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“Publish on social media? No sir, that’s for them fancy lads.”

You are NOT reading this on Facebook.

Or Instagram.

Or Twitter.

Or any of a million other social media platforms sprouting up, dying, then sprouting back up, like poisonous mushrooms clinging to life.

If you don’t like something I wrote here, on my blog, to dismiss it with an arch, tossed-off “Well, I don’t have social media” proves only one thing.

You have a fundamental misunderstanding of what I have been doing for the past 11 years on Coupeville Sports.

Because none of the 10,176 articles I have written have ever been published on “social media.”


Zuckerberg, and Musk, and their buddies don’t make any money off me.

After I publish a story HERE, I post a LINK to said story on Facebook and Twitter, to drive readers to my actual site.

So, yes, it’s there on social media where readers often then share the LINK, or comment on the LINK.

But a huge chunk of my readership doesn’t have social media, even the snarky ones, and it doesn’t matter, because they come directly to my blog.

You know, that place where all my articles are actually printed.

But I get it.

While Coupeville Sports is overwhelmingly positive in its coverage, there are articles which people don’t like.

When something provokes, that discussion often plays out on social media, which is the 2023 replacement for people meeting and talking in person at Videoville and Miriam’s Espresso.

Social media is the frickin’ Wild West, with people shooting off opinions like they’re gunslingers. Sometimes things get pretty dang funky.

If I was a school administrator, I’m sure I’d also want to avoid the whole mess if possible.

So, it’s a good thing I don’t publish stories on social media sites.

Makes it easy for the big bosses to monitor my written output without having to sink into the swamp.

But, as they do so, it’s always good for them to remember something else.

As it very clearly states in my “Who’s responsible for this?” section, I am NOT an employee of the Coupeville School District.

Never have been.

You ain’t never paid me a cent, and I am NOT your PR flack.

Probably should have gone that route. Might have my indoor/outdoor swimming pool by now.

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Yes, the bananas talk to me at 2 AM, and they make some good points.

Well, this has gone on a lot longer than I expected.

When I started Coupeville Sports — the first article hitting the internet Aug. 15, 2012 — I sort of thought it would be a side project, something to add to my real-world job.

With video stores having faded out, I was back washing dishes, digging ditches on the prairie, and otherwise abusing my back and fingers.

“(Work) h’uh
(What is it good for?)
Absolutely (nothin) uh-huh, uh-huh
(Work) h’uh
(What is it good for?)
Absolutely (nothin’)
Say it again, y’all

I was royally cheesed that the Coupeville Examiner, which I had written for on a freelance basis for 15+ years (emphasis often on free), had just been sold and was on the fast track to oblivion.

So, boredom, pain, unhappiness, and a little too much eggnog (of the spiked variety) combined to send me back into the world of sports writing from whence I came.

And now here we stand on Apr. 5, 2023, and you’re reading article #10,000.

Or just looking at the photos…

I haven’t worked a “real-world” job in a bunch of years now, and somehow, through all the hiccups and hissy fits, and a little personal growth (emphasis on little), Coupeville Sports still sputters along.

Pretty much every word you’ve ever read on this blog, with the rare exception of a first-person account or two, came off my fingertips — a lot of it written at 2 AM.

Coupeville Sports wouldn’t be where it is, or what it is, without the countless photographers who have allowed me to use their work over the past decade.

John Fisken, Shelli Trumbull, Jackie Saia, Morgan White, and every Wolf Mom (or dad) with a camera or a phone allow me to do what I do — write — and not what I don’t do — shoot photos.

This year, the yearbook staff at Coupeville High School — Bailey Thule, Delanie Lewis, Helen Strelow, Brenn Sugatan, Chloe Marzocca, and more — have opened up a new pipeline of pics, one which has given new life to the blog.

Equally invaluable are the many, many coaches and/or parents who go out of their way to send me stats and info from road games, who put up with my often-inane questions, and have yet to hit me with a well-flung clipboard.

Which did happen back in my old-school Whidbey News-Times days, but that was at least 78% unintended, and the bruises have healed.

Even the one coach who (barely) lasted a season before vanishing into the night without offering a real resignation, the one who used to sprint away from anyone who tried to speak to them after a game, taught me a valuable lesson.

Always block off all the exits before going in for a postgame interview! Always!!!

Yes, well…

Where’s this whole thing going? I have no clue.

Like all one-man operations, there are days where the words whizz off my fingertips, and days where I consider taking my winter depression beard and moving off into the woods to raise pigs.

So, 20,000 articles, or a giant emotional flame out at 10,001?

Only time will tell.

As we ride that roller coaster, my biggest thanks go out to the many, many people who have been so supportive over the years, both in words and deeds.

I’m probably never getting that indoor/outdoor swimming pool, with waterfall in the middle (unless Bill Gates has been secretly reading, and enjoying this blog, and suddenly decides to add me to the will).

But, thanks to your donations, I pay my limited bills and stay out of the dish pit, and my fingers thank you for it.


Want to join the Bow Down to Cow Town movement? It’s simple and may give you a pleasant glow in your chest.


PayPal — https://paypal.me/DavidSvien?country.x=US&locale.x=en_US

Venmo — David-Svien

Snail mail — 165 Sherman, Coupeville, WA 98239

In person at games — Do it mob style for that extra thrill.

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I write the stories, they make the magic happen. (Photos by Shelli Trumbull, JohnsPhotos.net and moms everywhere)

It’s been interesting.

