 2:12:49.35
Jonathan Beard
(187th) 2:20:41.15
Pat Hernandez
(333rd) 3:25:02.70
Dana Reed (338th) 3:30:52.11
Sara Maher
(349th) 3:44:27.94

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The kitchen at Currents Bistro endured heavy damage in an early-morning fire. (Beth Kuchynka photo)

An after-hours fire heavily damaged the kitchen at Currents Bistro early Saturday morning.

The restaurant, housed in the building where Christopher’s on Whidbey operated for many years, is located at 103 NW Coveland, sitting between The Bayleaf and Coupeville Auto Repair.

Central Whidbey Island Fire and Rescue, the Oak Harbor Fire Department, and North Whidbey Fire and Rescue responded to the commercial fire, and damage was contained largely to the inside of the building.

Currents Bistro owners released the following statement on Facebook:


I am sad to report there was a large fire at Currents Bistro last night.

The kitchen was destroyed.

We will be closed for repairs for an extended period of time.

We will keep you updated through Facebook and the web site.

We will reopen as soon as it is possible.


Tim Grove was part of the final group of customers to dine at the restaurant Friday night, and offered support to the workers and owners.

“Me, (wife) Mindy, and Ben and Kimberly Robinett were the last guests to leave after enjoying an amazing dinner and being treated like royalty by our waitress, Michelle Blouin,” Grove said. “My heart goes out to the owner’s and staff.”

Kimberly Robinett agreed with the sentiments.

“So sad for Currents. Hope we can get them back and running. Such a great gem to our community.”


Firefighters work to contain the fire, not allowing it to spread to other businesses on Coveland. (Bryan Hamilton photos)

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