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Shelton High School honored senior spring athletes in a unique way.

How do you honor a lost season?

The COVID-19 pandemic erased spring sports for high school and middle school athletes in Washington state, bringing a halt to things before a game was played.

Now, some schools are choosing to go ahead and still hand out athletic letters, even in the absence of competition.

A recent Skagit Valley Herald story by Vince Richardson foundĀ Burlington-Edison is awarding letters to all senior spring athletes.

Meanwhile, La Conner will letter athletes in grades 9-12 if they fully complete a six-week training program set up by their coaches.

Go further down the road and you’ll end up in Shelton.

Back in the late ’80s, when I was a shaggy-haired Tumwater tennis player, the Highclimbers were one of our biggest rivals in the old-school Black Hills League.

These days, Shelton’s Athletic Department is bidding for all the internet fame after posting a video in which senior athletes who would have been four-year lettermen get their moment in the quarantine spotlight.



No word yet on whether Coupeville AD Willie Smith will accept my challenge – liberate a golf cart, get a pair of long, retractable grabbers, then go door-to-door doing something similar, while never actually leaving the cart.Ā 

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Wolf coaches (left to right, top to bottom) Michael Barenburg, Elizabeth Bitting, Drake Borden, Reese Cernick, Mike Etzell, Jon Gabelein, Lark Gustafson, Matt Hilborn, Steve Hilborn.

Lincoln Kelley, Randy King, Aaron Lucero, Bob Martin, Justine McGranahan, Kevin McGranahan, Kyle Nelson, Jaylen Nitta.

Bryce Payne (black hoodie), Neil Rixe, Luke Samford, Chris Smith, Ken Stange, Will Thayer, James Vidoni, Robert Wood, Ron Wright.

They can’t win on the field this spring, but they can win in the digital arena.

The COVID-19 pandemic shut down spring sports right as games were about to begin, leaving every Coupeville team, high school and middle school, sitting at a permanent 0-0.

But, as long as the blog is running, we can take every Wolf coach, set their fan bases at war, and sit back and watch the sweet, sweet page hits reign down.

And the votes, of course, since that will determine which spring coach is the coachiest coach of them all.

It’s simple.

There are 26 coaches, and we’re including those with paid gigs as well as volunteers, while hopefully not leaving anyone out.

You get 50 hours to vote as many times as your little heart desires, with the poll starting Saturday, April 18 at 3 PM and finishing Monday, April 20 at 5 PM.

The prize for the winner? A brief burst of internet fame and a warm glow in their chest.

Let the madness commence.


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Mary Milnes plays for the love of the game. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

Eryn Wood swats a shot while holding court last spring.

The courts were alive with the sound of tennis balls being whacked by rackets.

And then, silence.

The COVID-19 pandemic brought a brutally-quick ending to the spring sports season, preventing Coupeville High School teams from playing any contests against rival schools.

For a Wolf tennis team which offered a mix of returning veterans and bright-eyed newcomers, that’s a shame.

But even if their season ended too soon, we can still take a moment to recognize the netters and their coaches.

The 2020 CHS girls tennis team would have been…


Alita Blouin
Cecilia Camarena
Kim Castro
Monica Clark
Noelle Daigneault
Emily Fiedler
Hayley Fiedler
Cassidy Holmes
Jaimee Masters
Katelin McCormick
Mary Milnes
Abby Mulholland
Avalon Renninger
Marie Roberts
Cypress Socha
Helen Strelow
Lucy Tenore
Eryn Wood
Tia Wurzrainer

Ken Stange (Head Coach)
Drake Borden (Assistant Coach)

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Derek Leyva was set to make a run at the CHS soccer career scoring record before the COVID-19 pandemic erased the season. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

Abraham Leyva keeps his Coupeville High School soccer career scoring record.

That was in doubt until the COVID-19 pandemic erased spring sports before any games could be played.

Denied their senior seasons, Abraham’s cousin Derek (38 goals) and younger brother Aram (29) won’t catch the first Leyva, who hit the back of the net 45 times in three seasons.

As we contemplate a lost season, a look at the players and coaches who were primed to make a run on the pitch this spring.

The 2020 edition of Wolf soccer would have featured …


Aiden Anderson
Owen Barenburg
Aiden Burdge
Chris Cernick
Miles Davidson
Sage Downes
Dakota Eck
Brandon Epp
Tony Garcia
Zach Ginnings
Daylon Houston
Alex Jimenez
Michael Langille
Michael Laska
Alberto Leyva
Aram Leyva
Derek Leyva
Jonathan Partida
Kevin Partida
Grant Steller
Mitchell Summers
Hunter Wilkinson
James Wood
Tate Wyman
Sam Wynn

Kyle Nelson (Head Coach)
Michael Barenburg (Assistant Coach)
Reese Cernick (Assistant Coach)
Robert Wood (Assistant Coach)

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Gavin Knoblich (backward cap) and Cody Roberts were primed for another successful season on the Coupeville High School baseball diamond. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

The bats are put away, the diamond silent.

The COVID-19 pandemic brought an early end to spring sports in Washington state, denying Coupeville athletes and their rivals a chance to play.

It stings, especially for those whose senior season was erased.

But while CHS baseball players won’t get a chance to take the field, they won’t be forgotten.

The 2020 Wolf team that was to be…


Cameron Gates
Mason Grove
Scott Hilborn
Coen Killian
Gavin Knoblich
Xavier Murdy
Daniel Olson
Cody Roberts
Andrew Score
Sage Sharp
Johnny Valenzuela
Seth Weatherford
Ulrik Wells
Hawthorne Wolfe

Chris Smith (Head Coach)
Mike Etzell (Assistant Coach)
Matt Hilborn (Assistant Coach)
Steve Hilborn (Assistant Coach)
Bryce Payne (Assistant Coach)
James Vidoni (Assistant Coach)

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