Seven years ago today, sick with a mystery illness and royally, self-righteously ticked, I launched this blog in a hail of exclamation points.

Aug. 15, 2012 was the death of one thing, and the birth of another.

The Coupeville Examiner, where my movie column ran for 15 years, where hundreds upon hundreds of my freelance sports articles landed, had been sold … to its rival.

In the days right after the sale, all of the bylines on my online stories (my only “payment” for many of the articles) vanished, never to return.

I was not amused, and I wasn’t tactful about it. In print or in person.

The launch of Coupeville Sports gave me the freedom I had been seeking. Freedom to edit myself, to write about whatever I wanted, to post at 2:30 in the morning if I chose.

And yet, in the early days and months, instead of enjoying this new freedom, I lashed out a lot.

At my former editor, at the newspapers in town, at rival fan bases.

Once or twice it was justified, other times it was just a way to be an ass.

It drove readership upward, but sometimes backfired.

Though some of the biggest fires I had to put out were started for other reasons.

South Whidbey High School’s Athletic Director threatened to bar me from his school’s gym, after READER COMMENTS got out of hand on a story about the Falcon’s best basketball player walking away from the sport.

The girls basketball coach at King’s said I glorified violence for praising a Wolf player’s “lethal elbows” in a story, while Archbishop Thomas Murphy fans were content to just tell me I was a moron. Frequently.

To the first, go cash your cushy private school paycheck and lighten up.

To the second, you’re probably right.

Meanwhile, Coupeville Athletic Director Lori Stolee booted me from the CHS press box before a football game after I encouraged Wolf students to break the rules and sneak vuvuzela horns into the stadium.

She was right to do it.

We sat down a couple of days later and had a long talk, one in which I came away with a completely different perspective on her job, and the pressures she faced.

It’d be nice to say I completely transformed that day, but I didn’t.

Over time, though, as my illness faded (while never being properly diagnosed), I began to listen more to Stolee and CHS athletic jack of all trades Kim Andrews, who was my frequent press box companion.

“You can be better,” Kim would say. “You have this outlet and it’s only going to be what you make of it.

“So be better.”

Or something like that.

And so I did change, at least a bit.

I reached out and offered an olive branch to South Whidbey, wrote positive articles on some of its athletes, tried to be less flippant.

The change wasn’t 100%, as I would later bob and weave and poke fans and players at Klahowya during our time together in the Olympic League.

There too, though, I learned some lessons, as Eagle soccer star Izzy Severns and football standout James Gherna called me on the carpet, offering solid constructive criticism, and the occasional (written) kick in the rear.

As I hit the seven-year anniversary of Coupeville Sports today, I would like to hope I’m in a better place.

This is article #7,123, and, while my blog isn’t going to please everyone every time, it is in a much-more positive place than it was seven years ago.

It is largely the work of one man (though the help of photographers like John Fisken and Shelli Trumbull has been invaluable), and it will always reflect that.

It can be messy, often biased, sometimes entertaining, sometimes still infuriating (I am quite sure) — many different things to many different people.

If I’m smart, I, and the blog, will continue to evolve, continue to listen to the input of others, and continue to seek that sometimes-elusive balance between being cheeky and irreverent, and just being an ass.

Coupeville Sports is unique in many ways. None of the schools the Wolves play against have anything similar in place.

Many towns have newspapers, some of which go into more depth than others.

But here on Whidbey, a rock in the middle of the water stuck way up in the wilds of the Pacific Northwest, local athletes, coaches, parents, and fans have coverage many big city rivals don’t experience.

The News-Times and Record offer Jim Waller, my high school journalism teacher, and a man who knows a billion times more about prep sports than I ever will.

He’s the voice of reason.

And then, over here in the corner, you have me doing my own thing, like a Dennis the Menace balancing precariously on top of a fence, throwing rocks at your window at 2 AM, screaming, “Guess what I just heard?????”

How long will it go on? Your guess is as good as mine.

I’ve thought about quitting twice, but am pretty locked-in these days.

So, I might make that run to article #10,000 after all, or I might go herd goats in Yugoslavia tomorrow. Never know.

I think I’ve found a pretty good groove, where the positive aspects of the blog outnumber the negatives, and there’s a steady mix of current stuff and historical stuff.

Though, if I start slipping, that’s why you, the readers, are here – to keep me in check. Positive comments are great, but never hesitate to tell me when I’ve cheesed you off.

I don’t work for the school district and they have little say over what or how I write, other than the fact current CHS Athletic Director Willie Smith can boot me off school grounds if he ever chooses.

Something he likes me to remind me of, with a big grin, every once in awhile when I send him too many emails in a single day.

Love the blog? Hate the blog? Come talk to me and don’t waste his time.

Coupeville Sports has morphed over time, and will likely continue to do so, based largely on what the readers want.

Some things won’t change.

I’ve never had a paywall, and never will.

I understand why many do, but I’ve taken a vow of semi-poverty, it appears, so, if you want to read for free, so be it.

Though, if you like what I’m doing, and want to help, you can buy an ad or make a donation. But that’s your call.

Ads are $100 and good for the lifetime of the blog, which means if you had been in back on day one, you would have already had seven years of advertising.

Donations can be given to me in person at games, mailed to 165 Sherman, Coupeville, WA, 98239, or dropped here:


And so we roll on into the great unknown of year eight.

Will it be unlimited juice boxes and gold stars, or frequent visits to detention?

Only one way to know – keep reading.

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