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My sister has added ducks to the family farm, to the delight of my nephews. (Sarah Kirkconnell photo)

Spring break under the heat lamp. (Matthew Kirkconnell photo)

“I will name him George and I will hug him and pet him and squeeze him and pat him!” (Artwork by Alistaire Kirkconnell)

It’s a dream come true for my nephews.

Lil’ ducks as far as the eye can see.

Since coming back to Whidbey Island two years ago, my sister and her husband have taught all three of their sons a lot of lessons about gardening, forestry, and living off the land.

Now, to go along with the dog and cat, the family has added 12 little chicks to the farm.

Excitement abounds, especially among the younger of the nephews, Walker and Alistaire, who are 4th and 2nd graders respectively.

The boys, and their older brother Ford, are big fans of old-school Donald Duck cartoons.

Alistaire once fell off the end of the couch from laughing too hard after Donald accidentally swallowed a bag of popcorn and set off an explosion of kernels by standing too close to the fireplace.

Which raises the question – how long until they knit their ducks little sailor outfits?

Tops only, of course, as we all know ducks don’t wear pants.

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