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Daydreaming about that indoor/outdoor swimming pool with waterfall I’ll never own. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

We’re closing in on some major milestones.

Today marks nine years and 11 months for Coupeville Sports, leaving me a month shy of the blog’s 10th birthday, which hits Aug. 15.

Two days later, CHS football begins practice, with the other fall Wolf teams taking the field Aug. 22.

Right now, this is the 9,359th story to appear on Coupeville Sports, and you can count the stories I haven’t personally written on one hand.

We’re also very close to hitting two million page views all-time and would have likely already reached that number if the pandemic hadn’t shut down all sports for more than a year.

When you write a sports blog, and there are no sports, you get creative, but readership also predictably goes down.

Though, with the return of sports, the numbers have shot back up – to the point where here in year #10, I’m currently on target to post my best numbers since the prime of the blog back in 2016.

As we head towards the big 1-0, let’s clear up a few things for those who may have joined us recently.

#1 — I am NOT employed by the Coupeville School District, and they have yet to give me a penny of financial support in a decade of being their unofficial PR agent.

If you have an issue with something I write, contact me, instead of wasting the time of school administrators. My email is davidsvien@hotmail.com.

#2 — I am NOT connected to John’s Photos, and do NOT make a penny off of his photos.

He’s been gracious enough to allow me to run his pics for the past 9+ years, but we are separate entities, and whatever money you spend on photos goes to the guy actually clicking the camera.

#3 — I may not be the only person in the state of Washington doing what I am with this blog, but it’s pretty dang close.

Find me someone else hyper-focusing on a small town and covering not just varsity, but JV, C-Team, and middle school teams on a game-by-game basis.

I’ll wait.

#4 — Coupeville Sports is free to read. Has been since Aug. 15, 2012 and will forever remain that way. No pay wall. Ever. End of story.

#5 — I understand and appreciate the pain of Oak Harbor and South Whidbey sports fans, who have been largely left high and dry with the Whidbey News-Times declining to fill its Sports Editor position after Jim Waller retired more than a year ago.

As a WNT alumni (1990-1994), it’s an embarrassment and dereliction of duty in pursuit of saving a few bucks.

That being said, I am NOT the person to ride to your rescue.

When the school athletic year is in full gear, I average 4-5 articles a day, every day, covering just Coupeville.

I can’t add two more towns and countless more teams to that.

Whidbey is too big (and gas too expensive in this economy!), my knowledge of Oak Harbor and South Whidbey sports is too limited, and my obsessive nature too likely to send me down a path to cracking up in pursuit of penning 15 stories a day.

You can start a blog literally for free, and I hope at some point someone in those towns steps up and seizes the bright, shining opportunity which exists.

But for me, I made my choice, and that’s covering sports at Coupeville schools and ballfields which sit a mile from my duplex.

#6 — Yes, Coupeville Sports is my only job.

I left the restaurant biz in 2015, and despite my many prayers, it doesn’t appear that video stores will ever return.

So, I write and write some more … and then go do some weed eating and mowing on the side as my 51-year-old back screams at me.

#7 — Yes, I will never, ever be getting my indoor/outdoor swimming pool with waterfall writing about small town sports. Sad but true.

#8 — Coupeville Sports survives because of the generosity of my readers.

You can read for free, but those who choose to financially back me, at whatever dollar amount, are the true MVPs.

Want to keep me typing away on a computer powered by three squirrels running on a mini treadmill at 2 AM? There are multiple ways.


Venmo: David-Svien

PayPal: https://www.paypal.com/paypalme/DavidSvien?country.x=US&locale.x=en_US

Mail: 165 Sherman, Coupeville, WA 98239

In-person: Once games start back up, I can be found flattening my tush in the stands (or occasionally being fancy in the press box).

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Support your local schools.

You can help Coupeville children by donating for an upcoming resource fair, with drop-offs set for the next two Wednesdays.

All the info you need can be found in the photo above, so I’ll let you get back to reading that.

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Kristin Hurlburt with children Sylvia and Larry.

In action and word, Kristin Hurlburt touched many.

She brought a smile to everyone she met, whether working in the Coupeville High School lunchroom, cruising the sidelines at a Wolf sporting event, or engaging in conversation when she ran into you out in the “real world.”

As I documented the athletic and academic success of her children, Larry and Sylvia, their mom was a ray of sunshine, a truly caring woman in every way.

Cancer claimed her physical body, but her spirit never waned.

Kristin’s beautiful soul remained untouched through her darkest hours, and as her beloved granddaughter grows up, she will be blessed to hear stories about Nanna K and the joy she brought into this world.

As the family prepares for a Celebration of Life —  Celebrate the life of an amazing woman | Coupeville Sports — it asks that people make donations to support the Whidbey Animals’ Improvement Foundation, in lieu of sending flowers.

“While mom loved flowers, she loved animals even more,” Sylvia Hurlburt said. “Thank you all so much for your love during this time.”


To donate by mail, send checks to: 

PO Box 1108
Coupeville, WA 98239

**Write “in memory of Kristin Hurlburt” on the memo line.


To donate online, pop over to:

WAIF | Helping Whidbey Island Pets and Their People (waifanimals.org)

**There is an option to include a loved one’s name on the donation form.

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Coupeville fans await the start of a new school year. (David Svien photo)

The calendar turns to August, and the countdown begins.

As we sit here Sunday morning, there’s 17 days until the start of fall football practice (Aug. 21), with cross country, volleyball, tennis, cheer, and soccer all officially ramping up Aug. 26.

The Coupeville High School booters are first to take the field, with a jamboree in Oak Harbor Sept. 5, while the Wolf football squad gets the first official game a night later at home against Port Townsend.

After that, we’re fully into the 2019-2020 school year.

Coupeville Sports turns seven years old Aug. 15, so this will be the eighth school year in the history of a blog which has already run 7,111 articles (as of this one).

If you’re new to this, here’s what to expect, based on the last seven years.

If I stay focused, I’ll produce 75-100 articles a month going forward, covering all CHS and Coupeville Middle School teams, as well as local community sports.

This will be a mixture of game and feature stories, and I try and report on every game either the same day it happens, or by the next morning.

Our unwritten agreement is that when you get up in the AM, and have your coffee, or cold cereal, or your coffee in your cold cereal, if it’s that kind of morning, you’ll be able to read about everything which happened the night before.

Sports-wise, at least.

I operate on my own and am NOT EMPLOYED BY THE SCHOOL DISTRICT.

If you have an issue with anything I write, you’ll get much further by talking to me than by harassing administration and/or coaches.

Email me at davidsvien@hotmail.com, message me on Facebook or talk to me at a game.

The same works if you have a story idea.

Coupeville Sports, unlike the local newspapers, operates without a pay wall.

Always has. Always will.

If you want to read for free, so be it. But, if you like what I’m doing and want to be part of my support group, even better.

If you want to help keep my fingers pounding away into the wee hours of the morning, donations are greatly appreciated and can be done in person, by mail (165 Sherman, Coupeville, WA), or through PayPal.

Here’s a handy-dandy link:


I’m not a non-profit, but I don’t make much profit. And I’m fine with that.

So, onward we go, into a new school year, the second, and, most likely, final one in the North Sound Conference.

Will CHS, one of the smallest 1A schools in the land, be granted its freedom by the new classification counts and return to 2B after many years?

Who will be the CHS Athlete of the Year winners? My money is on Maya and Sean Toomey-Stout pulling off a family daily double.

There’s a thousand other questions lingering — some big, some small — all waiting to have their answers documented on the bloggiest blog in all of Cow Town.

Here … we … go.

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Like the Wolf cheer squad, which made me this t-shirt, you can support Coupeville Sports.

I believe “Coupeville Sports” is unique in the state of Washington, as I have yet to stumble across a blog, newspaper or magazine which matches my output.

We’re talking:

*6,674 stories in six years and five months, an average of three stories a day, every single day.

*Knowing, without a doubt, weekday or weekend, when you sit down for your cold cereal or coffee, I stayed up until 2 AM so there would be a story on EVERY game played the night before, fresh ‘n ready for your peepers to scan before you head to school or work.

If that means some athletes get to read about their game while still on the bus ride home, even better.

*Extensive coverage of JV, C-Team, middle school and community athletics to go along with high school varsity, plus coverage of drama productions, Science Olympiad, band and other non-sports topics.

*Side projects including the creation of the school’s Wall of Fame, revamping the football record board, and last year’s 101-year anniversary shindig for Wolf boys basketball.

*A guarantee there will NEVER, EVER, EVER be a pay wall on the blog.

My business model obviously makes no sense, but I have been able to pay my limited monthly bills thanks to the goodwill of my readers, including some who root (or play) for schools other than Coupeville.

If you want or need to read for free, no worries.

But, if you want to be one of those saints who keep my fingers clicking in the pre-dawn hours, while YouTube pumps out a mix of Daft Punk, Queen, and Glen Campbell, and I scream at Facebook for repeatedly blocking my efforts to tag parents on links to my stories, there are several easy ways:

1) You can buy an ad – $100 and it’s good for the life of the site. Which could be another 25 years or another 25 minutes. Still better odds than the lottery.

2) Join the “Blueberries for Bloggers” initiative, a probably entirely made-up thing where you keep your local writer from contracting old-school scurvy by tossing fruit my way.

Maybe “hand” and not “toss” would be a better plan…

3) Donations, whether it’s a pile of sticky, pre-licked pennies (thanks and … ewwwww) or whatever number feels right.

And hey, if someone donates $5,000, essentially paying my four core bills for a year, I’ll attach advertising for your business to my soccer mom van and conveniently leave it parked/abandoned in public view as often as possible.

So, call my bluff, Black Press, the Canadian-based conglomerate which owns Sound Publishing, which runs the Whidbey News-Times and South Whidbey Record.

For $5,000 (one wax job on one of your owner’s yachts, probably) you can continue financing local journalism, while making me publicly advertise the very newspapers which are technically my rivals.

Oh, sweet irony.


Want to donate?

Hit me up in person at a game, mail me at 165 Sherman, Coupeville, WA 98239 or use this handy link:


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